Thursday, May 31, 2007

GLS promo

Global Leadership Summit
October 22-23

This is the first time Malaysia will be holding this worldwide event where top-notch leaders of the world will be speaking (in Malaysia, we will watching a videocast). The whole idea is to raise the bar of leadership across the globe. A man with that kind of vision and passion I salute.

Agape Gospel Assembly (my church) will be hosting this national event. This event happens in (I think) 193 cities all over the world (not simultaneously but the same event) and it is an honour to be a part of such a major event. And to have it here in lil' ol' Seremban is even more exciting a thought.

But here's where I'm excited about. My name is on the brochure! Well not my name per se (they simplified it). But Pastor did ask me to handle all the registration from all over the world. Altho it's an admin thing but I find it exciting to be a part of something this big. And in a position where every participant come through you. People - as irritating as they can be, it is just as interesting.

On May29th, I traveled up to Awana with Unc. Frankie and family to set up GLS booth during the Minister's Retreat. We were there for a big-time promotion for GLS malaysia. Many pastors were interested, enquired, took brochures, CDs, Forms, and sweets. Yea sweets were the most popular.

Super early bird registration closes on 30th June.
Early bird registration closes on 31st August.

I sat there like a counter girl, watching all the AG pastors and their family walk to and fro. I was rarely acknowledge, much less recognized. And as boring as it was sitting there for each session, I kept thinking watching and thinking. There's much you can learn by watching people - what more men and woman appointed and anointed by God.

I wont say more than this: they are all just as human as you and I. And if God can use such varied people, with different strengths and weaknesses. Then God can use me too =) and I'm glad to know that. And I hope to encourage others with this. Knowing that God can use ANYONE who is simply willing to be used. And THAT my friend is an awesome truth. Because it is not US that is great, but the God who uses us who is great. Cos despite of what we are - the weaknesses, the failures, the weirdness - HE can still use us to fulfil His ultimate purpose.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Parent's Night

We organized an evagelistic parents' night dinner with Dato' Chua Jui Meng as our invited guest. The event was held at WengHeong.

After crucial weeks of preperation and stress, the night came. And the place was almost filled.

Thank God that when the speaker spoke, noone else did. Thank God the PA was good enough to hear. Thank God no babies cried and fussed. Thank God that there were responses.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Lost and Found

Some of the stranger aspects of my job:

#1: Keeping lost items

This pair of shoe sat in my car for one whole month without anyone claiming it. I had NO idea what to do with it. It was found during one of the Easter practices. That was in April.

But it has finally found it's owner. Thank God! hahaah...

(to be continued)

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Greatest Sight

The one thing that never fails to move me is to see the youths at the altar, reaching out to God. What greater sight is there? It never fails to draw me and stir deep within me.

Everything that I've done for Aspirers is to see them connect back with God. No matter what happens in life, I know that if God is their focus, their passion, their center, if they yearn to do what's right and to please God - i know that come what may, it will be alright. Cos God will lead them and bring them through.

I remind myself everytime that
  • it is okay if I'm forgotten as long as God is not forgotten.
  • life will go on and they will face many problems that is beyond my control. I will need to surrender THAT to God. But if they would recognize the place God should be in their lives now... it will carry them through those times.
  • some of them will get hurt and some of them will walk away, and i can't carry all the blame. But i will do my utmost best now to prepare them for the reality of life that at the end of the day, they will still turn back to God and know He is God.
  • the greatest reward is to see them knowing God, loving God, serving God.
Perhaps one day, I will see some become missionaries or pastors, doing His will around the world. Some to be big time career man and woman that can shape and change this nation through what they do and how they live. Some to be man and woman of faith that will influence many and touch lives. And all to live for God by the way they believe, live and tell their story. All to leave legacies for the coming generations. All to inspire other believers and non believers alike. Perhaps one day.

And I hang on to the promise God gave me. The vision I saw that many years ago.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers' Day

As usual, church is now literally expected to give out gifts for mother's day. like it is the member's right to have it. strange, isn't it? Isn't it the graciousness of the church to remember and pray for each mother this day? I would think that the prayer and blessing is far more valuable than the miserly gifts. What has the world become?

