Hi! My name is Anne. That's enough details for you. LOL!

I'm just another girl in just another place, as most of us often are in this walk of life. Another soul chasing another dream in another spot on this one earth we share. But lest that sounds too depressing, I assure you, it's quite exciting living a life God has called and ordained. If you had not the chance of knowing what I speak of, ask me personally.

(to be expanded)

Here's where I store my memories - often more like a scrapbook and a journal put together. My life may not be as colourful as some people think life should be, but I know it is certainly full. I seldom log everything I am involved in. But God has been very good to me. Sometimes we tend to focus only on the dreams and prayers we want from God, and forget everything else that He has given. 

(to be continued)