Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Certificate of Fitness

After all the hustle and bustle of the previous week, it was a relief to sleep in and sleep so much. I felt relief that the week was over. It was a real busy week. As I shared at the young adult groups, I found that in the midst of business, I found that God is there. He provides the strength and grace I needed to endure. And through the busy-ness, He turned them to remind me of the passion He had originally given me. Sometimes we get too caught up in what has to be done, and we forget that God's work is all about His people - reaching His people, touching their lives. And when I think about it again, I am honoured to be called partners in His work. Isn't it awesome that the King of the Universe chose us to do His Will with Him?

God is awesome. He cared about the little aspects of me, the little dilemmas and troubles - not one passed Him by. He cares. It matters to Him.

Anyway, I went to do a simple medical checkup yesterday and was given a clean bill of health. Wohoo! I'm perfectly healthy. At least at the basic level. Hahah... I discovered however that I had gained 2 kgs in the past 1 year. *faint* I feel a little urgency to loose weight.

Rain rain go away, not-so-little Anne needs to jog.
Rain rain go away, or at least rain only at night.

And stop making me eat!! Finish your own food people, don't pass them to me. Or maybe can give to David - he's coming back. kekekee....

Saturday, November 25, 2006

United Live in Malaysia

Tickets were sold out before they officially announced to the churches.

The KIV list started to drag.

People started pouring into SIB KL almost 2 hours before the event time.

The rain did not stop the people.

People climbed 6 stories high for the concert. After seeing that all the youth were up or half way up, Lavinia and I found ourselves at the end of the line - ground floor.

I was actually no enthusiastic about the concert at all. In my heart and mind, I was bringing the youth up - for some, their very first concert. For me, countless.

Because we were so late we sat in the balcony (6th floor) on the steps between the chairs. I stole the below pic from Fer's blog. I hope Lavi sees this. LOL.

Then the lights dimmed, the video introduced the event, and the congregation went wild as the band got onstage. Then I felt a familiar leap in my heart.

Familiar songs met our ears. Joel Houston encouraged the people to look to God and worship Him. The atmosphere was electrifying as people fell into praise and worship before the Almighty God. Seeing the entire place in passionate worship - wow that is amazing. Knees will bow down and tongues confess that You are Lord! When the people of God worship Him... hearts were turned back to Him... (no I don't have pictures. We were asked to refrain from taking pictures)

You know the difference between a Christian concert and a non-christian concert?

  • It's not just about the music - It's about the heart of worship.
  • The band is not idolized. Glory goes back to God.
  • Lives are transformed.
I could not fully see the Aspirers as they were pretty much scattered. But most of them were concentrated on the 5th floor. I occasionally watched them worship from above, and my heart was blessed. Through this trip, I felled compelled to always escort them. It's not about me. It's not about the event. To me, it's about them. Words fail me when I try to explain why I do this. Sometimes I feel I'm too old for this, but yet again I find myself in the bus with them to yet another concert/conference/camp. Simply because.

Oh yes, it was good to meet up with old friends. Wish I had more time to yumcha or something. Next time lah guys!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Vacation Bible Adventures

And quite an adventure it was.

123 children over 3 days. If you dislike children, it was a mad house. But if you love them, it was precious! And since I wasn't in charge of anything other than the worship session, it was precious - to play with the kids, the mess around and kacau kacau (I helped lah). They were adorable. Well most. There are those spoil brats I cant stand. There's always a few in the lot.

This year was unique from other years. The effort put in this year was huge. Altogether there were 60 odd helpers and volunteers (teachers, cook, helper, games, worship team, etc). The classroom decoration was first class. There was a mock river with bushes and all in the "Miriam" class; a mock furnace in "Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego" class; 2 chariots in "Elijah" class; a bed and candles in "Samuel" class; and a miniature wall of Jericho with the red string in "Rahab" class. Teachers dress up for story time, craft was really something. Games were stolen ideas from youth meeting (*Sweat* It helps to explain that the youth helpers came up with them)

It's like wow. All that effort.

What else can I say? We are truly a blessed church - with so much talents and willing hands. May God used us in many more ways to reach the community for Him.

Children are a gift from God. But dont ever underestimate them. People always tend to underestimate and look less of children. Big mistake man!

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Needle

I was all ready to stick a needle to my hand. It was a requirement for my insurance policy (some health insurance my dad got us to take) and I had been putting it off for some time. But finally I gathered my guts and took to fasting before the needle-poking-day.

I hate needles.
Did I mention I hate needles?

I sat there with my left arm ready, waiting for it to be over. Looked to my right - and there was a box of new needles there. in front of me were more new needle boxes.

It felt like forever. How much blood is he taking anyway? A lot when I later looked.

I slept the whole afternoon. Lost too much blood. Zzzz..... Is there any theory on this or did I make that up. But seriously I get drowsy and lethargic when I loose blood.

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Nativitiy Story

There's a movie that's about to be release this Christmas - the oldest story in the book - The Nativity Story (note: that means the story of Jesus' birth)

Presented by New Line Cinemas, this is another bold attempt to re-enact one of the Bible's most compelling stories. Directed and casted by unknown people, this movie tries to follow as closely to the actual story as possible, refering to scores of theologians and historical people. I guess the Passion of Christ started something to revive greatest stories ever told on the international big screen.

Though it will obviously be banned in Malaysia, the question that remains is whether it will cause just as much a comotion as did Passion of Christ? (after all there's the scene of killing toddlers)

View the trailer here.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I'm such a klutz.

Someone once said that accidents tend to occur to your weaker hand. My left hand is my weaker hand. I can do everything with my right hand but not my left. My right hand is basically stronger, more capable. It is a fact.

So when I scaled my left hand yesterday, I was not unable to do anything. I could even drive and stuff like that.

How I scaled it? Accidentally spill just-off-the-stove soup on my hand while trying to put the bowl on the table with my left hand. Figuring I need both hands to clear the mess, I had to endure the pain for a little longer. Treatment came later. I used the below chinese medicine - Ching Wan Hung, Great Wall brand. VERY good stuff. Buy one and keep in your house. Works for burns, scalds, and even sunburn. really...

When Winne was about 1+yrs old, our babysitter spilled boiling water on her chest. Of course she was treated at hospital and all. My parents, however, put this medicine on her.. and after only a few days, it's completely healed. Of course my parents also prayed hard lah. So there, the medicine is good. Available at any chinese pharmacy.

It doesn't look so scary actually hahaha. Su-Ann's looks worst. Immediately upon scalding myself I actually saw my fingers melecur and skin peeled instantly. Like cooked meat. It's actually almost back to normal. And of course I put medicine and all first before I took the pic la. Tengah emergency where got time to take.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Eyes

No I didnt go for any eye surgery.

But i did get a new pair of eyes. I quite like it very much. Hhehe..

What do you think? Ok this pic does not do it justice.

Unfortunately my power went up too. A shocking rise after the last few years of plateau. Sigh*

After picking up my new specs and walked out in the pouring rain a good distance to my car - thus getting soaked for the first time in many years.... feels good. hahaha