Monday, January 29, 2007

A new look

A new look for the new year. Finally decided to go ahead to change my hairstyle. Was afraid of the price actually. It normally cost about 300++.

But when I finally decided to do it and just hoped for the best price, my normal saloon could not open a space for me. So I turned to another saloon and they had a promotion!! Only rm220 for rebonding and treatment. (normally costing almost 400) Yay!

I wasn’t sure if I liked it at first cos I missed my curls. But people are saying it’s nice. And since I’m back blogging, I’d say after a few washes it WAS quite nice, once I got used to looking at me with straight hair again. I like the feel of it. My hair has not felt so smooth in years!

No pic here. Not gonna mengada here. Pic in later entries.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Family Destination: Bangkok

Our very first family trip in (I think) 15years. So this is the first that Lynne knows off (the last one was to Singapore and she was 4 I think). But that was history!

Winne and I are actual adults now and have decided we HAVE to push this family trip through. My parents need the break! And we need to spend some quality time with just each other
before we actually start going our separate ways even more than we already have... It was such an urgent need that we felt inside that Winne and I refuse to let Bangkok bombings, our hungry dogs, or the recent break-in at my dad's office to be a hindrance! (Thank God Air Asia doesn't refund tickets) And to make it more certain, Winne and I did all the planning. Dad you take a break and stop worrying! We've got this under control. (Which he finally admitted AFTER we came back from Bangkok) tehee...

Winne's first overseas flight (Train ride to Singapore doesn't count), Lynne's first plane ride and overseas trip (going to Singapore when she's not even conscious yet doesn't count), Mom and Dad's first non-tour-package-or-planned-by-some-company trip. And my first.... erm.. what ah? Cheh... not my first anything. *swt*

Btw, Bangkok is quite advanced and hi-tech in many ways. And there was no sign of any terrorist or bombings. Perhaps the only notable measures were that there were no dustbins to be found anywhere and that your bags were check at the subways and no photos are allowed to be taken at any "hotspots" such
as subway stations and Siam Paragon. But we managed to sneak a few.

Winne already blogged and posted our entire experience. So now it's my version of the story. Pictures tell a thousand words rite? And the grand total number of pics on Winne and my camera is 695! I suspected that I only took 100+ and the rest is Winne's trigger-happy doing. LOL.

Note: click on the picture for a closer view.

For more pictures, visit Winne's blog or her multiply as mentioned earlier. I'm too lazy to compile that myself.

had a GREAT family time. Of course there were tempers flared, grumblings, and stuff like that. But since there is no where to stomp off to, we had to work off our difference and work WITH our differences or rather irritating similiarities and move on. I'm so proud to say that we've been supportive, understanding, and there for each other the entire 3 days. No one blamed or complained when I got the insect bite and couldn't walk one night. Dad actually patiently waited (and worried) while we ran off shopping. Lynne was responsible enough to not loose anything, spoil anything, or forget anything. I can only one thing: God you've been SO good to my family! What more can I do but thank You and praise You.

Some insect managed to crawl into my sport shoe and bite my toe :( The pain started increasing and soon I could not even walk. Limping through my evenings and nights. The pain even hindered me from sleeping, so while Winne and Lynne slept soundly (for 4 hrs) the 2nd evening (and mom & dad go Robinson on their own), I was stucked watching Mummy Returns and some Discovery Channel programme on the chinese guy that travelled the world before Columbus did (the name of which escapes me but I remember learning in Sejarah before). Anyway the pain became excrutiating at night that I just cried and prayed that God will take it away. Likewise in the morning, I didn't want to spoil my family trip and I just told God that. Trusting He will heal I got ready and told my family I could make it even though I was limping badly. Ouch ouch ouch... But praise God! He is full of grace and compassion and He hears our cries. As I walked, the pain slowly faded away and by afternoon I was walking normally again. I'm so glad God doesn't go on holidays!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Aspirers Retreat 2007

I'm finally blogging bout it. Every blogger youth had already tell their end of the story. Now I'm finally sitting down to write this...

