Thursday, September 27, 2007


They always say faith can move mountains. But as you grow older, you find it harder to believe, harder to count on it, harder to trust or risk it. I don't know what it is that makes us such an unbeliever. Perhaps it's simply this world. That's why Jesus talked so much about childlike faith. Just the ability to simply believe.

It's not that I don't believe. I just prefer to be prepared. But I remember the few occasions where I didn't have a backup plan and God as all I had. Faith takes a new meaning in those time. And he always saw me through.

A 14year old reminded me of that when she believed. She believed that her God was able to postpone a government state-wide exam though the exam was scheduled to be in a month's time. She wanted to serve her God and she believed He would make a way. Simple as that. I had my doubts.

God made that miracle for her
..... And reminded me.... (Thanks Jess) .... Faith can move mountains.

How could I forget that You are that God
The God that called the universe to be
You gave life and made everything that we see
The sun and the sea and the earth is at your very command
The rocks cry out to You, O God

How could I forget that You are the Love
The Love that rescued me when all was bleak
Seen me through every season of my life
You hung on to me when no one else did and showed me worth
You taught my heart to sing, O Lord

How could I forget, how could I forsake
How could I turn my face and walk away
Where else would I go when my heart falls apart
Where else can I run when the world turns to taunt
I could not live a single day without You
You are my all in all, my everything

How could I forget that You are the Reason
The reason I live, I sing, I try, I love
You've never failed, hand in hand, step by step
Showed me your wondrous plan and invited me on this journey
I wanna go where You call me, my God

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hazel's Birthday

This is why I skipped cell yet again this year.... for YOU, Hazel!

Another picture compilation lifted of Hazel's blog. So the "my" refers to Hazel - of course. Don't give me that look! I'm just being efficient. (or lazy, whichever you prefer...)

This is Hazel's 25th birthday at a pork haven known as Euro Deli. Apparently I pigged out that night. And my huge appetite is now well-known among my friends. I had forgotten how big my appetite was. *shy* But the food was gooooooood......

For more pictures, click here (compilation of 3 photographers and their camera)

And one of my favourite picture - behind us is KLCC in all its brilliance.

Friday, September 21, 2007

NS Jonker Street

So in the past few years, NS has been growing and developing in ways it should have years before that. And the progress, I dare say, is a great move towards improving this township. Right now Seremban is becoming more of an actual town/small city.

We've had better roads, town decorations and lightings, highlights on tourist spots, major hypermarts and hotspots, improvement in the govt depts, etc. It's a good thing.

One of the latest thing this town has seen (well kinda) is the formal introduction to our Singapore Street. Now being introduced as the "NS Jonker Street". The only similarity is the ancient buildings though. (see picture below)

Picture was taken a week before the Mid-Autumn Festival where a stage and DJ was present for some happening event which I never attended. Stalls are just beginning to be set up. It was 5+pm. The banner hanging high in the sky introduces Singapore street as NS Jonker Street.

Seremban has been know for being a copycat. Be it private business (you see a lot of imitation company names and brands around to curi business), or things like this. We're not particularly original with ideas here. Like Seremban 2 and 3, the many Cambridge English around, and what have you. But then again, my dad says, it's a small town thing.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Power of Love

I don't know how many people actually read my blog. But I came across something recently while reading my text for the BCM extension class. I found the portion powerful to address many underlying issues that have been surrounding me. I hope you, yes you, read this and remember.

When the Song of Songs talks about love, it emphasizes the necessity that love be kept under control despite the passion, the longing, and the anticipation. These charactersitics must be controlled because they give love power over a person and that power can work in positive ways to overcome the obstacles of circumstances or work in negative ways as it breaks through barriers of propriety*. Love has this power whether applied to young unmarried sweethearts, those who are betrothed, newlyweds, or those married for decades. It's power is not only evident when the flames are burning, but then the flames are dying. This power is addressed directly in Song of Songs 8:6-7:

"Love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave.
It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away. If one were to give all the wealth of his house
for love, it would be utterly

The love songs preserved in this book illustrates manty of the faces of love's power. A wise person must be aware of that power and recognize its faces and its dangers. Love and sex wield incredible power, and the wise person will understand that and learn to harness and discipline that area of his or her life.

- taken from pg 315 Bridging Context of Wisdom Literature, Old Testament Today, Walton&Hill.

[* or general standard of accepted conduct or manners. ]
[** treated with contempt or rejected. ]

Honestly, many of us don't even understand love or can claim to really. Maybe we do whatever that seems right in our eyes because we don't really understand or know. Wisdom comes when we humble ourselves to learn from others that has been there. And it takes a wise person to understand what has been said above... and hopefully take it into consideration and food or thought for our own sakes.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Playing house

For the last couple of days, my parents went to Dubai and Cairo for an all-expense paid trip that they won from some credit card competition. In Dubai, they got to stay in Burj Al Arab - an exclusive 7star hotel that would charge you for simply stepping into their foyer. Dubai is said to be one of the most beautiful Arab countries.
PICTURES of my parent's trip.

