Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chan Wa Band in Concert 2008

Violins, flutes, trombones, bass, brass, drums, cello....

I probably have not seen or touch half of the many intricate instruments in an orchestra. But having had heard so much from my dear cousin, I know a little of how it works. And here I find myself sitting in a concert I do not understand, after an extremely long and disappointing there trying to kick my heels and enjoy the show.

Sitting through an orchestra is harder than it seems. After the initial 30seconds of a familiar tune, you begin to wonder how long is the song. Straining to recognize people onstage and trying to appreciate the sweet melody at the same time while the toddler in the front row dances with her glow band.

However, I thoroughly enjoyed and was astounded by the Percussion:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Favourite View in Citypark

Every now and then, I gather enough will to go jog (ahem* walk) in Citypark. I find it refreshing to jus sweat it out a little, breath the fresh air a little, and be near water. Call me weird, but water draws me somewhat.

I was thinking bout the sights in this place that captures my breath the most in the place and it was hard to place. Was it the tall trees that bent over and wave as I walk pass, was it the peaceful water that calms the nerves, was it the fountain that springs out over the lake, was it the joggers or the little children on bikes or the couples that cuddle in their private corner, o
r perhaps the fish that danced in their schools.... and then I turned and beheld...

(Pictures taken with a phone camera)

It silenced my heart - the sweet serenity, the calm assurance, the old faithful - a gentle reminder.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Marriage Enrichment Seminar

Recently, my church had a "Marriage Enrichment Seminar" - a 4-week humorous videocast seminar conducted by Mark Gungor entitled "Laugh your way to a better Marriage". First of all, no wise cracks about why I'm attending a marriage seminar. Better prepared, is all I gotta say.

The seminar itself was entertaining and different (I suppose) from any other seminar that forces facts down your throat about how husband and wife should be. And honestly, from a non-married person's perspective, it's a preparation to face a marriage life that is not what the movie often shows. We live to believe that all will be roses and rainbows when we get married, with that magical aura around us at all times. But truth be told, it's not all that. Watching this seminar helps gets the right perspective about how a guy and a girl work. In that way we understand each other better and can work together more effectively. After all, a marriage is a partnership.

A snippet of the seminar:

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ann in Hospital

Lately Ann had dengue and spent 2 nights in the General Hospital (now renamed as Hospital Tuanku Jaafar). She was released today when her blood count started to rise. Due to insufficient beds and overcrowded wards, they were only too eager to send her home, much to her delight. She had a drip attached to her veins for far too long. See the blood beginning to flow the other way? (pic)

Anyway, thank God she's all well now. And that it was all just a phase thingy.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

SMART Tunnel

This is the first time I'm driving through the SMART tunnel. (I think)
And to think I know two people who had a hand in completing this tunnel. Kudos guys! I guess people always want to associate with greatness...

We were heading to KLGH to visit Mishalini who was in there for a brain operation to remove her brain tumour. It's a frightening thought and dangerous operation. But since this is a backblog, by now she is doing FINE. God has been good and she is recuperating well. PTL!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Death of the Trees

Every workday, I have the pleasure of driving through the sight of high shaded trees that whispers when the wind blows and the sun glimmering between the leaves. Every season, flowers fall dotting the roadside with pink and white petals. And the trees seem to wave at me when I come and when I go.

But lately, termites have invaded and destroyed the barks of the once powerful trees. And we had to have them cut down. All of it. The sound of saw against splintering wood was anything but welcoming. I watched as they brutally removed them. The trees could but protest silently. Soon all that was left was a barren land, with the heat radiating back powerfully upon its conquered space. And the trees whisper no more. And the air stilled with grieve.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Petrol Hike

In recent news (in Malaysia), petrol was announced to hike 78cents per liter. Making it a whopping 2.70 a liter. And it's supposed to double in August, so they say. Even though subsidy is planned for the lower income group, it's still hard as
everything else also sky rockets. Transportation. Electricity. Commerce. Food. Rice..... Living.

Overnight, the pump stations were crowded with vehicles hoping to gain as much as possible before the midnight curse. The overwhelming sensation caused a major city jam as people hurried from their work places and homes. recorded a lady caller who had been stuck in the LDP highway jam for 3 hours. *ouch*

I too was caught in the buzz. During my first pump (before the mad rush), I was told the credit card machine was down. So after prayer meet, aka my second pump, the crowd was long enough scare me away. It wasn't worth the wait. I had, after all, already pump some.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Aspirers 25th Anniversary

Aspirers celebrated it's 25th Anniversary with a loud mark!

The youths put their hands together and really pulled the event to
gether. Our theme was "Lion's Pride" but I forgot Aaron's longwinded explanation on the theme. (we need a "Ask Aaron" section) The kids wanted to pulled on an elaborate jungle, tribal theme. (No, I don't know why) But let's give a hand to the wonderful work they have done amidst their busy schedule. *Clap clap clap*

Here is a short clip (part of) the introductory tribal dance which they did marvelously!

And here is a short compilation of pictures of the event in whole (which I put together for Agapeline). For more pictures, click here.

But what struck me most, was how much we have evolved over the years - as a youth group. And what remained, the same. I have a lot of thoughts about the matter but perhaps I won't blog about it. Aspirers remains dear to my heart in so many levels - memories of the past, revival of the present, and future expansion and possibilities. After so many years, the question is what did we make of ourselves, what did we become, how did we impact lives, and all that. In some ways, we must agree that today's youth are so much more vibrant, skilled, talented, passionate. And that's a good thing. It means we did do something after all. However, at the same time, many things did not change nor did improve much. And that's devastating.

But that can change.

I believe in making a difference. I believe I was called to do something about this youth - to build it up. I believe that youth can in turn make a difference. I believe that one day youths can run events instead. I believe they will be better leaders of tomorrow - in church and in the world. I believe that this generation can bring revival to the rest of our church. I believe that God is not going to leave us alone. I believe that Aspirers will grow!

And I will continue to believe. For years to come. Until I see it before my eyes. Who's with me?