Thursday, August 31, 2006

City Above the Clouds

Sponteniety is so not me. It would literally drive me crazy if you don't allow me to plan, even if it's just with myself. I have this obsession to plan. And I guess that is why I take so long to decide somethings.... especially if they are really important in my life.

That is why, I decided to leave it to them this time.

And so we went all the way up the hills to where the entire Malaysia gathered. (It's crazy this time of the year) Andrew, Jenny and myself came from Seremban, whilst Kin Sang, Lavinia, Joanne and Elaine Goh from KL.

We did not do any of those things commonly done in Genting (theme park or Casino). Nope, our entertainment was ourselves. We walked around a lot, ate a lot. And sat around a lot. It was really a refreshing time to just relax, not think of work or the things we need to do. It was refreshing to just hang and laugh. I guess it is so important to find time to relax, re-energize, realign our thoughts, re-orientate ourselves. And to stay young. But I guess it's easier if your friends are like these:

More pictures here.


Happy Independence Day! Malaysia is 49yrs old and soon to hit its golden jubilee. And I managed to read most of the newspaper today - surrounding topics on Independence. One article in which I liked was written by Azmi Sharom on The Star about what Merdeka really means to us today. And I believe that if such spirits and convictions leave within each Malaysian, we'd really go far, instead of the constant bickering and empty remarks made by some of our top politicians.

But, let's not start on that. I'm sure most people have already heard comments on that more than once. I want to state some of the things that I love about Malaysian. And I find that what I love about Malaysia is very similar with what most Malaysians love about Malaysia. Here goes:

(not in any order)

1) the variety of 'rojak' food. Some called it fusion cos its so mixed that it has to be unique by itself. Some find the mixture of food grotesque but I think it makes it truly Malaysian.

2) the types of food we actually have. From Klang Bak Kut Teh, to Ipoh Chicken Rice, to Seremban Beef Noodle. Some people literally go all the way to Penang for that Asam Laksa. It's all about food here, and you can find food at any time of the day or night on any day.

3) the language. Most Malaysians speak at least 2 languages. I myself can understand and speak about 5 (including dialects). But the unique thing is when people have 3 languages in one sentence. (and it's a common phenomena) "Ay sai tumpang me go there ah" and new words like "sampat-ing" and "malu-fying".

4) the diverse and rich culture. From the traditions and the clothes. The new generation that don't mind who's culture they are practicing is emerging. We all know each others and celebrate each other's celebration together. Multi-culture society that is truly emerging and mixing yet retaining it's own culture.

5) home-grown cultures. Things like mamak-ing that you don't find anywhere else in the world.

Dislikes? Yes of course I have. But that's not for today.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Parents' 25th Anniversary

25 yrs ago my parents got married. They were 24. And what is going through my mind right now? I'm imagining my mom at 25yrs old, holding a few month old baby me....

And today's my daddy and mummy's 25th anniversary. That's SILVER anniversary.
(Considering my parents' got married in Agape the year it started)

We celebrated in Windmill - a nice, very filling dinner. And that was it. I was hoping for some roses and romantic actions. But there was none. Sigh. Almost planned it for them too... if only I thought of it earlier. Aigh! Silly me.

God Is Faithful

'Twas the night before this. I laid in my bed prepared for slumber. My minds had started turning to thoughts of the day and the next day, as it does every night. Thoughts that turned to dreams and hopes, things that will never come or might one day come true. Thoughts of the past and what has been or could have been.

Then it hit me. Oh no! It was my turn to do staff devotion the next day. And I've got nothing prepared. It was half past midnite and I was all tucked in bed. Thought to myself that I will wake up early to prepare. What should I prepare on? The only thing that was in my head at that time was that God is Faithful (inspired by Aunty Jenny's msn message). And 'twas my devotion.

1) God is faithful to forgive our sins.
2) God is faithful to see through the plans in our lives to the end - He doesn't give up on us.
3) God is faithful to rescue us in our times of need.

