Sunday, June 27, 2010

Events Events

Alright here's a diary of events in the month of June. This listing is for me, not you. Partly I don't know where to put my pictures and partly I would like to remember these (not sure why yet) few years from now.

So there was the Chan Wa Concert Band on the 18th of June. Including this, it would be my third time. Though I do not entirely appreciate the art of ochestra but it's rather impressive to see a collection of a hundred students coming together to put together an amateur yet beautiful presentation. (I can't tell if it goes out anyway) Besides, some of my youths were there and I make it a point =)

Oh my, yes, I do need to put this picture in as well. Our family decided to pop in a show house Sunday afternoon - Pearl132 by IJM - the one that has been advertised all over S2 just to take a look. The decorator was simply splendid and I loved her concepts.

I made Lynne stand in the toilet and stretch out her hand to show the length of the bathroom (which as you can see is partitioned into the bathing area and the sink area - makes for convenient when sharing).

And then there was that bird that built a nest outside my house again. The babies hatched - what do you call them? Chicks? - and were constantly chirping from hunger. It didn't take long for the mother to relocate them though, either due to the noise of my clanging front grill doors or the intrusion of one adopted bird that fell out of another nest and placed in that nest (by us).

We celebrated my grandma's birthday together with father's day that Sunday. What was the date? How old is she already? 85? I'm not entirely sure. All I know is that she is very old yet still rather strong - anxiously waiting to see more of her grandchildren marry off and perhaps a few great grand kids to show for it. Well I told her to continue to intercede for us.

Yes, Bella is officially part of the family.

It's also back to the library for me for almost 3 weeks of day and night classes (faint). So I've been missing for some time... spending my days in very cold classrooms and libraries (seeing more reference books than all my life put together), hoping to push through a few subjects till the end of July (what was I thinking?). But here goes... pray for me - for strenght and perseverance, for ideas and rajin-ness. Dear God, help me!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Church Camp Pre Trip-ers

This is a back blog. I've decided not to change the date of the blog.
Church Camp was June 13-16, 2010 in Summerset Resort, Rompin.

In writing about the past Church Camp, I've decided to write from a different slant. Everyone else is already talking about the events during the actual camp. Personally (and I'm not whining or grumbling) I was rather pre occupied and busy the entire camp that most of it escapes me. Except for the pleasure of being in the company of my peers (it has been quite a long time since).

A few of us were told to go ahead of the rest (a day early) to ensure all is in order and to fix the rooming which till then was yet to be released to us. This story is told to show what a pre team actually does.

So Winne, JoFo and myself, along with the little one hoped into the car and started our 3 hour journey to Rompin. Unc.Frankie and Philip packed into another van together with as much instruments as we can carry. 3 hours we were told, which did not sound all that bad. Of course, it really didn't feel like just three hours when you're traveling on trunk roads and passing hundreds of kampung houses in the pouring rain. In fact, for us, it was 4.5hours. But JoFo kept us entertained.

Upon arrival, of course, we checked out the resort and checked into our rooms. Although it did take rather long that for all that to happen, due to technical difficulties. The waiting was tiring. But in the course of time we managed to keep the equipment, check out the grounds, settle into a room (after that much waiting, any room would do), having dinner and meeting with the resort representative to discuss the finalization of the camp details on top of having to prepare stuff for the kids camp. That was for the night. My camera was fully utilized.

All these activities proved too much for us girls as we plopped in bed watching Tremor 4 and stuffing our faces with shoestring potatoes. *yum* Eventually we called it a night. The next day, I predicted, would be a long day. And I was right.

After a slow morning and a prolonged breakfast, and welcoming the team from the chinese department, we pursued the resort for the yet-to-be-given rooms. Finally with the list... we sat down to finalized the rooming. I wish to say it was only a matter of dividing and plotting but it was impossible to please everyone. With the limited resources and unfortunate circumstances at hand (late room and not the most ideal of positions), some people's need had to be overlooked. It was with the heaviest of heart. (Next time just pay more and get a place with elevator!)

Of course, that was not the only problem. Normally, we check every room to make sure it is okay before any of our members arrive to check in themselves. But if you're getting the keys at 4pm and some as late as 9pm, wouldn't you say its impossible and some rooms deemed unusable and has to be changed? And thus was my job. Anyone else wants my job?

More pictures and narration on Facebook.


It's been some time since I posted a new entry. Looks like my hecticness did not end. But was it really busy-ness or laziness? I don't really know. Though it sounds contradicting, I think it's both.

Here's me trying to update my blog (for memory purposes) on what's been happening in the last 4 weeks or so. There was Camp, there was grandma's birthday, there is the Studying, and many random things in between like the baby bird hatching in the nest just outside, the visit to pearl132, chan wa band concert. I don't even know where to start....

*at this point, laziness begins to take over again. As @nne looks at the list of things to blog about and the amount of pictures stored in her camera, her mind begins to tell her she has no time for this right now. So she decided to postpone blogging again. Cell is, after all, in an hour*