Friday, January 25, 2008

General News

Was KFC the other day and saw this:

It sounds more like KFC is getting desperate and running out of ideas. What has curry puff gotta do with chicken? To bank in on local delicacies like that. The nerve!
Has anyone ever tried it though?


On other news:
Talk show house and stand up comedian
Ellen Degeneres has been said to dethrone Oprah Winfrey as the most watched talk show in America.

I have great respect for Oprah and for she has done for her society. She uses her popularity and wealth to influence her society and make a difference. I don't know much of what Ellen has done to deserve to be the next big thing (youth probably) but she's got a lot to catch up with. Oprah, you still the best!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trip to KL

Was up in KL with Derrick and David to basically (finally) get the present I promised David last year. At the shop (name escapes me) while the guys were immerse in all the instruments and gears, I did the same. What else was there to do?

I came across this Hello Kitty guitar. How strange! I wonder who will buy it. A female rocker?

Met up with Selwyn later. I finally stepped foot into Pavilion for the first time. And the sight was an attention-stealer. The foyer had steps leading down into the center court. The decorations were all in place for chinese new year. Although the setting reminds me of the Gardens. Places for the upper class, you know? Not somewhere I can afford.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jessica's Operation

We visited Jessica at UH only the other day to see how she was doing. She had an operation on her knee area to remove her growth as well as fix her broken knee. I forgot exactly what the medical procedure was.

Her stitches were 7 or was it 9 inches long. Covered with staples and protected with a sheet of.. plastic?

Prayer request:
Pray for speedy recovery. Doc says it'll take 3 months and painful physiotherapy of so till she is off her crutches.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Aspirers Retreat 2008: LIVE

Aspirers Retreat is one of THE events of the year. It is much anticipated, much waited for and all that. However, after so many years of handling this kinda of retreat, one wouldn't be surprise that the committee is a tad bit tired and less excited. More like stressed.

And so this year around Retreat came as usual, earlier than usual dates. Thus, more cause for anxiety. We were late in our planning, lethargic in our execution, lazy in our tasks. It wa
sn't until 2 weeks prior to Retreat that we bucked up with the sudden realization of what is happening. Argh! I'm a bad example when it comes to timing and procrastination. This time around, I felt a heavier sense of burden on my shoulder. Perhaps it was the pressure, perhaps it was the disorganization, perhaps it was simply tiredness, perhaps it was spiritual attack. Nevertheless, it was a worser feeling than I have ever felt before. I felt more alone then ever. I felt like declaring that Retreat be postponed! Imagine that. But I had reasons:
  • Most plannings were NOT settled. From publicity to activities; worship schedule to venue.
  • The resort that we were to stay with have not confirmed more than half of the things, with their staff being on leave all the time.
  • 2 weeks before the retreat and registration was at an all time LOW. (far lower than the number I guaranteed the resort)
  • None of the activities are concrete or totally ready
  • We have far fewer leaders to just be around, watch over, help around, etc. as compared to previous years.
  • I really wasn't feeling up to it.
So we gathered the organizing committee and all the leaders. I lectured, apologized, encouraged, hopefully motivated them as well. There was so much to do and so little time. If we really mean it to go well, that is. And most of all we needed God more than ever. Decided to begin praying and fasting to see God move. I said "God, won't you show your mighty power. If your move mightier than ever before this camp, it will only go to testify that you are not constrained by the things we plan and that a great camp is when YOU move." And so I lost my days and nights to the retreat preparation. Planning a camp is one thing, mentoring and guiding others to learn the trade is another. The latter one being the harder one. Yet, it was more than necessary.

I will spare the details of the camp. You can read them on Larissa's and Jian's blog.

