Thursday, March 29, 2007

Things I want to learn

Life is about learning. There's so much to learn. I wish I had time to learn them all. No harm aiming first.

Some of the things I would like to learn in this lifetime:-

  • Web/Portal design
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Cooking
  • Chinese (written)
  • Psychology
  • Counseling
  • Accounts
  • Bible
There's actually a lot more but I can't think right now.......

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Long Silence

Agape Gospel Assembly is proud to present a short drama entitled "The Long Silence" This contemporary story begins at the end of time when all of humanity stands before the judgement throne of God, at the brink of eternity. Each bringing before his or her case before God and before all of mankind. Each with his or her own plight.

An intriguing drama that combines the effects of theatrical drama, songs, and dance. An eye opener and a must-see, especially if you are a theatrical and musical fan.
Though this year's drama fail to compare to last year's mega event and we did not blow any budgets (and in fact almost forgot publicity), watching the practice alone promised a special one this year. This year, the creative team decided to try something different. The song is written by our very own choir director, Jocelyn Chen-Kwan; the dance took a more abstract and morbid form. The drama itself sees more new and promising actors and actresses on the center front. And as usual everything else from backdrop, costume and makeup, PA and lightings are done internally.

Don't miss this...

Monday, March 26, 2007


Was on the way out of my house when I saw a full-grown monkey sitting by the road side. Mind you, I don't live in a kampung where monkey freely roam the streets. It's not that I've never seen a monkey before. But what in the world is it doing here and where did it come from? I hope it's not another de-foresting nearby.

(When Bukit Emas area was being de-forested, we saw a lot of snakes, frogs, iguanas, and monkeys in our taman)

Monkey started clambering away when I stopped my car to take this picture. Neighbours must think me mad, stopping suddenly in the middle of the road and all that. Can see?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


And why didn't anyone tell me there was a colour code?

It was good to hang out with old friends and just catching up again. It's been so long.

Drama days

Who says life has no dramas? Sometimes I wonder if people really make their life more dramatic then it really is or perhaps those soap operas or chinese dramas may not be too far fetched.

My life alone I wouldn't say is very dramatic. Sure, there are a few stories here and there that could become a best seller (or so everyone dreams such of their own life too). But I wouldn't say... particularly... soap opera type. However, people around me have serious dramatic lives. Dramas that could rip your heart out.

Sometimes i wonder why.
But, all the world's a stage right?

One thing I know, a lot of these dramas are cycles - cycles that can't be broken. How do you break these cycles? These bondages? I see it so many times in so many people. They wonder why. They wonder how to get out.

Can I say I know the answer?

In a world where chaos reign it is hard to see that God is still holding the world together. In a world where sorrow and tears reeks the streets it is hard to hear the unspeakable joy that God floods us with now and then. In a world where darness and gloom overshadows us it is hard to find the light that still pierces the stillness.

If you look you will find that God is there all this while. He never moved an inch. He still cares and He still protects. It is us who walked away. It is us who wont allow him to control our life. It is us who brought turmoil upon our own life. How then can we blame God?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I think I deserve to be sick this time. I kinda brought it upon myself to indulge instead of taking the proper rest I obviously needed at that time.

I've been sick for a week now. Starting with a fever, developing into sore throat and ending not-so-gracefully with flu. I'm currently stuck with the flu part. Though it is not bad enough to keep me in bed, it is also distracting my day-to-day chores.





How timely... I missed choir presentation because I had no voice. I'm only forcing myself through each day because I simply need to. Every time I feel better I only get worst.

Ok God, I get the message! I thought I could push the limits of Your grace. Only to find You are still Boss!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

Traditionally, Chinese new Year celebrations lasts 15 days, ending with Chap Goh Meh. So this is gonna be one long entry.

Reunion Dinner - Pre CNY
This year was Second Uncle's (Andrew,Elaine,Eunice's dad) turn to host dinner. So we ended the lunar new year with a dinner with the family. My grandma, all her sons, and all
their kids and some other of her grandkids. This is one of those reunion dinners where I enjoy though all we do is eat, watch tv, and talk. Cos it's such a joy to be with my crazy cousins. Though as eldest grand-daughter, there are some expectations of me: help in the kitchen or serve. But oh well, no harm doing it. Picture compilation was stolen from Winne's site.

