Monday, April 30, 2007

Video Promos

Here are two video promos I kinda did for announcement recently:

1) Promo for 29:11 (our Young Adult group)

2) Promo for Aspirers (our youth group)
-this one I did not actually do. It's the intro from the video we were going to view. I only added "Aspirers" in it.

Mission: Kota Bahru

This is the second Aspirers-sent mission trip, and I have the intention to be on every single one of it for as much as I can. There is something about being on a mission trip that quickens the spirit being of a person. It's not just the thought of going elsewhere (though that is a big plus) but as much as we receive in our Christian life, we need to give. For as water flows into a stream, it has to flow out, less the water becomes stale. And so in giving we learn to live.

This trip was to Kota Bahru, Kelantan - the land in which Eunice dwelt the last one year.

For MORE pictures, click HERE.

I can only hope that our presence was a blessing and inspiration to the church there. For that reason we came. But personally and as a team, we were blessed as well:
  • I was blessed to see how faithful and dedicated the people were to the things of God. It was not a question of how much done but how much more they can give. Even young children served with what they have.
  • I was blessed to know that parents there placed an importance on the things of God and desire to see their children draw closer to God. Study was not the most important thing, and with that the children were blessed in their studies.
  • We saw God in small things and small ways as well, as He guided us and protected us.
  • The people were friendly and opened to us though we are outsider - to be honest I at first tot they were not very friendly but saw how they warmed up, starting from the youngest up.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Esther's Bridal Shower

It is of course the job of the bridesmaid to arrange a bridal shower for the bride - whatever that means.

So Lavinia decided we should kidnap Esther in the middle of the night and whisk her away to a hotel for a night of girls-only slumber party. Or rather just a few of the closest girls.

I think we were going easy on her, since Steven was the one tenderly waking her and bringing her blindfolded into the car. *Sweat* But off we went silently to "Labu Hotel" (or so we tell her) so that Esther still did not know who it was. However, Esther was very cool about it and even slept in the car on the way there. It's Steven's fault.

We spent the night drinking Kiwi Shake something, eating egg something and jelly beans. We talked bout random stuff, question Esther bout the whole getting-married-and-moving-to-Australia, and basically laughed our heads of. What did you expect to happen at an all-girls' slumber? I think I'll spare the details.

But here's a short video clip especially for Steven Kuang! hahaha...

The next morning we had a breakfast... farewell? for Esther and Steven at my place. It's just breakfast and friends. But sometimes those are the most precious things rite? Better than a planned event or activity.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Esther Steven Photoshoot

On my final day of travelling with Jamie, I spent the entire day with Esther and Steven. And I do mean the entire day. It was the day of their photoshoot and I thought that they'd probably need a maid to pick up after them, watch their personal belongings, make sure they don't give in to whatever the company might suggest, and to ensure they get their fair share of food and water throughout the day.

I can honestly say that I don't think I would like to go through this when I'm getting married. I don't wanna go through this ordeal and I don't need photos of myself in gowns doing strange poses.

Below are some pictures of the shoot....

Here's a small gift for me from that day:


Adventures of travelling Jamie

Jamie is the name given to my faithful car. I didn't name it by the way. Valerie did. And I have to explain this every time someone sits my car and sees the pillow with the name sewn on it.


This is the story of Jamie's travels over the weekend....


Drove down to Melaka with the YoungAdult gang. Visit
a real dusun and played with some Bambi so up close and personal. So cool!!! I think that was the highlight for me. To finally see Bambi (the cartoon I used to love as a child). I think I like all the animals there better than the fruits or plants I saw.

More pictures HERE

Drove to USJ to spend the night with Suzy, my ex housemate. Had a great time catching up with old friends. I guess we need to create times like these once in a while to keep us connected.

Note: I lost the rest of the pictures and video I took of Abigail. *crryyyyyy* I knew I shouldn't have deleted them!

Drove onwards to Klang to visit Georginia and her new family. I realized our life has changed so much in such a short time. I guess that's life.
Note: I lost all the pictures I took of Char Maine too. *crryyyyyy* My friends, I'm so sorry!! (Displayed picture was downloaded from flickr)

Headed to BU to meet up with Esther and Steven after that. Esther had her nails done to prepare for the photoshoot. We met with the designer who showed us our materials, which were quite pleased with. Until he told us the price. I could feel cold sweat rolling down our back.

Also droved to PJ to Steven's place. Or more accurately Elaine's place, where I also spent the night. *More story on this day in the next entry.

Back to Seremban in the wee hours of the morning in time for work. Managed to beat the jam and arrived home early enough to catch a short snooze before heading to work.

I am pretty proud of this new achievement of mine.

I wanna thank God for protecting me and Jamie the entire time. I know that it has been Him taking care of my crazy going up and downs. He provided people who would guide me to different places or could draw maps for me. I didn't really get lost at all. He also provided in terms of people paying for my food, friends places to crash in, and all that sort of things. It may seem small to some, but for those who know me, this is quite a big thing. I have, after all, a horrendous sense of direction. =D He is indeed with me always!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter 2007

A deep question was raised in this year's mini drama. Though everything was brought down a notch, everyone did their very best to throw out one single question to its audience: Does God care?