God is faithful even when we're not. What do you do or say when faced with such devotion from God? What can I do but thank Him, give my life to Him, praise Him, make everything I do a hallelujah.

And now I'll add another (this is what aunty Jenny actually wrote on her MSN)
4) God is faithful to the next generation.

Monday, August 28, 2006

R.AGE - the Spirit of KL

Big fan of Amazing Race? Imagine a local one by local people in our dear old KL City. That's what R.AGE is all about. Receiving tremendous responses by the local KL-ites, it tests one's knowledge of KL (all the local food and places), endurance and perseverance (in the KL heat and traffic jam), and the basic street-wise instinct.

Wanted to watch it on TV. But somehow never found out the time it shows. However, it is on the blog. Not a very good blog. Anyone knows where I can watch episodes of them. Sounds very interesting.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Thank You Lord

It was a normal night like this. And someone suggested we should catch a midnight movie. And so in a flash we go. (ok i think we did do some form of planning) A bunch of us got into our car and just went to Jusco to watch Snakes on the Plane. The show was about snakes... on a plane.... Okay, I will comment no further.

But as we took our seat in the cineplex, I got a message that my mom was being rushed to the hospital. Allergy reaction from insect bite that got her entire body swollen and face slightly disfigured (according to my dad). It was already after midnite and my sister was home alone. First thing that came to my mind was whether I should leave the cinema immediately. (show had just begun) But wait, Andrew drove. I could borrow his car.... Yeah right, like that will happen. He would drive me home if I ask right? It would be unfair.... my thoughts were running away. SMS and calls of updates came throughout the movie. What else could I do but pray? At least my mom was with my dad and at the hospital.

By the time the credits started rolling, a final sms came in to say that mom was well and back home. Mom was brought in in the nick of time. God is faithful to help us in our times of need.

And Yes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YEOH SU-ANN !! What do you want for your birthday?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Church Camp 2006

They say pictures tell a better tale. However I'm not thoroughly happy with this year's collection of pictures (for story telling that is).

This year we went to Malacce Watercity Resort. At first sight (and thru the lense of Rachel's camera), the place is beautiful. Surrounded with water everywhere and interesting facilities, it seems like too much of a deal. However, with a weather like our's, a bad hotel chef and leaking roof, suddenly it doenst seem very attractive anymore.

But besides that we had our fun. The activities organized were good. And when church people gather, you can gurantee some fun, crazy, loud fellowship. Whatever the age, it never fails to attract attention. I guess what I'm proud to say is that wherever we go (Christian groups, that is), we are able to have clean, crazy times. People wonder, some stare... but I guess it's just part of having that joy in us.

The most defining moments in any camp (in my opinion) is what happens at the altar. That's what the camp is for, isn't it? The get a fresh anointing, to receive a touch from God, to repent and make things right in our lives, to seek God for guidance, to be challenged and encouraged. And my favourite pictures are those of people in worship. To see the nation on its knees, in worship. I love to stand at the altar and just watch people pray. It touches a deep part of my soul. I love most to see children and youth in deep worship and tears. It's a most awesome sight.

But I guess you cant really tell the story of the whole camp. Different people will have different stories to tell. And to really know, well, you got to be there. But one of the most memorable moments, i'm sure, for everyone, would have been the impromptu dance. Check it out, by clicking HERE

For more pictures, click here. For even more pictures than that (plus video), buy the CD from church.

Not My Own

As I was sitting there listening to Rev. Mike Watson (from UK, and he speaks indonesian fluently) share about the beatitudes, he said somethings that struck my chord. You know how some things you already knew but somehow never really KNOW. It's not like I don't know, but at the same time, I never sensed it so real before.

