Thursday, April 29, 2010


I backed out of my house this morning and saw the sky. The sky was clear blue with fluffy cotton-like clouds peeping from behind my house. Driving to work a few minutes later, I caught sight of the sky again. It looked like rolls of wool, unrolled and spread out. It looked like rolling Greek beard. They also look like sand in the sky. It was so cute!

What are clouds made of? I put this on my msn and these are the answers I got:

michelle thong says:
clouds are made of sugar, and spice and everything nice! =D

shungz says:

clouds are made out of cotton and woolly stuff ....

the gov sends helicopters to put those things up in the sky every 2 weeks once

Arthur "Marco" Tan says:

fine crystalized (frozen) water

Arnold says:
clouds are made of water

Joeljv says:
cotton candy :D

But did you know clouds remind me of daydreaming. They are a lot alike. They can be seen but not touched, they come out of nowhere and float over your head and then fly away just as easily. And everyone has a personal version of what it means or look like. They pull a shade over your eyes to cool you from the heat. I think clouds are made of people's dreams.

Close your eyes... and let dreams envelope you...

I'm rambling again... I can't think properly...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Silence is golden

Is silence golden or signs of danger? It really depends doesn't it? Does keeping quiet mean you have nothing to say or that there's no one to hear you? I teach classes and when I ask 'does anyone have any question', many a times nobody does. Does that mean they really have no questions or that they have nothing they are bold enough to ask?

Why do we hold back what we want to say? Why do we accidentally say what we don't want to say? And when do you say what you should and hold back what we shouldn't? Some people argue that they are direct and speaks their mind, but is that always alright? Some people defend that they don't want to cause trouble or are afraid and rather not say anything, but will that make it alright? I know extremes are never good.

Words are such powerful things. We have no idea just how damaging an innocent intent can be. We get so selfish and arrogant about our 'right' that we forget to have a heart for people. Is saying what we want really more important. In such cases, silence is golden.

But when do you find the courage to stand up and say something when it is necessary, instead of hiding till the storm passes. Most of us are too afraid to rock the boat or look like the bad guy that we hide and wait. Ignorance is bliss, we say. The storm will pass, we say. In such cases, silence is not golden.

What marks a good friend, leader, partner... is the wisdom to know when to speak, and when not to.

I'm just rambling.... thinking about a lot of stuff recently. Feels like I got so much to say and nothing at the same time. Much that should be said yet much that should not. And it's enough to drive a person insane.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Arts and Design

I hear of all the art student needing to learn to draw in college and do all kinds of editing using computer software. All those drawing tablets and stuff... So when I needed my own logo (since i couldn't find a suitable one online) for the upcoming event, I resorted to drawing.

Though I usually get C for P.Seni in school... this aint bad. haha... I mean it's a start =) This took 2 hours of my morning.... And it will probably go unnoticed... but I wanted to give my best.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter Musical 2010: Bow the Knee

While the town of Seremban was covered with buntings on the road and flyers in people's mailbox, the talk on many's tongue was Agape's Musical - and I'm not trying to boast. It was that time again when we put on a Musical for anyone and all to see. And we always give our best. This was where my interest in theatre began.

So for 3 nights, volunteers arrive as early as 2pm for mic test and all kinds and test; 4 pm for make up and dress up; 6pm dinner and prayer and more prep! By 7.30 the choir neatly hides themselve behind the screen, awaiting showtime at 8.15pm as guest starts to roll on. And as we've warn our friends, come early. Seriously. On Saturday night, we had an overflow and even had to turn people away at the age as there was absolutely no more space. My feet hurts from standing the entire time, all 3 days.

I'll leave the reviewing to our guest on their facebooks, albums, blogs. Here's a few pics for the file. My pics were mostly on volunteers and not much on stage.

I'm not in the mood nor have the resources to compile an extensive archive of the Musical. Many have already done so. But I thank God for the high level of voluntarism and willingness in Agape that made this possible. I mean nobody was paid for this and we charge nothing. In fact, we invested more than we got back. But that's how the Kingdom of God works, and I pray that each and everyone of us will realise that it's more than just a big show we can shout about. I pray that seeds have been planted and God will continue to work in their lives. Continue to use us - that we slack not. Not now...

I know real results for an event like this is rather hard to measure or seen. Sometimes we even wonder why we do what we do. But we gotta believe that it is not us but God who will work in their lives. It may be a return call, it may be a seed, it may be the first impression to a church, it can be even years before they finally give their life over. But God does work and will. His word will not go forth void.

More photos of the extensive preparation, volunteers, and effort to put the Musical together here. Seriously, take a look. If you have never been to one of our Musicals. One day, you have to make it a point. And bring a friend.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Recently, my sister left her dog - Bella - home to be dog-sitted. The little pup is one of the cutest thing you've ever seen. She's also camera shy so there aren't many good pics of her. All blurry.

When I'm home, she follows me everywhere. She runs on her short furry legs at my ankles - bounding up the stairs or sliding across the room. She likes to bite my rubber mat and my loose parquet floor and attack my toes with her sharp teeth. She doesn't like to be left alone and would whine or scratch the door to be let in.... even while I'm bathing. As an act of revenge and rebellion, she pees in my room. Even though she normally knows how to pee on newspaper or the bathroom... ironically. Ugh, the 'presents' she leaves around the place. She sleeps incredibly a lot. Or rather she lies down incredibly a lot. If she can sit, she will. Drag herself forward with only her front legs too whenever she can.

My room still smells a little like Bella.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anne'A Lisa

Yesterday I walked into the office - my first day for the week. Turned on my computer. And saw to my horror that someone had tempered with it. It wasn't that someone had touched or used my computer - cos it's open to anyone anyway. It wasn't that someone might have looked into my files - they're all work related and noone will bother anyway. But that someone had changed my desktop wallpaper into a caricature drawing of what's suppose to be me. (though I have to admit, to be able to produce that on MS Paint alone was pretty good)

But I do not think it looks like me. Do you?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Uncle's Bday

Yesterday my cousins arranged a birthday dinner for their father. So my family found ourselves there.
(we seem to only meet over the dinner table. hm) It's so strange to see everyone so grown up. Weren't we just kids?

Anyway, it isn't everyday you get to have food like these. I'm just more fortunate than others.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

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Friday, April 02, 2010


There's something my heart can't bear
A story of my life to share
To believe I do not dare
To know there's none that would compare

There's a story untold
If I'm ever so bold
Soon I can no longer hold
Leaving me ever so cold

Will the sun stop shinning?
Will the rain start pouring?
Will the song stop playing?
Will my heart keep beating?

To survive I must have known
That this seed I have sown
Will not eventually be disowned
Or must I do something to atone?

What is hope and what is reality?
Is there even a possibility?
Will I eventually have to see
That it was never meant to be

Come now, God, don't play with my heart
I will quietly play my part
Has waiting become my art?
Come now, friends, don't start.