This is the 4th retreat that I've been directly involved in. The other 3 retreats, I had a team of capable (though sometimes very frustrating) team of people that would handle the retreat. Last year, foresight thought us to sta
rt training and delegating the younger ones to organize and plan, alongside us. (Except for the activities of cos) This year's camp initially almost brought me to tears because more than half of that team of people will be absent. I brought my case before God and told Him to provide cos I cannot. To cut the long story short, God is so good. I turned to look elsewhere for a new team of people and He provided. People willing and dedicated to the course. The younger committee handled the organizing and the older ones settled activities. They showed responsibility (most of them), teachable spirit, and plenty of potential and growth. *beam* God is good to Aspirers.

So it was to Golden Sand Baptist we went. The view of the beach was spectacular. You could just sit there and "see the beauty of a sunset's glory, amazing artistry across the evening sky" What can you do but praise God for that?

Note: Please click on the pictures to see a larger version of the picture.

For more pictures, click here. (Not yet)

This year we saw MORE BOYS than girls at camp. It's history in the making! We also saw a lot of NEW PEOPLE. This is revival in the making. Other than that the weather over us stayed CLEAR all retreat thought the other side of PD rained. There is no denying that God's hands were upon us. God is so good to Aspirers. With this knowledge I don't doubt that God has GREAT plans for us as a youth group. That He meant us for greater things. I've got here with me a good group, a multi-talented group. Aspirers, wake up and take note.

For the full what happened first then next and all, please refer to Lynne / Stephanie / Joel / Keong Jian's blog (the only bloggers I'm aware of). I'm too lazy for that. I've thought of putting up a resource page to share all our ideas, discussions, games, activities online. But I need someone to help me do it. I don't have the time or skill to do it myself.

The most defining moment of the camp has and always will be that moment at the altar when God touches us. Without which the entire camp was pointless. Every outpouring of the Spirit seems greater and more than the previous moments. Every time God moves, I don't want to miss it. Though I'm a leader, these moments I don't wanna miss. I want to be right there in the front row when His Spirit move. Cos there is nothing in the world like being in the middle of God's presence. Absolutely nothing. This year everyone was on their knees, crying till their heart would break and tears muddle with mucus flow to the ground. Hearts yearning, hands shaking, voices crying out for God... hearts comforted, words of knowledge and prophecy coming forth, God's spirit ministered. When all the youths had been ministered and prayed for, the older leaders stepped forward. We weren't about to let God's spirit pass us by. And God is faithful. It was hard for me to stop. We, everyone, prayed together for Aspirers. For revival. It was a good one n half hour before the last prayer was offered up. And it was David's - out of the blue, he came and prayed for me. I was so touched.

Something in my heart
Is burning like a fire
I want to live for You
Need Your touch right now

Fill me with Your power
I want to live for You, my God

will not be moved
I will stand for You

I will go where You send me

Jesus take me now I am Yours

I am Yours...

I lay my life on the altar

Everything I give to You, my Lord

Here I am...
(theme song: Planetshakers, Here I Am)

The message by our speaker Ps. Nirhal, was about attitudes, commitments, revival. How timely too that a lot of it had been in my heart for Aspirers. God is indeed with us.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pre Retreat Testimony

[back blogging]

It was a few days before the Retreat, and already I was running around preparing last minute preparations. Afraid i might forget something, I went thru my files a couple of times just to make sure I did not forget anything. activities, booklet, prizes, payments..... venue. So I called to make the payment for the venue only to discover that we've been double booked! Argh! Why didn't I make the bookings in black and white earlier? How did that slipped me? Silly me!

Oh God! Please don't let us camp in church! Please please provide us a place.... I felt my heart dropped a hundred feet below ground. My hands were sweaty in prayer as Pastor Sally called a contact. Oh God pleaseeeeeeee... That was how my prayer sounded like as I was totally lost for words.

Then I heard the words "so you DO have space this weekend". I almost leaped in joy! Golden Sands, which was initially booked, a highly popular and difficult to obtain venue which we had been trying for 2 years, is available this very weekend. I almost couldn't believe it. I was so excited to see miracles right before me. As I told the youth later on "God is already working before the camp starts, can you imagine what He's going to do AT camp?" I think the world of my God! Even as I write now, I feel my heart beating.

We drove down almost immediately to check the place out and make necessary arrangements and payments. Of course there are so many changes to consider but I thank God that a lot of things were similar enough that we could work things out.

Oh what a beautiful and amazing provision. When things go wrong, look to God. He is Jehovah Jireh our provider and when He provides He gives the very best. Trust Him for it! Even if it means letting go of something we deem good at the moment. God is good, all the time! Let me hear u say an AMEN!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Isn't life interesting?

