Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Musical Drama

The day came... the time came..... Cars streamed in and the rain was pouring. Hearts were starting to beat in anticipation. The overflow room was overflowing. The gate, for the first time ever, had to be locked.

After three nights of spectacular performance, wowing and stunning the audience, it was over. We had received so many applause, commendations, praises and salutes. The Star printed a half page photo on the musical the very next day along with the comments of our drama director. People are saying it was a broadway in Seremban. The event of the year? Not that I am blowing my own trumpet but it was good. Even I was a little surprised at the
effect. I salute our coordinators, directors, all the people that planned and put such a large-scale event together. Being one of the people that come week after week for hours of practices and all kinds of planning.... I would know the sacrifices many of us have put in for this easter drama. Sometimes we wonder if we've slaught more than we bargained for.

But it was all worth it. When people start streaming in, we knew it was worth it. When people began to respond to the love of God that we were trying to portray, we knew it was worth it. When we received letters and emails that people have been touched, we knew it was worth it. All the sweat and blood faded away in comparison. Whatever we've done are like dust to God. It fails to compare. It was God that worked through us. We believed, and we saw.

Although many have showered us with praises, we know that it was God who made it all happened. No way in human context could we have done all of that. Simply no way. God be all the glory. When God is lifted up, He will draw all men unto Him. And we pray that this is only the begining. As we yearn to direct people to God, as we faithfully do our part in planting and watering seeds, it is God who gives the increase.

For more pictures, click here. Pictures and video can also be ordered.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My miracle

It didn't take long for me to fall ill after my trauma. There were things to attend to. Easter was drawing neigh. There were house drops, promotions, practices, and countless things to do. And I wasn't doing too well. By Sat I had already lost my voice and started feeling feverish. Right through to Monday I had still not gotten my voice back. I had to skip practice as I could not sing a single note right. But I had the opportunity to see the whole drama from the audience seat.

Concerned friends wished me well and scolded me to take care. Prayers were piled too. But I had my own concerns. Sore throat was the first sign of a week-long illness that I would normally go through. Easter was a week away and I could not afford to be sick. No way. Our theme was BELIEVE and I decided to put my faith in God. I told my friends, by Tuesday I will be completely cured and able to sing for the full dress rehearsal. Such bold proclamations scared even myself. Where did that come from? So I prayed. I better be well by Tuesday. Still stubborn, I only slept a little more than usual and stuck to soothing drinks. No doctors for me.

Tuesday morning I awoke and immediately tested my voice. It was BACK!! Praise God. I serve a miracle-working God. I was totally well. This is personal to me. My faith increased. Truly I BELIEVE. My Lord and My God.

Friday, April 07, 2006


It was a normal day, as I was rolling back home in my four-wheeler. I was tired out from the day's work and craving for some much needed sleep. I was only a few more blocks from home and I was begining to plan what I'd do upon reaching home. My throat was parch dry.

As I rolled down the hill, to my horror, a puppy, loosed from her leash, ran dire
ctly in front of my wheels and I could not stop in time. Instantly I heard the horrifying yelp from the pup. My heart stop. My brake had already screeched to a stop. A million thoughts flooded my head in that milisecond. Part of me wanted to run from fear that it was some psycho owner who might not let me live. But the pup's cries overcame any doubt I had and I rushed out to it's aid. It's master was already running out and carried her. Blood was dripping and the young girl who held her was close to panic tears. I held the pup and checked for damage, relief that the girl had not yet pounce on me. The pup's back leg only was bleeding and the wound was wide open till the bones were jutting out. Again fear overcame me - if it was broken, it could be for life. Abandoning the thought of water and sleep, I brought the girl and her dog towards my car and we sped of towards the only vet I know.

The journey was slow and painful. As the pup continued to howl in pain, I felt beats of sweat forming on my forehead. The girl tried profusely to calm the pup d
own as I zip down the road. Traffic was at its worst. There was nothing more I could do but talk to the girl and pray. Not sure what to pray for I spoke in tongues. After about 20 minutes the pup calmed down and started looking around curiously. Thank God it didn't pass out from tireness or pain. My dad, out of sheer worry, caught up with me midway. Unfortunately, it only gave me more pressure as I drove. We were crawling along. i kept glancing at the pup to make sure it was doing ok.

It was an hour after the incident that we finally arrived at the vet. Like a scene from ER, we rushed her right into the operating room. The doc calmly decided that it was of no urgency to attend to the pup immediately. Patiently, he finished with his patient before attending to our pup. I decided I had to be there for the whole process - for moral support, to take responsibility, and whatever else. The doc began clearing the wound and analyzing the damage. The blood and gore was way over my head. It smelt bad. The pup had began whining again though it had already been sedated. I could almost feel the pain. The doc proclaimed that no bones were
broken and I silently praise God. He began stitching up the wound and advising the girl on what should be expected next.

Before I knew it, dizziness washed over me and I grappled for balance. Vision and sound was slowly snatched from me as I found myself toppling downwards. The girl and dad caught me before I hit ground. Yes I fainted - from stress? from blood? All of it I guess. I could barely make out that I was being led outside to the benches where I could get away from the scene and rest. Feeling rather embarassed, I remained on the bench long after the dizziness left. I wonder how many people have actually fainted there before? Some time later, the dog was bein
g carried out in nice new bandages and a con for it's head. Dad drove home and we began to chat some more with the world. It truly is a small world after all when we discovered how we were connected. Exchanging contacts and well-wishes we parted ways.

I guess it was traumatic for both me and the pup.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Easter preperations continues

For the first time we did a little preview in Jusco. What we did was radical and crazy. But it caught attention. I only pray that we also caught interest. God open hearts and open eyes!! We intend to storm Seremban with not just bright lights and colours and crazy activities, but with warmth, with love, with compassion, as little Christ in this town.

With the message that 'screams' at the end of the Believe narration:

Pilate: Just weeks before, those eleven men had been crying in locked rooms, too afraid to come out. But after the reported sightings of Jesus, they were changed! ... They became fearless, they became bold, and for the first time since I knew them, they did not seem to be afraid of death.

Narrator: What changed them? Why would they so readily sacrifice the lives they had fought so hard to keep?... The only thing which could explain this phenomenon was belief. A belief that went beyond simple acknowledgement of a fact. ... Belief is completed by the decision to follow.

The ONLY thing that can explain this phenomenon is belief. The ONLY group of people in the face of this earth that are martyred (die or killed because of their faith) are Christians. (we not talking suicide kay, we talking persecuted, killed, tortured).

Come and find out what this Belief is..... this Easter...