You know how experience can teach you? I learnt two things this camp. (I mean two things that i'm about to share) The first is of my own sensitive nature. I could go blaming everything else in the world, but the problem lies first with myself. The side of me I'm not proud to own to still exist in me. It has lied dormant for a long time now. I don't want to hurt someone I love yet that seemed to have been the case. Lord, take over me as only you can. Can't imagine how people would put up with me. I must have the greatest friends in the world around me.

The other thing was that I no longer belong to myself to be able to fancy doing what I feel like doing. I was bought with a price the day I gave my life to Jesus. What gave me the right to gripe, to complain, to disobey, to walk the other way? I'm bonded by blood. I choosed this path, this road. And I don't regret it. Why would I not want to give my life's control over to the One who made me and that will definitely see me through?

Something I wrote at camp...

Not My Own

I call You "Lord", I call You "Master",
Vowing to go to the ends of th earth;
But when You called I said 'no',
When trouble comes, away I go,
When did I forget

I am not my own,
I was bought with a price,
At the most precious of cost,
My Saviour, Redeemer,
Rescued me and made me Your own,
Now I belong to You

So many times I said 'I love You',
That I want to worship You alone;
But so often things get in the way,
And I made another, 'King',
Why did I forget

I am not my own,
I was bought with a price,
At the most precious of cost,
Emmanuel, Faithful One,
You have called me 'friend' and made me Yours,
Now I belong to You

I stand at the altar and I cry,
I hold hands and I pray,
Yet my heart was far away,
My thoughts turned to another,
Again I forget

I am not my own,
I was bought with a price,
At the most precious of cost,
My Help, My Comfort,
Holy Spirit take over keep me for You,
Cos' now I belong to You

Cos I choose to follow You
I desire to know You more
Cos I choose to honour You
And I know I am Yours...

And another one... (on one of those writing streaks)

You Love Me Still

Yet You love me still
You took my place on the cross
Though You know what I am inside
You love me still
No matter what I do or say
I will always have Your love

You love me
What more will I need?
You love me
What more do I seek?
And You love me
What more can I say?
But You love me
It's never gonna change
That You love me
So I give You all I am
Cos You love me
Hear me sing it now...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Media version of my birthday

In the days of Abraham, the only way you had to remember something was to rely on your memory or some form of written journal. Of course, you had to have a nexk for language to be able to describe a scenario, feeling or thought.

So I thank God that I live in the days where
technology can literally bring you back to that moment in time. Picture speaks a thousand words, what more video. Can you imagine the kinda of future that is ahead of us? But anyway I'm gonna make use of that technology now. (note to self, time to get my own camera instead of relying on others')

I got this slightly late but it moved me still. My tear glands were almost activated. It was a short, on-the-fly video and photo compilation for my birthday. (reminder to Hazel: I want an extensive one for my wedding) But honestly, thank you. To view it, click here. And here's another from my dear sister.

I finally got the pics of the night out at Starbucks from Joanne.

For more pictures, visit my multiply album. I was also delighted to find that Joanne took a snippet of the night on her camera. So I uploaded THAT too on my youtube. Experience the sights and sound (noise) below.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The more popular translation for LOA is lack of attention (which i do not suffer from). But right now I'm referring to the proper medical translation of LOA which stands for Lack of Appetite.

For those who have known me long and well enough will know that I have a big appetite. Yeh Ying says monstrous and friends normally just stare when I say I'm still hungry after jus having dinner. Leftover food normally gets dump in my path. (no wonder I started putting on weight this year) Yea David, this doesn't just happen to you, you know.

Anyway, lately, on top of the lack of sleep syndrome I was getting (which is much better now thank you), I could not eat very much. I have no explanation. Normally, my finished dish will look more like Su-Ann's in the pictures below. Any doctors willing to diagnose?

August 16th Lunch with Su-Ann at Chicken Rice opposite 2nd hand car dealers.

Su-Ann's empty plate My unfinished plate

Maybe I will at least loose weight with this?