I was home alone. After the weekend, even my sisters left and I was literally home alone. I wasn't sure if I was suppose to feel freaked and worried or excited. I don't remember staying in this home alone for a long period of time before. People around me gave a mix reaction. But I guess perception comes with experience. I was neutral.

The way I see it, In a way, I had a chance to play house... and that, I like.

I watered the plants and fed the dogs.
I cooked and cleaned.

ohyes, I cooked my own dinner and I'm pretty proud about it. Here's the menu:

instant macaroni and cheese with slices of deli chicken, button mushroom, and broiled broccoli. And leftover red wine.

rice cooked with chicken stock, curry chicken (provided by Aunty Pang), broccoli fried with button mushroom. And water.

Though these are not new to most people but I have not for a long time.
AND most people don't have a massive plantation at their doorstep and 4 hungry noisy dogs. It just took much longer to do all that alone. My parents were worried I wouldn't survive. Hmph!

The only time and thing that actually hit me that I was alone was the silence that I hear. In a way, knowing I'm alone, and that there' no one else on the frontline did freak me out a little. I checked the doors and the alarms and the dogs to ensure I was safe. I reminded myself that the house was not very penetrable. And yet when I close my eyes to sleep, a sense of fear creeps in and I opened my eyes with a jolt. I suddenly remembered all the movies, and the stories, and the news.... and I just could not sleep. It was indeed quite long ago since I last felt fear like this - the kind that creeps in your heart and just grips it. I did the only thing I knew to do. I prayed. I clung to God - my tower of refuge. And there is a peace that surpasses all understanding that guards our hearts and our minds in Christ. =) That peace overcame me. And that kept me in one piece the whole time.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Temple on the Hill

Did you know about the temple on the Kepayang hill, surrounded with a thick jungle where the mist float about? The one we always wonder how you could possible get to. The small light in the middle of the forest up on the hill. Know that temple? Remember?

Well this is not a story about that.

This is the story about the journey up... (the lower temple actually)

Today I was awaken by my alarm at 6.30am while my brain screams in objection that it was far too early and the sun had no risen. As I was deciding to go back to sleep and call the entire effort off, my phone rang.

Today Esther Tan-Chong called me at 6.31am to get out of bed.

Today I dragged myself out of bed to get ready and sat on m
y stool, soaking in the morning experience. I was fully awake. And I had a few minutes to spare. So my heart turned to God. And to my surprise, time flew by as I talked to God.

Today Joel Chong had to call me to get out of the house at 6.55am because they had arrived and were waiting for me.

Today I saw Kepayang hill for the first time and climbed the hill much to the objection of my exhausted muscles. It was sheer torture to force my body to move up the slope. But talking helped keep my mind of the task. And 45mins later, we saw the miserable looking temple on the hill with the tiny bell. I collapsed in relief.

Today I saw the view of this side of Seremban for the first time in my 25years of living here. It was nothing to look at. But the view of the mountains and the mist and the forest on one side was a sight my heart beheld. I was glad I went. We sat talking about all kinds of things for the next 30mins. I've almost forgotten what natural fresh air felt like. And sitting there on the top of a mountain. I was rejuvenated!

We hurried down the hill at 8.30am. I knew I was late. I still had to bath before I headed to work. I rushed home and took a quick shower and hurried to work, arriving about the same time I do every other day - a few minutes pass 9am.

This morning I felt that I had accomplished so much before I even went to work. I had exercised, gone to a place I've never been, fellowship with mentor and youth alike, took a morning bath, and talked to God.

This morning, I did not need a cup of coffee to help me start of my day.


Today I got a headache from lack of sleep and the heat
Today I took a long afternoon nap
Today I went to bed before midnight...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Anne's Day Out

After weeks of intense pressure, I sat at Starbucks with some of my girlfriends and just kicked back and relaxed. The weather was splendid for sitting out with a Starbuck's maciato in one hand. As the rest say, it was almost like we weren't in Malaysia. Ah.. I wouldn't know.

I cannot begin to explain the joy of being able to just sit back and just hang out with my friends. I get so little of that these days. And it's such an awesome feeling.
We need to really find time to strengthen bonds and rest in real friendship that you can truly be encouraged to be the best of yourself and not hated for being the worst of yourself.

I'm also glad to know that there is another place I can to "rest" when things go bad. That i can find complete rest in Christ. In the middle of the week or during altar calls or when I'm alone in the room, I can just stop and leave my burdens to Him and just rest.

Here's a picture I took of Hazel's blog. To quote FC and Sally: "
Why re-invent the wheel?"

On a different note, Lavinia and I watched The Invasion the night after. We had spent an entire day together, something not done for a very long time. And some friendships you don't ever wanna loose.

Though the movie was about alien invasion and psychological thriller stuff and Daniel Craig could melt your heart, I was drawn to what one of the ambassador was saying in the movie - a phrase that was repeated at the end. I don't remember how it goes exactly but it's something like "humans are capable of the most horrid crimes when they are desperate". When we are fighting for our survival or to gain something we really want or love, there is no limit or extend to what we can do and will do. The simple explanation would be the fight to survive or exist in this world. Human would fight, steal, kill, just to live, without any other psychological explanation save this.

