Friday, April 24, 2009

What did I get myself into?

I'm now taking Masters of Divinity
At Bible College Malaysia


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Illustrated Story: Laying it all down

This is the story of a man
Who walked his own way
And had his own say

He knew the path he walked
Many has gone before
He believed he could soar

His journey brought him many treasures
Precious gold and silver but at a price
Along came the burdens, hurts and lies

It was the life he wanted
But who knew life would be such
Who knew it would all be too much

One of his wanderings brought him to a halt
As he faced the marvelous rugged cross
His treasures began to look like dross

The cross was calling him to lay it down
"Give everything to have everything
No more hiding, no more fighting

Come and lay it all down at the cross
Forgiveness and grace, purpose and peace
Love and hope that will never cease

There's more to want then what you have
More than your dreams come true
Lay down your all and say I do"

After much struggle and debate
He gave the man on the cross a try
He was afraid, that's no lie

But only wonders filled his life
The man lifts his hands and said
The old man is dead

Now he walks and talks with Him
Holding His hand all through
His love grew and grew

So much in store, there's no turning back
When he gave everything
He gained everything

Dedication - Hillsong

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Who Did It? An Agape home production

This Easter we had a home-production. Inspired by Ray Boltz's 'The Hammer' (which we did include in the play), it was fully written and produced in Agape.

here are some details about it that you might not know:

Music Compilation JOSEPH WONG

Anyone has a video snippet of the play?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Miniature Earth

A video that helps put things into perspective. Imagine if there were only 100 peoeple on earth, using the same proportions (statistics or percentage) of our big world.

I am richer and more blessed than 75% of the world's population.

Appreciate what you have. There's so much to be thankful for.

Remember the rest. Pray for them. Perhaps in some ways we can make a difference?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Jamie's Kitchen

There's a reality TV series called Jamie's Kitchen, based on a cooking school that celebrity chef Jamie Oliver started for the down trodden and back alley youngsters. I've heard the concept and loved him for it. While in Melbourne, Dav walked me past his centre and pointed it out.

Today, for the first time, I saw the series. And it moved me to tears... A lot of kids need these kinda break. They hadn't been fortunate and could use a place to belong, some guidance and some people to believe in them, they need hope and love. The reality show sounded real issues (discipline issues, background and past), stories and sounds of hope.

I was inspired. It sounds like quite an idea. Got me thinking....

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Devotion: It's not over yet

Matthew 26:69-75

Simon Peter.

Peter wasn't just one of the 12 Disciples. He was a die-hard fan of Jesus. Just earlier that same night he declared that even if the rest deserted Jesus, he never will. He had given everything to follow Jesus, since that first day he was called. When Jesus was arrested, it was Peter who drew his sword and started swinging it around, cutting of a servant's ear. Yet it was Peter who denied knowing Jesus, three times.

He couldn't have done it deliberately or with evil intent in his heart. He loves Jesus! Yet in his vigor of spying on Jesus and waiting for the verdict of his beloved Lord, he had denied Jesus out of fear. Maybe he didn't want to blow his cover. Maybe he was just afraid of being caught as well (after all, how can he rescue Jesus if he was caught?). Whatever his excuse was, he denied Jesus. As Jesus had insulted his devotion earlier that day by predicting it. When the rooster crowed, Peter would have been crushed at the realization.

How dark the days ahead must have been. To have failed, and failed miserably. How difficult it is to wake up in the morning and find hope again. To not know if he had been forgiven, to explain or express himself, to say he was so sorry. It was all over now that Jesus was dead.

But the miracle of Easter took place. Jesus, now back from the dead, seeks Peter out. There was mixed emotions at the sight of Jesus. Should he stay away from guilt? Should he walked the other way because he had failed? "What defines us is how well we rises after falling" said the butler in "Maid in Manhattan". Peter ran... no... swam to shore ahead of the boat. Once again by his Masters side, he was lost for words. Should he have said 'I'm sorry' or should he have explained? Should he tell Jesus that he does actually love him a lot?

But our dear Lord, oh, what a surprise it was. Jesus was so beyond his expectation. Commenting on Peter's restoration, the late Roy Hicks Jr wrote in 'A Small Book About God' said: "What breaks your heart and mine is being forced to recognize that even though we have failed Him miserably, we genuinely do love Him. We have failed Him - only to discover that he doesn't want to talk about our failures. He wants to talk about our love."

John 21:15-19

Jesus did not say a word about Peter's failures. Sometimes we look at our own failures and think it has to be the end. But Jesus says 'it's not over yet'. He holds us by the hand and talks about our love, our strengths, our future....

How shocking it is to know that God is more kind and giving than you ever dared hope and that you want to do His will more than you ever thought possible - Bruce Wilkinson in 'The Secrets of the Vine'.

Peter was the one that stood in front of the crowd on the Day of Pentecost. Peter was the one that led the Twelve and the movement of the church. Peter was the one who died upside down on a cross. Peter was not perfect, but this realization propelled him onwards, doing things he never could have imagined, till the end of his life. Because he got it.

In our own lives and in ministry, whether dealing with our own failures or the failures of others, let us emulate Jesus in his restoration method. May we remember to always run (or swim) towards Jesus and not away, despite our shortcomings. May we remember to be compassionate towards others and help propel them forward despite their mistakes. Let us be agents of hope, of love, of encouragement, of restoration to the world.