Monday, November 26, 2007

Special Lemonade

Got this at HongKong Kopitiam @ Jusco today.

If you notice, the cup is not stable. The bottom is rounded so that the cup rolls on its sides. (don't know how to explain this) It was quite unique but we were afraid the drink might actually spill. The frosting on the rim of the cup was salt! Don't people normally put sugar? Hmm... perhaps it was a mistake.

Night at the Beach

As Hazel puts it, we were dead tired but we went anyway. Partially for Hazel, partially cos we needed to get away.

So there we were, stealing away into the night, walking down PD beach in the dark, bottle of wine in one hand and KFC on the other. Trust us to forget mats to sit on. But we made do.

We had it made. Lights and background music from a nearby wedding party, the sound of waves lapping the beach, the soft breeze that cooled the air, FOOD (most expensive beach picnic i've ever had) and most importantly companion. Actually, it's the FIRST time i'm having a picnic at nite on the beach.

Note: This is the best age to be at when it comes to friends and fun. *wink*

So Hazel, most importantly, I hope you had a blast because the rest of us did. =)


* * * * *

There's a chinese saying that says it's hard to be a human. You can't please everyone all the time. You can't categorize people either. And it's hard to find a balance. If you're not careful, you'd hurt some hearts. Relationship is like threading on dangerous waters sometimes.

How do you make amends or right the wrong or defend yourself? How? Where do you draw the line and how do you keep in check? What do you do when you hurt people you care about. Though you don't stand in the wrong, you can't explain to them why. How do you fix what can't be fixed?

It's easy to point a finger and judge when you're not in the position, when you're the one hurt, when you don't see the big picture. I know. Cause I used to be one. When the tables are turned and the powers are in your hands instead, how do you keep from making the same mistakes? What if it's not as simple as that?

Friday, November 23, 2007

JoelC's accident

When I say don't play with staples means DON'T play with them.

But Joel Chong decided it was worth the experience to see what would happen anyway. And he discovered.... that his blood can really pour out like water. Yea, he stepped on them staples.

While everyone else panicked a little at the sight of blood trail leading to the toilet and blood pool in the toilet, Joel was calmed and even hilarious about the situation.

(in the midst of panic, we did NOT take any pictures, duh)

But here are some AFTER the panic was over:

So next time, when I give some sound advice, you might wanna think bout listening. =D

Thursday, November 22, 2007

James has arrived

It's time to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. For those who have been asking... This is the story.

Once upon a time I had Jamie. She was a sweet little thing and served many. Always willing to go the distance and try out different challenges. But maintanence was too high. And soon, due to age and ot
her conditions, I had to let her go. With a heavy heart I bid farewell to dear ol' Jamie.
She was named by my friend, Valerie, years back. I've had her for 4.5years now. And now I'm giving up my rights to own this car. Sigh!~ Started the sentimentalism.

I have a pillow named "James" (given to me by my cousins) to accompany Jamie. Please click here for full story. (read under the header "presents"). So today James arrived - and they both moved into this new home.

Here comes James, the knight in shining white armour. Brand new and ever ready to learn new things and to serve more people. He is well loved and ever on the go. However, his exteri
or requires more care. He is here to protect and care.
The best part of the car lies in its tagline (found on the car's license plate). It's a phrase that drives the inner me and draws something out of me. Perhaps it is the very meaning of it.

Besides the sales man and my parents, these are my first passengers:

No, I'm not taking out the plastic wrap so soon, waiting for the car cover to come. Just in case!

Lynne's 18

Lynne's 18. My baby sister is officially no longer a kid though she still acts like it at times. But she is officially recognized now in the sight of law. And my parents are probably overwhelmed that all 3 of us are all grown up.


At quite the last minute, managed to persuade some of the you
th to organize a pretty poorly organized surprise party. But since i'm lazy to blog about it (back blogging some 3 weeks later), pictures will have to do:

Isn't this poser picture just so heart warming?

For more pictures, click here

Two days later we headed to Genting to celebrate it with Winne. The food alone was simply awesome. Lynne had her first lobster ever. It's not everyday that my family take a road trip to anywhere for only a couple of hours. But this was one of those crazy moments.

I like Winne's trench coat

For more pictures, click here

Monday, November 19, 2007


M-cycle hit by car, pillion rider killed
SEREMBAN: A 16-year-old pillion rider was killed when the motorcycle he was on was hit by a car near the Seremban toll plaza yesterday.
Muhamad Nur Hazim Rose Helmi, a Form Four student of SMK King George V, here, died on the spot in the 12.30pm incident. His friend, Loo Wu Yu, also 16, was seriously injured and was warded at the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital. They were hit by a car when the driver made a right turn to enter the toll plaza.