Actually the drama was quite abstract and some even found it hard to understand. Esp the less English literate. However, many found it to be more stimulating and thought-provoking than our conventional Easter story. And I think they are right. Perhaps it's something we need to look into as a direction of church musicals.

Here are some snippets of the drama. I loved it. It's something we've never done before and it's awesome. The combined effects was awesome - contributed to the total ambiance and story.

But of course the final question is always the same: how many ppl's lives were changed and transformed by it? Sometimes we forget to ask that question. We focused too much on the good show, brilliant performance, etc. But how indeed has it affected lives? How has it changed lives, contributed to the Great Commission, made a difference?

Friday, April 06, 2007

Meeting Old Friends, Making New Friends

Korean with Bee Ling
Date : 3rd April
Venue : Sil Ro Am, Tuaku Jaafar

I've never had Korean before. I didn't even know I was about to have Korean. It's true when they say Korean food is cold, spicy, and sour. The food is authenticly Korean, so are the owners.

Am glad I got to try something new. And I made new Korean friends too. Also the opportunity to help and an avenue to share.

Experience: Satisfying!

HomeCook Western with IMU students.
Date : 5th April
Venue : My Home

9 of us altogther and there were so much leftover. Man, they are small eaters! Felt very much relaxed over the mind-boggling ice breakers Ken and Callie introduced us. This is not my first time hosting dinner and probably not my last. Made some new friends.

Experience: Happy and intrigued!

Lunch With Shook Yee
Date: 6th April
Venue: Curry Leave

We sat and talked bout a wide many topics for 2 and 1/2 hours till I realised i'm running late. I don't remember the last time we did this and I don't remember what brought us together like this. But I guess it's as they say, you become a family in Christ.

Experience: Encouraged!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

10 things you didn't know about me

I must be too free to be doing this.... or...?
  1. I can loose weight easily but don't put on so easily. I don't really put on weight to begin with. It's in the genes. High metabolism.
  2. I get migraines and insomnias every now and then - i hear it's in the genes too.
  3. I'm not into shopping though I am female.
  4. Lizards totally freak me out.
  5. I don't watch horror movies. Yea they actually scare me at night or when i'm totally alone.
  6. I'm an organizing freak. I have planners, calendars, to-do lists, journals, all sorts of paper and notes to put what's in my head down. I just need to see it in front of me - especially the bigger picture. I don't really like surprises.
  7. To my surprise I like musicals. Must be from the years of Easter musical production.
  8. The list of things I don't eat is longer than the list of things I do eat. But I think I've improved over the years *beam*
  9. I'm very sentimental.
  10. I love movies! From cartoon to thrillers, japanese anime to soap operas. I enjoy watching traillers and looking at posters, CGI and 3D animation. I love a good plot too. The depth of which I know no bounds.
And I have no idea why I posted all that.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Heartbreak Dreamer

Have you ever wondered what Jesus really died of? I mean obviously all that scourging and torture but what really killed Jesus? You could physically torture someone but you can't break his/her spirit. With the right amount of love and support, I believe we could endure just about anything. Right to the point of death, we'd still be very much vigorous and "alive". But without it, one could be physically alive yet dead inside.

I think Jesus really died of heartbreak: his close friend(s) betrayed him, denied him, abandoned him. Even his father turned his back on him at the hour he needed the most. Sometimes I think the most cruel means devised by men was not any weapon but an attack to the heart. And you know, everyone is doing it. There are so many people walking around feeling all alone in this world, and heartbroken. Inside they have already died.

Isn't it tragic?

With so much heartbreak in this world, it feels like such a hopeless case. Yet we are all forced on this earth to live and breath. To walk a life we don't understand. Can you hear the cries of the people? So many voices just crying out, seeking for love and attention. So much pain. Souls are dying.

I'm a dreamer. Sometimes I don't know if that's my becoming or undoing. Perhaps both. I can envision things yet to come and thus help in my planning and organizing and yet I can create ridiculous situation in my brain that could destroy my own heart later. It could go both ways.

It's funny how I learned a big lesson from two very silly children's show today alone.
'Sharkboy and Lavagirl'
thought me that when dreams become a reality, reality becomes a dream. As in when a dream has been realised and made real, whatever that was real at that time becomes a past and a dream.
What happens to a forgotten dream?
It's never really forgotten, it can still become real.
What do you do with a crushed dream?
You just make new ones. Salvage what you still can and make new ones over crushed ones.
'Meet the Robinsons' taught me to keep moving forward instead of being occupied with a failure. Though I've always known all this but somehow today it has more meaning to me than before. (who said movies are a waste of time? LOL)

God knows how to get our attention, doesn't he? God is so creative, the way he reaches and gets personal with us. He'd do whatever it takes to get our attention and remind us. But I guess it's like King David said, better to be in the judgment hands of God than in the enemy's hands, for His mercy is great. So I will take heed.

Time to sweep up shattered dreams, rebuild forgotten ones and new ones. And move forward.

Lord it's time I take my eyes of my own hurts all the time. What I really want or don't get or feelings or things that don't matter as much. I'll leave those in your hands.
I need to focus on what's more important. Help me learn to be wholly devoted to you. Help me trust you alone. Help me understand what is in your heart. Let what breaks your heart, break mine.