Speaking of loosing weight, I actually went jogging (ok walking) round citypark alone today. First time (not last). See Khai, I'm not that useless after all. hahaha...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Walking into Walls

What is wrong with me? I had another close call that jolted my memory on all those times I've walked or almost walked into a wall, pillar, cupboard, divider, table, etc. Maybe something is wrong with my body coordination. Or maybe I keep thinking i'm Shadowcat (That's Xmen's Kitty Pryde - the girl that can walk through walls)
Note: I'm actually not a die hard fan of xmen. I happened to remember a girl that could walk through walls in the Xmen movie just like you did. Then I googled.

As I was saying, what is wrong with me? I came so close to walking into the side of the locker this time. I mean who does that? I think the worst was the time in college when I actually walked into the wall *ouch* yes, I had an audience too. *double ouch* I think I've injured myself too numerous of times because of this little clumsiness. I've bruised my face, head, hip, shoulder, need i go on?

Not forgetting the worst and most famous slip of mine. *Anne blushes* I make history by being the first and only person to ever slip down on my butt while walking off stage during a Sunday celebration service while all eyes are on me. *ish* At least it wasn't a wall.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

My Favourite Day

What is my favourite day of the year? My birthday of course. It was the day I was born. And every year, on this day = 12th August, I want one same thing - to be happy.

Went to work as usual. Figured if I took leave and had nothing to do, it might drive me partially insane. I no longer know how to sleep in late and bum at home. I can't even sleep in anymore. There is a biological clock in my brains that automatically wakes me up by 8+ or 9am. And so to work I went. Received many birthday well wishes from the time the clock struck midnight, and all through the day. I got many touching ones but I think this is my fav cos it's just so cute.

Had lunch with Lavinia. Yes Lavi, I mentioned you in this blog. Thank you for lunch and the time spent out was simply lovely. Why didn't we take any pictures ah? If you let, I'd like to do that for you next year (it'll be on weekend right?).

Went on to continue work. Music practice and all (no lah, I still don't backup for worship, I work with the computer). Went for the Aspirers Field Day. Thank God I wasn't in charged. Just show face only. And I must say that it is refreshing to do that once in a while. I guess I gotta learn to just let go more often. To know that things will be ok. Derrick did a good job and the youth had a lot of fun. (Argh who's having the pictures again? Need to hunt for those pics) All in all I need to focus on what matters more. I really need to do that. Don't want to spend my time on the little things that is gonna bog me down and keep Aspirers from actually moving on, forward.

I left Aspirers outing early - for the first time ever. And honestly felt uneasy about it. But I guess it's just me. Rushed home to bath and went over to Esther's house to crash the older young adult gathering. Feel young sitting there. Heheh... And of course was immediately put to work by Sally. (after all we've played all those games last week. It'll be unfair to join again) But I had quite a relaxing time chatting with people
(skipped dinner again). And I'd say it was quite enjoyable.

Again, left early to head to starbucks, where all was gathering to celebrate my birthday. Yippee! (though I think my birthday was just an excuse for everyone to come together. ;P ) But thanks anyway for the company, the chocolate cheese cake (which we have not finished till now). i DID enjoy myself ler.

(pics - waiting patiently for Joanne Foong)

The next day, after choir practice, we headed to Kensington for lunch (slightly different group of ppl) that I need not pay. They changed their carbonara recipe, which i am frowning upon. I think we made such a mess that we might actually be banned from the restaurant ever.

But I have to admit that I was not all up. There was an unavoidable disturbance in my soul or spirit. Perhaps it was the post trauma that dragged my mood down some, perhaps it was something else altogether. I'm not sure. I kept telling myself it's just a birthday, don't be such a baby. But I know I have awesome friends that came out of their way to spend time with me. Thanks to all who shared part of my birthday with me. It gave me great joy. *hugs*

A part of me felt bad though, for not spending much time with my family on my birthday. Was out the entire day. I seriously don't know what to say or feel about that.