The above was reported on New Straits Time. However the facts have been twisted. In fact, no newspaper managed the print the correct story. So here's the real story. Read it and believe it!

On the 16th November 2007, two school going boys heading towards S2 on a motorcycle crashed into a car that was turning into the toll. The pillion rider was immediately thrown off the bike and landed on some grass. The rider was thrown 20 feet away and died instantly. Neither had license. The car driver disappeared from the scene in fear.

Here's the miracle:

The pillion rider is this boy, Nigel, whom I've known sinc
e he was 7yrs old. He survived with only scars, bruises, and a fractured collar bone. His friend died. Nigel blacks-out before impact and only wakes up after landing on the grass. It happened to be a patch of grass on a major road. 1 meter away and the grass would not have been there.

I know that it was the hands of God on Nigel that day. I know that God had been watching over him. To protect him and made sure things happen just the way it did so that it preserved his life was nothing sheer of a miracle. How awesome God is. There is no way to argue otherwise. He was released from the hospital the very next day - a walking miracle. Let HIS name be lifted up - He who rescues His children.

We visited him today. Besides a bit of trauma, he is FINE! These are things you hold on for life and it will shape your faith for the future, a foundation you can always turn back to, hold on to.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tiny Reunion

Today my college friends and I were suppose to meet up for lunch for a reunion - after almost 2 years. Everyone had been SO busy and these moments were precious.

Unfortunately, most of them were preoccupied with something else. So it was just LiLian, Hui Bao and me. X( I took the train 1.5hrs all the way up to midvalley for lunch and the same amount of time back. I had Pasta Carbonara at Italianese, The Gardens, Midvalley.

I feel like grumbling yet trying to be an understanding friend. But it's a little hard to understand certain things. Sigh! I guess everyone has different priorities and there ain't nothing you can do bout it.

I still think that people should make time to meet up before time and life really tears them apart. You never know when you need a friend for whatever in the future. I, for one, think making time for the ones we used to love, do still love, and will always love, a priority. But that's me. And I will hold on to it. I hope.

the Hills have Eyes

I can't remember what I wanted to blog about this day. Except that once again I was dragged out of my bed to climb the hill once again.

Some people too bersemangat and ran ahead way at the beginning. They, of course, lost steam soon enough and joint the pack.

More posing pictures. Posers!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I caught the FLU!

There's a flu bug going around town. People are dropping like flies. It's one after another. Don't think you're safe!! It's gonna get you!! Beware! Beware!

So it hit me quite hard. I can't remember when I was last sick. It's such a rare occassion. But since I don't like to visit the doctor or take unnecessary "rest" at home, I create alternatives. I don't see the point of visiting a doctor and paying him for telling you what you already know. =/

"Drink more water, rest more, stay away from fried and spicy food...."

Medical alternatives:
Vitamin C (build your antibodies), pei pa kou (cough syrup), honey lemon (sooth the throat), panadol (pain killers for the headache and fever), 100plus (isotonic drink for the fever)

However, I thank God I'm fully functioning now (as of 18-11-07). Except for leftover cough and phlegm, I'm well. Back to business as usual. I SO don't like being sick and confined.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Missionette's Awards Day

Missionettes is a girls-only club for children and youth in church. At the end of every year graduating stars are coronated while the rest receive their badges and awards. Stars to be coronated get to walk down the aisle and wear a tiara and all that. Some find it lame but it's a high point in a Missionette's life. Very few will understand this hype.

I grew up in Missionettes - as a Daisy, Prims, and finally Stars. We did it all and had our share of fun and memories. Some of which I think the girls in Missionettes today will find it hard to have. Perhaps.

The girls in Friends club (the new step above Stars) received their graduating rings. They are the ones wearing punjabi suits. Wanted to look happening I think. *hehe*

Steph thinks she look fat here but I totally don't get it.

Girls Rules!!! hehe that was so 90s... I forgot to take pics with the girls that were being coronated. I'm not very good at this, am I? But here's me about 10years ago when I was coronated. Don't laugh!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday at the Playground

We somehow got too lazy this Saturday to conquer any hill or trail any path. Our motivator 'Esther' was no where to be seen. So we ended up at the playground as the youth relived their childhood. I decided not to. I might break something. LOL.

and Larissa almost slammed the car door on my finger. It suffered some injuries... thank God minor.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


We've had rat infestations in our house recently. Can't imagine where they came from and why their here.

There are a few ways to trap a rat.
1) There's the classic mousetrap. Cage, food bait and all...

But rats these days are pretty smart.
2) The rat glue trap. You can buy a tin of these for RM4 from your local kedai runcit. It is harmles to human and is basically very strong glue. The smell apparently attracts rats too. If you're an animal rights person, I suggest you do not use this method as it may deem cruel.

The anti-rat campaign continues...