First Day
It was a Sunday, so off to church we went. We had a combined service with the Chinese Department. Preacher was Pastor Henry Liew, translated by his wife. A lot of people couldn't make it to church cos it was, after all, the first day of new year. Us three sisters caught a lot of attention with our cheongsams. We were all too excited to wear them ever since we got it over a month ago.
After church, it was back to Uncle's house for our traditional "soh mee" - the best mee in the world. It's a rare type of noodle that you can't just find anywhere and I'm still reminding myself that I have to learn how to make them. The skill shall be passed on. This year is a most memorable and history-making time as the ENTIRE family was back. Yes, ALL. With that we urged everyone to take pictures. Cousins, families, the WHOLE family, and just whole load of picture. Getting ang pow was now secondary. This is making history!! First time ever.
After that it was off for our yearly visitation. Few joined us. And even fewer houses we visited. I guess we were getting all. Motivation to go house by house is really lacking this year. it was good to just pig in the air-conditioned living room, snacking in front of the television while laughter rings in our ear. David brought his precious 16k camera and so the snapping began...

Second Day
I pigged. Slept and watch tv.

Third Day
This was the Aspirers Open House Day. Not wasting an open house, I invited ex-students cum old friends, some of them I've not seen for ages. My efforts to keep in touch had been diminishing, sad to say.

The Aspirers stormed my house. I couldnt decide if it was more like a zoo or a madhouse. But thank God they are good kids and didn't bring the house down. There was abundant of food. Too much in fact. I think we're gonna need a buffet table in this house. Though I was tired, I enjoyed myself thoroughly. It was great to have the youth over for whatever the reason, to just see them together. However, I think I may have arranged it too early. Most people were not back yet.
Dinner was in PJ. Mom's side. Dinner with this side of the family often felt foreign and distant. Mostly perhaps because I don't know my cousins well. Good food is almost always guranteed. But I went with a mission to know my cousins a little better. Hard to say how much i succeeded. It was hard because, honestly, I really don't know much. But it was Wei Yee's birthday and the cake was delicious. cappucino or tiramisu from secret recipe. *yum yum*
Day Four
I continued to pig and sort out things at home. Went for pray meet at nite.

Day Five
Back to work. Still in CNY mood though.

Day Six
We had our CNY celebration at cell by combining Bkt Kaya and Rasah Ke
mayan Youth Cell at CityPark. We sang and had our little picnic and games right there at the amphitheater... right there in public. It was awesome. Some 30 of us where just there catching the attention of passers-by. The rain did not deter us. We moved into a chalet thingy. For me, I enjoyed the little activity we did best - where we wrote something nice about someone. It's nice to receive encouragements now and then. Totally forgot to take pictures so I ended up with ending pictures - waiting for transport.

Day Seven
It was Esther's birthday. So I spent all my after-work time with Esther. It has been so very long since I spent that much time with Esther. Her fiance, Steven, had to work and so I thought my company might help. LOL. We just sat in David's room and talked and talked. It was so good. I even had dinner with the Yeows as though I was part
of the family. At nite a few of us plus Esther's old school friends went to Starbucks to just sit, drink, talk, and well celebrate her birthday (it was her school fren's surprise tho).

Day Eight
It's now David's birthday. This two siblings ah... Lavinia, Esther and myself hit the boutiques an hour earlier in search of gowns for Esther's wedding. But nothing satisfied us. There was always something wrong. I had to be the one to try the gowns... and got stuck in one. *paiseh* With aching feet, we went to meet the rest at Chilis for David and Esther's combine celebration. It has been also a long while since we went somewhere for someone's birthday or some sort of celebration. But this time it was on David. He actually paid for all of us. It's actually also his first birthday in a long while where he actually got to celebrate with us. hmm...

Day Eleven
I went up to KL to meet Alice and introduce her to the KL cell - people just as noisy and crazy. Though i hitched a ride from mom and dad to central, I traveled on my own to meet Alice and Esther. KL is not very safe. The place Lavinia and Esther works is not very safe at all. But i enjoyed myself at the cell dominated by young adults. It felt refreshing to be able to receive and dwell in matters that applies more to me. I dont know how to say it but I really felt .... something. Anyway, while sending me back to Central to meet my parents, Esther took the wrong road and we ended up taking a detour to Kenny Hills, Mt Kiara, Bangsar, Masjid Jamek and God knows where else. I got to see a lot of KL at midnite. Esther, Esther....

Day Fifteen
I am writing this...