Monday, July 27, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad

News has it that Yasmin Ahmad, acclaimed director, Malaysia's prized story-teller, died suddenly on July 25th. Known for her unique way of telling story, capturing the essence of what's truly Malaysian, she will be missed. Her heart warming festive advertisements never failed to capture hearts and media spotlight. News of her death spread further and wider than possibly imagined. I should go search for all her movies to watch. (except Susuk since its a horror film) Does anyone have a collection?

May her legacy continue. She wasn't just a writer or just a director. She boldly told the story from a point of view that most wouldn't dare. The E true story. May the torch she has been bearing be caught and fought for in generations to come.

A list of her movie can be found on IMDB. Anyone has her festive advertisements? Youtube doesn't have many. Here's the latest (I think) for an organization in Singapore:

I did not really bother when Michael Jackson died. But her.... I was.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

bible school

In my last course at bible school, I spent some time getting to know the people and life on campus. Here are some observations:

Check out the projection screen

When was the last time you had a trilingual service? Here bilingual is a must, and trilingual is generally rare. I caught one. I didn't know the song being sung but have you heard a song sang in 3 languages at one time? The translator at times needed to repeat in 2 language. Another guy interpreted for himself.

I also observed something rather funny:

Gender separation

I asked if it was a rule but it wasn't. We used to say Children Church never 'left' us. Such profound impact, or is this a very Asian culture that we can't seem to shake. (Doesn't happen so obviously all the time though)

Some say rules are made to be broken. But when there isn't any, people toe the imaginary line? Food for thought.... =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Saw this sign at a new makan place in town:

I wonder if anyone ever tried coming back 'tomorrow'.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Another Injury

You know how they say if you ever get stabbed, you should never pull the object out. It's unwise. Let the medical personnel handle it or risk bleeding out? Yea, they're right.

I stepped on a thumbtack (which I had dropped and could not find for weeks) with my barefoot (I have the habit of walking around the office barefoot). Pulled the stuck thumbtack out of my left heel. And blood poured out like water ... onto my chair and on the carpet. And walked on a limp the rest of the day.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Gunung Dato

So the day finally arrived - the day i sworn will never come. But as they say, love makes you do crazy things. Or a great sense of responsibility. Take your pick.

The path up was not easy. There was no dedicated path per se. Half the time you wonder if you're lost. Roots and rocks, logs and holes. (see picture) If anything, this will test your stamina. Thank God my group were having as much trouble as I was. If not for an over optimistic pretense (if you want to call that), I may not have made it. It was certainly a lesson for myself, in terms of encouragement. Even though we knew that it wasn't another 5 minutes away but the old trick of "just around the bend" actually worked. Food for thought huh? We are more able than we ever thought we could be, and encouragement fuels it.

I was told there are a lot of fauna to look at, but when you're huffing and puffing and everything's a blur, you really don't see anything else save the next step ahead. But I did chance upon a few things along the way. They say along life's journey, we must learn to stop and smell the flowers. Or in this case, see the queerness and creativity of God's handiwork.

The final stretch to the peak was the most challenging for me. There are three (3) batches of vertical ladder all the way to the top - each with its own sets of challenges. For me the vertical climb had me hanging for dear life and feeling ever closer to my Maker. Choking back tears and telling my muscles to relax was as hard as .. well it was just hard lah. Thank God for encouraging people around me who told me where to put each of my limbs next.

But it was something I had to do. It wasn't just because everyone was encouraging me to climb. But when would be the next time I ever climb this mountain? I don't see it happening in the near future. So I just had to. Sometimes you just gotta. Experience is the best teacher, they say. Was it worth it? Oh yea baby! It was exhilirating to know you made it. The scenery did not capture my heart but seeing the bunch of youth and their crazy antics up there did. Aaww...

I made it. We made it.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Food and more food

Although I had started an exercise regime, this week I have been involved in feasting on food, food and more food. And the food spread was glorious! None of which I consciously plan for. Just that, when in Malaysia... it's a little hard to avoid!
LOL. *blame it on everything else but the person eating* *ahem*

The food spread for dinner at the Louis' of which Lav cooked a bunch of the dishes and contributions from other people. I didn't guess that it was such an elaborate spread. But I overate... again.

The food spread during the last class for this year's BCM extension in Agape. We love to celebrate with elaborate food spread that was not properly planned. And I wish I ate ... more.

Then there was the wedding dinner on Friday night. And what do you get at dinners? Right on!

Anne, you're a girl! This is so unlady-like! Control yourself, girl! =D

New exercise regime

In view of the coming Gunung Dato climb which I have involuntarily get myself into (for the love of youth), I had seen a need for me to start exercising in a more convenient manner. City park is too far, too time consuming and too dependant on the weather. I had found myself giving one too many excuses not to go.

SOOooOo..... I'm starting this new exercise regime I hope I can keep to for.. well for as long as I can. How about 6 months for starters? And I can do it right at home, WHILE reading my book! How convenient and purposeful is THAT.

*I have no idea why blogspot automatically turned this picture 90degrees when there was no need.

I have decided to run.... okay walk 30minutes a day, 5 days a week on my parent's machine. I have calculated that at a certain speed and incline of the machine, I can burn about 150 calories (which btw is equivalent to 1 cheddar cheese or 1/2cup of vanilla ice cream) within that time frame. Not that I'm counting. I just didn't realize what these little snacks actually meant. Or how insignificantly little I'm burning a day.

So here's to better health and stronger stamina and longer endurance! As Catherine Rohr, founder of Prison Entrepreneurship Programme, had influence me during GLS2008 to remember.... *forgot* Well it was something about how leaders need to take care of their own well being if we want to be effective to our organization.