10th Jan 2007

I had the strangest phone call request by far while working in church. The below was how the conversation went:

Me: Hello! Agape.

Caller: (Ang moh) Hello, good afternoon. I was wondering if you can help me.

Me: Yes?

Caller: I would like to get married. And I’m looking for the marriage registrar in Port Dickson. Do you happen to know where I might find it?

Me: Huh? Err….


Me: If I can have your contact, perhaps I can call you back after I ask around.

Caller: Excellent.

Thank God I have a PD contact who managed to give me the address and phone number of the jabatan pendaftaran. I was able to return the guy’s call in half an hour.

He was quite relief, saying that it was quite hard to get information in Malaysia as he had asked many places like the police stations and banks and no one could help. He should have called the nearest church! I should have asked how he got Agape’s contact.

11th Jan 2007

Another strange comment. Something I’ve never heard before. Was at Salvation when:

Salesgirl: are u a piano teacher?

Me: Huh? (pause) No

Salesgirl: u really look like one

Me: I don’t really know piano.

Talk about strange.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Genting Short Trip

This is probably the most spontan thing my family has ever done. Yea if you know my family, we are a group of planners. Spontaneity is not an everyday affair.

But there we were, zipping our way to Genting in the evening. Along with Perry, my family went to visit Winne who brought us to this super high class and expensive restaurant (whose name escapes me at this moment) but they have good food. This is one of the advantages of having a sister
working in Genting.
Ok the highlight of this trip was to buy cheongsam. Some of the most gorgeous cheongsam under the discounted prices winne got was so worth while. I've been looking for a cheongsam for so long. I adore my cheongsam. Gonna wear it for CNY. Pic only available during CNY. muahahah!~
But all in all, I found this trip somewhat refreshing and good for my family. Though it is a short one and I'm terribly sunburnt and tired, it's something us sisters know to give our best. I guess it was a good pre-trip of Bangkok.

Click here for more PHOTOS

God is good to my family!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Continental Singers Brazil

Over the weekend, a group of Brazilians and some malaysians dropped by for a weekend of song and dance. The Continental Singers were on tour and Agape was one of its pit stops. So for two nights the gang (26 of them) put on a magnificent show. They managed to sing in English though many of them did not speak much English.

Here's something you'd probably never see in Agape again. I was not confident that the lights wont come down. But she's either very light or the lights are fixed on the ceiling very strongly.

I had the privilege to host two of them in my home and spend 3 days with them. We brought them to mamak, Jusco and Port Dickson. I also made a few new friends which is always a plus.

This clip below was a spontan clip caught of Hadassas (my house guest) during our mamak cum satay outing on the second night (1st performance night). Not sure what they all were high on that night. Orange juice? =)

For more pictures, visit my Multiply Site

Through the 3 days that I prepared almost a week for, I found that I could not sleep. Was too alert. I was dead tired when the weekend was over. And still could not wind down from all the images of the group in my head. Took me two days and a sleeping pill to return to normality. Haha!~ That's apparently how much I was impacted. *wink*

My life's quite interesting! I love what I do.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Blessed New Year

Another year has gone by. What have we accomplished in the past one year? What have we done or where did we go wrong? What could have been better or what could have been worst? Let's count our blessings and name them one by one and see how the Lord has been good to us.

Let's look ahead to the coming year with anticipation to what God is about to do in us and through us. There is so much to do while we are here on this earth. Time is flying and it will wait for no man.

What is it that we want to accomplish? What is it that we are chasing? Sometimes we feel like we're chasing the wind with our empty ambitions and selfish dreams. Sometimes it feels like we are going in circles. Let us in the coming year seek to bring delight to God. Let us chase what is important, and live for what it's worth! Let us look further.. into eternity.

Harvest is plentiful, workers are few.

I was at church for our Watchnight service, counting down with the rest of my brothers and sisters in Christ when the clock struck midnight, signaling the new year. We adjourned after that to Lavinia's house to drink and be merry.
Ok we had a little bit of champagne and junk food, talked and laughed, played some games. And since the night was no longer young, David and I stayed over. Slept on the couch.

I spent the rest of the New Year sleeping and doing nothing in particular. :P What a way to start the new year.