Anyway, a few kaki lepaks gathered to prepare the gifts. None of us were creative enough so it took us a while to decide what to do with it. (this is going to repeat for Father's day). And this is what we came up with. I think it's quite pretty!! It took TWO WHOLE afternoons and about 20 roles of ribbons.

I'm still keeping the extras. Who wants? I need another storeroom to keep all these extras extras.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Inspiration into action

It has been a while since I thought about this and a few attempts realise it. However, I lack the determination and the resources to do so.

So here's to reviving that again.

I'm starting a Job database or as I call it "Jobs Galore". It is basically a collection of jobs opening that has been brought to my attention. There are quite a few.

If you know any job opening or anyone who is looking for a job, contact me. I have a few already. Let's see where this gets to.....

Dare to dream...........

I hope I don't abandon this again.

Updated Note: It is 25th of May and nothing has been done to further advance this project. Sigh!~

Monday, May 07, 2007

Redang trip

Destination :
Redang Island, Off Kuala Terrenganu (East Coast)

Date : 3rd - 5th May (2D2N)

Participants : Paul, Hazel, Esther, Steven, Lavinia, Kin Fei, Winne, Myself

This was our much awaited, much needed BREAK. As short as it was, it was still very much needed for most of us. It was also possibly our last trip together anywhere as our dear Esther and Steven will be leaving us. I went on this trip hoping to rest and to rejuvenate myself: soul mind and body. To prepare myself for the long haul ahead. I knew that if I did not have this time away from everything, I'd not be able to endure the next two months. I wanted to watch the sunrise and feel the breeze on my skin and the hear the waves lapping therapeutically on the shore, and to find God again in his wondrous creation. And I did. yyyaaayyyy!

The sea was crystal clear, the sand was soft and white, the sky was as blue as can be, the scenery was picture perfect. You could lie there all day. Besides the sunburn, mosquitoes and sand flies bites, and various other allergy (everyone had some weird allergies or bites or something or one thing or the other) Much to the rest's disappointment we spent a total of 24hours on the island. LOL. Much to anyone and everyone's shock, that is. And they blamed it on me. Hmph!

What we did on the Redang island (and at Pantai Burok, Kuala Terengganu)?

Except for the salt water in my mouth, the itchy contacts in my left eye, the cut that the lifejacket strap gave me, I love snorkeling. Note: Underwater pics were taken with a disposable underwater camera.

Hanging at the Beach
Some say the best thing to do is to lie on the beach all day long. Though that's when you get the sunburns, sand fly bites, and other bites. But just lying on the beach chair, under the shade, listening to the waves lapping on the beach, feeling the...... wait, I believe I've said all that already.

Played games When night falls and there's nothing much to do or see, we find that each other's company is sometimes the best thing there is. You'd think we've seen and known each other enough but I guess there's always more.

Seeing that my blogmates have so effective told the tale (and I'm the last to update it), I will save myself the trouble. Kindly check out the only two other bloggers that went: Winne and Hazel for a more amusing and detailed tale of the accidents, the order of things we did, and so on. (I don't know where the find the time to do all that)

I can peacefully (and lazy-ly) end this tale. hehe...

For more pictures, HERE (flickr collection) or HERE (Winne's multiply collection)

A little souvenir from the trip. Sand fly bites. This was all over my body. ok not ALL over but got la quite a few. The picture below dont do justice. I guess the camera used was not tat good.

AG 1st Cell Conference

The first AG cell conference held in GTPJ with a line up of excellent speakers. I guess cell concept really is sweeping the world. And as they say every concept has its season. What works before may not work today. The method may change but the message is still the same. I have not lived long enough or traveled so much as to see the different kinds of methods implemented in churches around the world, but I hear and I learn. You can learn a lot from the past.

This is the first time I've attended any conference with my dad. I have always gone on my own or with other friends. To me, this conference was special because I got to share it with my dad. I probably will not be able to put into proper words the significance this has on my life and my ministry. But it meant a lot. =)