Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fondue Party

BKYC and RKYC combined for yesterday's "free cell" and had a FONDUE party!

Every sibling group brought something. We had ice-creams, marshmallow, fruits, cheese, cakes, sandwich, nuts, sprite and of course the chocolate fondue in abund
ant. Too abundant. Note to self: these two cells don't eat that much. Very un-youth-like.

The chocolate fondue (small portion taken out at a time)

The ice cream and nuts in view

Some chocolate fondue creations:

People taking a permanent break from the chocolate late at nite. And the view of the Chong's Christmas tree in June in the background. *hehe*

Besides being fattening, it was making people sugar high. Did you know that chocolate is prove to make people happy? I mean seriously. It's scientifically proven. Read here.

Generally, this is how it works. When our 'seretonin' levels are high in our brains, we feel more elated and ecstatic. 'Anandamide' chemical that is sent through our brain cells and breaks down between the cells causes the fleeting positive feelings. Chocolate contains an ingredient that keeps our 'seretonin' levels high and slows the process of 'anandamide' breaking down, causing us to stay positive and happy longer. That's why people can get high on chocolate. And there's a reason you're asked to eat chocolate when you're depressed.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kidz Safari

Recently our Children Church has a funfair we call "Kidz Safari". It was much anticipated and a lot of kids turned up. Except for a short shower towards the end of the event, the rest of the day went by well. There were a lot of games and events that was erected. A more detailed listing can be gotten on Rachel's blog. Good place for ideas too.

A lot of the youth helped out and made it even more eventful. But with the anniversary coming, we tried to pack even more things on that day.
It wasn't just the weather and the workload or the screaming kids, we also had anniversary practices one after another. Between practices and kidz safari, it was a recipe for exhaustion. Fortunately young people, as they say, have lots of energy. They know how to have their own fun...

Know what I mean?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


"Optimists think the glass is half full.
Pessimists think it's half empty.

Realists know that if they stay around long enough,
they're going to have to wash the glass."

The above quote was something I read in the "Our Journey" devotional by RBC. It also appeared in one of George Ong's humour book. Insights can be like mirrors to our own life. Some people laugh at it and move on, some people hear the words that are being said and it changes their lives.

I don't want to be a pessimist. I prefer to realistically be hopeful always. With a God like mine on my side, what do I have to loose. What is impossible? Yet sometimes ... being optimistic seems more like a fool's hope for what can never be. What then? There are things I will always pursue and believe in, and that's because of the God that I know will champion His own causes and will not let the righteous fall. Yet there are things... that just needs letting go.

How do we know which to hang on to and which to let go? Which to pursue and which to forget? What if wisdom is not enough? What is heart is not enough?

I like this other phrase from the same devotional...

"Our God is a God who's good enough to inspire us with His ideals,
merciful enough to accept us as we are,

and too loving to leave us there.."

Monday, May 19, 2008


We had seminar just over the weekend called the "Cat and Dog Theology" brought to us by UnveilinGlory. The seminar expounded to us the difference between a dog Christian and a cat Christian.

A Cat Christian is one who expects God to bless it and that everything revolves around it. It avoids what is uncomfortable and does only what it likes, when it likes it. In other words, it is the Master.

A Dog Christian, however, is there for God and seeks only for His glory. It recognizes that every blessing it receives is to bless others in return. And since life wasn't design to be fair, it submits itself to the will of it's owner. In other words, God is the Master.

And if we're honest enough with ourselves, there are just so many more cats than there are dogs. I wonder how God feels about that. And if people can still walk around acting like a cat after hearing a seminar like that, what does it say about them? It is indeed the 21st century strategy to bring down the body of Christ - not with persecution cos we all know from history that doesn't work.

I guess everyone of us actually have some cat-ness in us. A selfishness, a cry for comfort and complacency in our lives. We need to recognise the log in our own eyes. We need to come back to the heart of worship ... the object of worship! Less we forget! Oh God that your people will come back to You and champion Your cause in this fallen world once again. The church needs to rise up and take it's place in history to fulfill Your purposes in this world. And then every knee will bow and tongue confess that You are Lord.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What fills my cup?

Some time back, I watched a video sermon by
Wayne Cordeiro that was about leaders needing to take time out to rest. Because everyone's has an energy cup that drains at the bottom - the every day pressures and demands of life. (see graphic below)

So if we don't fill that cup, we're only heading for a nervous breakdown. He urged that we know what fills our cup and take time to fill it. Different people "fill" differently.

At that time, I sat to think but I could not thoroughly figure out what fills me. Scary, isn't it? Now knowing how to help yourself. Finally I shelved that thought, contented enough that I knew ONE of my fills. And left it at that. Until now.

Why now, you ask. Well isn't it obvious? I need it.

So what fills me?
  1. Hanging out with good friends (just hanging out, letting loose)
  2. Sleeping (those uninterrupted, no nightmares, deep delicious sleeps that I don't seem to get much of)
  3. Taking a long pampered showers, followed by those other feminine self gratifications (sounds a lot like a spa to me, Lav)
  4. ... Jogging/walking alone (I think this actually fills me but I'm not sure) with time to clear my thoughts and emotions and sorts.
  5. Writing maybe (thus the blogging but I'm not sure either) helps to also put things into words.
  6. Clearing clutter in my life (this is a psychological act) whether it is organizing files, clearing mess, arranging photos, arranging my clothes...
  7. The beach - the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the salt-filled breeze that caresses your cheeks, the soft sand teasing your toes, the chill of the ocean waters when if chances upon your feet, and the peace that it brings carrying your troubles far into another world.
Ahhh that's not a bad list. Hmm... it's a pretty telling list if you know how to read between the lines. Says a lot about the person I am and the things I go through. On a personal note, I should start looking into it though.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Teej and Janz

When was the last time you saw a truly chinese wedding? I'm beginning I have not. Everyone else is trying to be more modern and contemp and grand these days.

Congrats to Janz and TJ.

More Pictures

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Carl's Jr

After hearing SO much about Carl's Jr, I had my opportunity to try it. I had to know! So Esther and I made our way there when we were in Midvalley the other day.... and stared at the menu. Decisions decisions decisions

We finally made our choices and settled in with our enormous burger which filled us for the rest of the day.

It was huge. It was expensive. It was huge... did I say that twice?

And that was our Carl's Jr experience...

Friday, May 02, 2008

BCM Foodfair

Note: Every year, Bible College of Malaysia (BCM) holds a food & fun fair to raise fund for the college. BCM is responsible for training and producing ministers for the mission field and has been doing it for years now, including our very own P
astors. The stalls are mostly set and sponsored by students and/or different AOG churces that choose to support the event.

This year, Agape decided to set up stall during the BCM foodfair to give them all the help we can give. We set up a homemade cakes and cookies stall. Homemade. That was our selling tagline. All made by our own members. Very nice one.

Su-Ann made cupcakes.

A small bunch of youth was dragged along to help sell cakes and waste the tickets we had. But since there was SO much time to spare, we had to entertain ourselves...

More pictures here