Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just a little unwell

It's been over two weeks now and I'm still coughing up green mucus.
I caught the flu in china and it's really lingering...

Don't remember ever being sick so long in my life. Ugh what's wrong with me? God I just wanna get well. And a little voice says "perhaps you should use your common sense and bother to medicate yourself then huh" Oh Pfft.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Singapore for Valerie's wedding

This is my third destination in short of a month. Which is totally uncommon. And a little stressful I might add.

But there I was rushing down to Singapore via the midnight train. Not a pleasant experience I might add. But we managed to drag ourselves there and around and finally for the wedding!

Congrats Valerie and Thiong Guan. Or is it Thiong Guan and Valerie? Hmm.. It was a happy ocassion and I'm so happy for you guys. And hope u two have a good one. May God bless you and take care of you.

It was great catching a break and walking around Singapore, meeting up with old friends and just hanging. Although I faced a series of unfortunate events, all's well that ends well. More pictures here. Miss you guys already!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

China Trip 2010

Ok so here's me talking about my China trip. I was so lazy to write this down. It was very appreciative for this trip that I did not need to pay. God provides in mysterious ways. It's my first trip to real china and to where my grandparents came from - hometown. Regardless of what others feel about their origin, I was pretty excited to find out. And so I jumped on a plane with my mom and two sisters and headed to xiamen with a bunch of other family members. Yippee! My first tour.

The above is a page of my journal and all the places we went and all the things we learnt! Being in a tour gives you so much more when the tour guide tells you its history and news and all the things you would have otherwise missed. And I begin to realise the deep culture and significance of so many things around me - even those that were not said. So despite the heat and the migraine, toe swelling, and flu that I got, I experienced more than my fair share of things.

Being on a trip like this allows us the opportunity to get to know each other more. I've never spent 8days straight with my cousins before. Man, I didn't quite even notice some before this ;) That's quite bad of me. I'm glad I got to know some of my cousins a little better. Although there were things I could have live with not knowing. But family's family. It tests your patience, and everything!

For more pictures, check out Lynne's (my sister) photo album on facebook. I'm too lazy to upload or anything like that. :)

We met up with the folks back at home and the only awkwardness was our inability to communicate properly (it was weird to hear the whole town speak a language that is almost extinct here that we use as a secret language). But it was rather touching when they say "make yourself at home cos you're home" and they hold your hand with tears in their eyes. And oh, Putian is a city. Seremban is the kampung.

But despite of all that, I really do not like tours very much. You don't get much rest and you eat way too much. I also don't get to experience the real deal - the street food, the normal hussle and bussle, etc. Isn't that what traveling is about? Experiencing all that? But I didn't mind the amazing hotels though. hehe. Aaahh all in all it was good. =) so very tiring though....

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Trip to Camerons

It was something I had to do, as daunting as it had at first sound to me. But that's me. I'm usually afraid to leave the shore to reach the edge of the waters that I want to go. As ironic as that may sound to you. But every time I find an anchor I know I can depend on, I will go. Cos the edge of the water promises a beautiful horizon that I want to see and be a part of.

So this something that I had to do turned into a roadtrip to eat and get away from reality. I was excited. I couldn't believe it. And so in the midst of 'working', we had our own holiday.

With Jotay eating and sleeping almost all the way, (which did give a certain serenity on the road) I had some time to think and absorb the scenery. I usually have a lot swimming in my mind and heart. Most of the time I simply wonder when the hecticness had so much control over me. Have you ever notice how our lives have became a list of 'to dos'. And you cannot seem to break out of the system anymore. Many of those times we're just doing things we have to do. And all meanings slowly becomes lost. No wonder I'm not moving along in my life? Have I become stuck?

But this time I wasn't really thinking of all the things I had to do. (I couldn't even if I wanted to) With the GPS telling us where to go and Der driving and Jotay keeping tab of the bill, I only had my agenda at hand. I stared out at the jungle on the left side of the car and felt the breeze on my face, and felt happy. A kind of peace and happiness I've not felt in a long while. And it felt SO good! And then I wondered where it had been all this while. Is it so hard to feel happy? Is happy such a fleeting feeling these days? (note: it's not that I'm not happy with my life. In fact I find more fulfilment in doing what I do than I have anywhere else. It is my honour and pleasure to serve GOd this way. Sure there will always be unsatisfaction here and there. But in this side of heaven, surely! Yet it is my heart that feels heavy from so many a burden and pain. That I don't know how to enjoy much anymore or simply feel happy and not worry or try so hard to be...)

So I thank the people who were willing to indulge me and make me happy. I thank God for such people in my life and I thank God for always knowing and always giving that little that I need to go on. I know that you're amazing and that this is who You are and who You will always be. I know that You will always love me like that and care for me like that. I want to learnt to always trust You like that. Knowing that You hold everything in the palm of Your hands and that all resources comes from You - no matter what form it comes from or from who. Teach me to let go and allow myself enjoy.

Have you ever notice how the clouds rush into itself and roll over the horizon? Have you ever notice the layers of colours in a sunset? Have your heart ever stop short from looking at a sight because it was too beautiful for words? =)