Perhaps it's true. I mean, I believe it is.

Yet there is hope. That true virtue still exist. And when we fight our human instincts to allow these virtues to rise up (with Christ living in us), then we truly stand out and amaze the world.

But everyone has a limit. I wonder where is that limit.


Uh.. banyak nya tags. Not sure what it's for also.

i think i'm suppose to say 8 things about myself that you probably wouldn't know about. i feel like I've done this before. Anyway here goes...
  1. Mornings are absolutely dreadful. I have to drag myself out of bed almost everyday. And I can be quite grumpy in the early morns'. Cobwebs in them brains.
  2. I love writing essays. Especially Comprehension during the English Subject in school. Thus, the blogging, I guess.
  3. I have quite a number of stuffed animals. They all sit on my shelves. None of which I bought for myself. People think girls should have stuffed toys and load them upon me. Not that I mind.
  4. I dry all the flowers I get. Some are still here in my room even after 8 years. I'm sentimental that way and I like the smell of dried flowers. I like the live version of flowers as well.
  5. I normally peel my toe nail instead of cutting it. It's soft enough to peel it right out. Of course, this is also a pedicure nightmare but I don't care.
  6. I've short circuited my hard disk.... twice. It's embarassing to know that I'm a computer student.
  7. To date, I have 7 fictional novels and about 7 non fictional in line to read. Not counting the 1 fictional I am going to borrow from Fer once I finish my reading assignment in two weeks. *hehe*
  8. I have a big room but I don't have enough space to put all my stuff. Thus, the "mess". I need a bigger room or a house of my own.
5 things in my bag:
  1. Car keys
  2. Handphone
  3. Wallet
  4. Ipod
  5. Pen
5 things in my wallet:
  1. name cards
  2. petrol receipts
  3. credit card
  4. IC
  5. money
5 favourite things in my room:
  1. bed
  2. my Ikea lamp
  3. accessories and bling blings (new favourite)
  4. laptop
  5. Shelves (yea i'm weird)
5 things you always wanted to do:
  1. Travel
  2. witness a production of an A-rating movie from the casting to the final editing.
  3. Maintain a consistent exercise routine
  4. go on a cruise
  5. live overseas for a period of time
5 things you currently into:
  1. updating this blog
  2. reading my Old Testament Survey
  3. recuperating (big time) from the recent stress period
  4. work that never ends. Next major focus: Agapeline and GLS
  5. thinking for Aspirers' near future
5 ppl to tag:
  1. kimberly
  2. stephanie
  3. peter
  4. larissa
  5. lynne

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Aspirers Anniversary

I thought I was so busy that I would not be able to make this year's anniversary. I was afraid that it would fall on me to make it happen. I fought between the urge to make sure it went well with the conviction that I needed to train the youths to take up the lead in different areas. I struggled with time and effort. I knew I was falling short in the eyes of those around me, as well as God.

I needed His grace. And I knew it. Not for me but for Aspirers. That though I fail and fall, it would still stand tall and display His faithfulness.

God is faithful to the end.

This anniversary, I saw that. This is the beginning of greater things. We all saw that. The young ones... they are so talented, passionated, with great potential in them. My heart swelled with pride. God see them through...
The worship and dance - Take It All

The skit - The Champion
How unfortunate that the main fight scene was not recorded. How very sad....... saaaadddd......

The prayer

The cake

May God bring Aspirers to higher heights for His glory. May these youth grow up to be full of the Spirit and zeal for Him, passionate bout ministry, able and gifted in different areas of work, and a lighthouse and testimony for all to see that lives will be touched through them.

I see a generation rising up to take the place with selfless faith
I hear a new revival starting as we pray and seek, we're on our knees
- Hosanna, Hillsong

God bless Aspirers!


by Chris Tomlin

From the highest of heights to the depths of the sea,
Creation's revealing Your majesty.
From the colors of fall to the fragrance of spring,
Every creature unique in the song that it sings. All exclaiming...

Indescribable, Uncontainable,
You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name.
You are amazing God.
All powerful, Untameable,
Awestruck we fall to our knees and we humbly proclaim,
You are amazing God.

Who has told every lightning bolt where it should go,
Or seen heavenly storehouses laden with snow?
Who imagined the sun and gives source to its light,
Yet conceals it to give us the coolness of night?
None can fathom...

Incomparable, Unchangeable,
You see the depths of my heart and You love me the same.
You are amazing God.

We viewed a DVD of Pastor Louie Giglio (during the Indescribable tour with Chris Tomlin) and he share about the sun and the stars and the mighty universe. And it blew our minds away. It really puts things into perspective of how small we really really are. We cannot even begin to imagine how big God is, and how perfect and majestic His creation is. More on the indescribable sermon: Fer, Stephy

And though our solar system is only a speck of dust in the Milky Way (one of the 5 galaxies of the known universe), God in all His glory and greatness cares for you and me. He cares for our petty needs and wants. He came to live as one of us and died in the most humiliating way.... for you and for me.

THAT is indescribable...