But God proved faithful. He never fails. Though a lot of things were falling apart and I felt worse than ever, though I only wanted to cry at His feet from probably exhaustion, disappointment and heartbreak, God proves to be faithful. From the very first night, the very first worship session, there was a sense of deep longing and desperation for more of God. You could feel the energy in the air. The voices crying out. And that night itself, more than half the campers walk out in response to the altar call. Took me by surprise and drove me to tears. You know it when you work so hard doing what you humanly can but at the end of the day it's the part you cannot control that you want to see the most. We can only set our sails to catch the wind of Heaven. After all is said and done, it is their heart and God's move. And that, THAT is what it's all about. It's about the lives that are touched, changed, sold out to Him.

God moved in such a mighty way this camp, more than He ever did in any previous camp. The speaker was prophetic and had a message for anyone who had the guts to wal
k across the carpet - symbolizing the stand tat he/she is taking to live for Jesus. And so they went, one by one. The second night dragged the longest because God's move was so powerful. whether you're up front at the altar or alone at the back, God was doing His work in hearts and lives. I can't help but focus on these moments alone. These precious moments. What could be better? On a personal note, God spoke right into my heart. He told me what I needed to hear. And truly truly I will serve no other God!

Sure we had fun, sure we made friends and all that. Sure it was all good, and loud and fun. But the best part was His presence. The best part was when God spoke into our lives and we're never the same again. Aspirers! Do you see that revival has begun? Can you feel the mountains tremble? It's the sound of revival! Do you hear it?

Ok OK! I'll stop here. =) Check out MORE PICTURES as you would PREFER it in the first place on Derrick's Flickr Album. Read Aaron's version in the coming Agapeline issue. The DVD will be available for sale soon.

Talk about event of the year =)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

More Saturday adventures

It was another Saturday morning to conquer the Kepayang hill. Johanna vowed she will make it this time and did. I was the one that turned up late... again.

However, Jo never fails to amuse me. It's something about her quirkiness. She managed to excitedly walk forward in the mudded terrain and into what appeared to be quick-sand-like mud. As you can see...

There goes her morning walking in squishy mud filled shoe.

Just felt like sharing this incident =)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


It's a brand new year, a chance to let go of the past and do things afresh. Every new year brings new possibilities. Yes, I'm one of those that believes in a new year bringing all things new. In fact, Bible says every day is a new day.

And so I'm trying to make and keep resolutions: (not in any order)
  1. To read more of God's word, pray more, spend more time with the lover of my soul. I wanna be broken from what breaks His heart.
  2. To invest in learning more about how to become a better leader, to be more effective in ministry and as a disciple myself.
  3. To wake up earlier, exercise more consistently, balance work and play, be more hardworking to keep my room and car.
  4. To be a better daughter, a better friend, a better sister, and all that. Relationships are important to guard and preserve and improve. They define who you are.
  5. To strive to live my life to make the right choices, at the right time. Not allowing emotions and selfish desires to get the better of me, but to always choose to do the right thing, especially in the sight of God.
At least these are the things within my control. Those that are not I leave it in the hands of the One that holds my future. God is too wise to be mistaken. I know there is no running away, no moving off, no ignoring or turning a deaf ear for me. I know I'm here to stay and there's a reason to every rhyme. And I trust that God will carry me through the season cos He is faithful.

On what I hope to see happen, however:
  1. I wanna see the youth in Aspirers to overcome the circumstances in their lives, to care for people beyond what is expected of a youth, rise up to take their place in the faith.
  2. I also want to see college student rising up to belong and take their place and make a difference in their college or universities and in their home church.
  3. I wanna see different ministries move into a new level of faith and dedication and service unto God as we begin to see God use us at a higher level to extend His kingdom - i mean, that's what it's all about right?
  4. I wanna see adults get out of their comfort zones, stop complaining and grumbling, set Godly examples for the new and younger ones, learn to reach out beyond their own circle, see a purpose.
  5. I hope to see more of my peers and friends start to find a way to fit and belong in this church and the world they live in, partners they could build a home with. God only knows what goes through the heart and mind of a young adult, stuck in between worlds of possibilities.
I have only one deep seethed desire that I pray God will grant me though. It's been with me so long. And I'll be patient enough to wait.