I discovered something. My feelings were actually almost a repeat of last year's. I checked the archives. Exactly a year ago. (how time flies) Wahhh... so same wei. Hmm what does it all mean hmm? At least I can safely say that it was better as compared to last year. LOL. But you know what? I still didn't get flowers this year. hahhaahh.... Both Esther and Lavinia did this year. And what's with the starbucks and kensington? Is there no better place to go then for my celebrations to be always the same place. hey friend, even I can get bored. Next year starbucks again can, but kensington, don't want lah.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Girl's Best Friend

I got an email that a girl's bestfriend is no longer diamonds. In today's generation, no gold or diamond could attract a girl more than toys. Well I guess girls have their toys too these days. Being born in a world where techno geeks rules, you just can't escape it. You either move along with the times or get left behind.

Hey I studied computers. Of course I'm moving along.

Here's my latest toy.... I got this as a so-called birthday present from my dad, along with a 256mb multimedia card.

For the phone model illiterates, this is a Nokia 6230i

Btw, I dont really get to choose what models I want. Most of the time my dad gives me what he thinks is appropriate and I just accept. (In case you're wondering, no my dad does not give me a new phone every few months. He in fact gives me one every 2 or 3 years - when he wants my old phone back for whatever reasons)

Haha.. I'm actually really happy with this new phone. It does things my old phone can't. I haven't actually figured out the full functions yet, and i doubt i will ever use it to its fullest capacity. Knowing me. But is it the idea of owning it or that I actually need it that drives me to have such things?

Lets see, I own a Dell Laptop, Sony Clie PDA, and Nokia handphone. My next target is a Digital Camera. (though both my PDA and my handphone can take pictures)

See... it's not that many... is it? Need to think carefully. Don't want to be wasting money on what I don't need.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Post Trauma

I wouldn't be able to describe in details the very moment that fear had gripped my heart. Sometimes we try to do the right thing, without the wisdom to do it. Sometimes we try to play the Samaritan, only to find trouble upon ourselves. What then can we say? What then should we do?

Though trouble seeks me, I found it a chance for my faith to grow. Though fear breaks me down, I found it a chance to expand my strength upon the grace of God. How then shall I describe how good God has been? Though through my neglect I had not fully depended on Him, nor had I prayed ever so fervently, yet He grant me mercy upon mercy, grace upon grace. Yet He loved me so, and sent help from above.

It took me a while (lagging) to feel the full impact of a trauma, and to recognize salvation. But I do. Will I continue to be the Samaritan? Yes, as the Bible has commanded us too. Only with a bit more wisdom and experience this time.

Fear has no place when God is fully in our view. And even so I'm continually learning to trust in the only thing that will never change in my life: God.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Nerd Test?

I am nerdier than 14% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

try this test out. Begin to find out how much you know or don't know.

My computer geek score is greater than 38% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!

So much for studying computers for a bachelor's degree. hahaha.....

The Stupid Quiz said I am "Fairly Smart!" How stupid are you? Click here to find out!

Why am i wasting my time on these tests? As though I got nothing better to do.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hot Chick

Upon Steven's (the IMU guy) recommendation, I am putting this title.

I got sun burnt from the Malacca trip (I've gotten sun burnt in Genting before, so this is no surprise, although I should have been more prepared with sun tan lotion). Lousy skin. Burnt on my ear tips, cheeks, forehead, nose, neck and chest. Was bright red yesterday but has tone down since. Ben (the ang moh) didn't get sun burn but I did. *paiseh man*

No pics cos my camera wont be able to catch the tone difference. Thank God it's not THAT painful this time.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Malacca Trip

Perhaps one of the few spontaneous things I do in my life. Take a last minute leave (a day before) and hop in a car to Melaka without any other preperations. Lavi, u just gotta be proud of me.

The picture speaks mostly for itself.

But I did not get to eat my satay celup. For some unexplanable reason I happen to fancy it. Maybe it's family influence.

More pics here.