Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flowers by the roadside

You know how you drive along the same road seeing the same sights every single day. And after a while, you tune out to not have to deal with the monotony. Perhaps like me, once in a while, you take a different route home. Just to change the scenery. But how many routes home are there?

Do we tend to take for granted when monotony sets in? Do you accept the drone or do you do something to change it? I can take monotony better than most people. I don't actually get bored if I had to eat the same food over and over again. Not really anyway. But at the same time, I can't stand monotony and drone. It's weird I know. I'm torn between two kinds of personality.

But perhaps it's the little things along the way that breaks the monotony or makes it worthwhile. Like a simple word of 'thanks', or 'you made a difference in my life', or spring colored flowers in the middle of a dreary road (which you had never noticed before), or a long-overdue dinner with those closest to your heart. God is so good. I think we all need it.

What's yours? I hope you have yours.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

ayam percik on bread

After the fishing trip [pics] with the college group, I arrived home at almost 11pm with ayam percik and chickpeas in hand. The chicken itself was cold and looking miserable. So for dinner I decided to make myself a little sandwich. You won't believe I have learned to like raw tomato slices in my sandwiches. It was enough to fill my stomach though.

I should have fried an egg too.


It was so long ago that the memory feels like a dream. Perhaps a dream from a distant past or a wishful thinking. Nevertheless, my childhood diary records that it did indeed take place.

Standing knee deep in water as the waves continuously laps the shore, I remember watching the sun fall off the horizon. We were fishing with a family friend and I was a little worried that the fishes might get hurt. I couldn't imagine the cruelty that we were inflicting on the fishes.

"But you eat fish what," my dad reminded me. Hmm... indeed I do. But I did not have to witness it.

There was a small wooden jetty just on our right where a big pail was to put the fishes that we caught. Of course I was too small to throw a line so all I did was stand there. Beyond that, I could not remember a thing. There was something about a big turtle that I think my sister encountered. For the life of me, I have no idea what happened after that.

But I got a chance to fish for real this time. The college group rolled off to P.D. to try our hands on fishing. Some couldn't stand waiting so long (although only 10minutes had passed). Some were totally freaked out by the live worms (they say it could bite). Some took every opportunity to look cool holding a fishing rod. And of course, some actually caught a fish. Some fish.

Friday, March 26, 2010

the limitations of my craft

I was making some craft to minister to some kids at a school. This is what I came up with. It's rather limited but it's interesting to me. The yellow card says 'Jesus' and the orange card says 'help'.

Just another addition to my 'Jack of (many) trades and master of none'. heh.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Meet Boris - The doll that sits in ETC's Persona.
Isn't he just adorable?

How could you say he is not?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BCM Music Fest

Last nite, BCM had it's 5oth Anniversary Music Festival, with a line up of excellent singers. Here are a few videos for those who missed it. Story here.

1. the one and only Juwita Suwito.

2. Forgot her name but she was very entertaining for those who understands cantonese.

3. But the best was at the end, when everyone came out and sang the chorus 'How Great Thou Art' together. There is no concert in the world that compares to hearing a gathering of Christ-followers giving praise where it is rightfully due. It's not just the singing. It's the worship that reminds you of the God you are singing to.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another phail!

Here's another one...

Was at the new Old Town Kopitiam near Terminal 2, and saw a rather interesting order.

But this is what really came instead... -_- It never is like the pictures, is it?

However, it tasted awesome and now I like half boiled eggs with toasted bread so much!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

McDonald's blooper

I realized this is defaming but since it did happen...

ETC and I decided to order McDs for lunch - I had a craving and besides its convenient when it gets delivered to your office. I ordered Double Cheese Burger while ETC ordered Spicy McDeluxe. The receipt got it right. I paid right. But look what came in instead: (in case you can't see that's Quarter Pounder and McChicken) ETC was disappointed and well intolerent to mayonaisse but I actually got a better deal)

Did I mentioned the box was also squashed and our fries were soggy. Hmm...

Should I have reported it or something? How do I do that?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Jesus the Carpenter

Came across this... Be blessed!

Here's another... I cried! (wanna use this some how one day)

Monday, March 01, 2010

Aspirers Camp 2010

Aspirers Camp 2010: Let It Shine
26-28th February 2010
Golden Straits Villa, P.D.
Ps. Gideon Lee

A trip down memory lane...
It feels like a million lightyears away yet fresh in my mind the first aspirers camp I ever coordinated. Of course, then, we called in aspirers retreat. Back then also, I almost killed myself executing the camp. I remember it was in Peace Haven, Genting. And I remember getting sunburns and a migraine. I had every detail of the camp on my fingertips and I drove myself to give more than all. The camps that followed wasn't all that different. I was young and I thought I was superwomen.

Passing it on...
For some years now, we've been appointing younger and younger committees to take up the responsibility and ownership of camp. We believe in training the younger generation and empowering them with positions. Of course, there were many moments of disappointments for me. Sometimes I wondered if it's because my standards were high but then again what challenge could there possibly be if the standards were not high? But as the older members start to disappear, raising the younger ones got more urgent.

The difference this time...
This time I was starting to feel my age catch up. I'm serious. And it's not funny. I need to find a way to keep my energy up cos youth ministry will always require that. And fore seeing more people leaving, I knew it was now or never. They had to rise up! I was more frustrated than ever. Oh God, I prayed, plant a sense of ownership in their heart and a burden for this ministry! There was no other way.

And I think that did it. I think they sensed it too. During the final stretched pre camp and during the camp, I saw the leaders and committee begin to pull their weight. Without much complain or whining. They were growing up. I knew it was time to let go and just trust them. And so I did. And as I was told, they would amaze me. Although I did breakdown into tears thinking too ahead of myself and fearing the inevitable, yes the inevitable, fearing I won't have the strength I need, fearing it won't work out cos of my failure to raise the younger generation.

And then God spoke...
Have you ever had moments in your life that you absolutely need (want) to hear something from God? It was that for me. I've felt that He's been too silent about a lot of things that I was beginning to loose my way. I needed to know. So when Ps. Gideon gave me the word from God and it totally hit home, I could not take it anymore. There was no way he could have known what I've been talking to God about. (I'm of course not about to tell you ;) what it's about) But I'm still trying to digest some of it and trying to hang on to His promises.

It gave me some assurance and peace about areas in my life. And it reminded me again how much God loves me though I cannot imagine why. And it was oh so important to me knowing that He saw me and knows me and was there when I thought He'd forgotten me. That was me. This isn't going to be just another mountain experience. I'll keep it close to my heart and I'll carry on for as long as He needs me to. I will be strong and brave and won't turn back.

What about you?