Saturday, February 21, 2009

Aspirers Camp 2009: Song

Sing a New Song

This is the song birthed into Ann's heart, before the camp. It is a song about expecting from God and waiting on Him and asking from Him.

We remember, Jesus, you cried
Go into all the world and say
You loved the world so much you gave
Spirit hear us when we pray
We're gonna give our all and say
O let your presence fall today

The expectation is building
It's rising up within us
It's burning, it's burning
Deep within our souls

Pour your spirit on us Lord
Send us dreams, give us visions
Don't let this flame die down
More of you in us we pray
As we answer the call
May our hearts beat as one with yours
May our hearts beat as one with yours

My Saviour and my Lord
I stand before and I pray
I'll never walk the other way
In Your name we boldly come
We wanna lift Your name on high
This is our one heart's desire

We did this song last Sunday, Mar 1st during Sunday service - sharing our song and heart's cry with the rest of the congregation. This post has been back dated.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aspirers Camp 2009: Testimonials



Overall, I felt camp was G-R-E-A-T! And I felt so much more blessed cause this year instead of being at the altar going me, me, me, me. I went to the altar going, Them, them, them, them. It was the first time I never stood up front to be prayed for -Lynne

What I am trying to point out here is that God use many ways to touched our lifes...I was so longing to be blessed by God and I didn't feel it until I went up to pray for these younger ones...
Hearing them speaking in tongues were really a fulfillment in my life...The satisfaction and joy u gained is much more than you expect...I was simply touched by it so much...See,God touched His people with different ways... -Jian

The one thing about Aspirers retreat is that you sort of leave everything behind, all your worries and troubles are suddenly lifted from you, and you find rest in God. I could see everyone there felt free and peaceful. It was a great experience. There was crying, there was shouting... it was all a cry to the Lord. Some were so deeply burdened that when God touched them, they instantly released all their sadness.

many were touched..His presence was so strong...You could just see Him pass by..I thank you God for being so real to me...for listening to all my crys..and understanding..besides that ps julie khoo was the bomb man..her sermons were like loves to sing...wheee.!! - Larissa

Ppl... Wat i wan to say now is God wil never forsake you no matter wat... Just dun turn away from God when something bad happen to u o when u feel dry.... Dun ever run away.. Juz pray nd talk to him.. And trust me...God wil touch you in a very special way...

Anyone care to add? Let's give Him the glory

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Aspirers Camp 2009: Expect

This year's camp was one of the hardest to encounter. It wasn't the logistics but something more. We've been talking about this camp since months ago - we believe that this camp is gonna be so much more where lives will be launched to a whole new platform of faith. We told them to Expect.

But instead of anxiousness, I was down most of the time. And I witnessed that the rest of the leaders and committee were down and out. They faced difficulties and hindrances, both with the task at hand and in their own lives. Because of that, I believed even more that this camp was special, that it would be different. Or so my head keeps telling me, because my heart was not responding.

The night before camp, Chaco asked me what it was that I was expecting in camp. I said souls saved. This is the highest ever recorded number of campers ever and there were so many new people. I remember thinking we've all had the spiritual highs over and over again, now I want more. I want to see souls saved, lives transformed by the power of His name. God, oh God! Because I know God is in THAT business and I want to be in THAT business too.

"Chains be broken,
Lives be healed,
Eyes be opened
As Christ is revealed!"
- You'll Come, Hillsong

Did God disappoint?
No. Never. I cried when I heard the words.
Was camp better this year?
It was different. And yes, revival is here.
Was it up to expectation?
It kinda depends what your expectation is right? Don't put God in a box!
What can we expect from this?
The beginning of a generation that is rising up to take their place in Faith.

This year we saw our youths rise up in faith. They prayed. They did their job. They held on even when the storms came in. They didn't give up. They believed. They fused the enthusiasm. They mentored. They reached out. They ministered and prayed for others! They prophesied. They did things I never did when I was 16 or 17. I can retire.... almost =)

Oh Lord, I see what you are doing. Give me now the strength and boldness, wisdom and guidance, patience and compassion, to take it to that next level. be continued.

Monday, February 09, 2009

aspirers camp

Expect Great Things
(13th to 15th February 2009) coming...

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sony Vaio

While scouting around for laptops, I fell in love with this:

It has everything that I need (want) and it's so sleek. It's tagline has the word 'passion' in it - one of my favourite words. And this red is gorgeous. It was the advert on the newspaper that caught me some time back. I mean it's a Sony.

Do I really even need it? But have you ever gazed at one, caressed it and hear it call to you?

Woe is he who brought me into the Sony shop.

It is slightly over my budget. Should I get it? I know it's an indulgence! I saw an Asus which is pretty good for rm700 less than this. My heart is warring within me.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Lost Generation

This is a video I received as a forwarded mail. It won second place at the AARP U@50 video contestand it is about the Lost Generation. As the next generation comes dangerously close to becoming this, believe that we can still make a difference.

Take time to watch this. You won't regret it.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

eating habits

Everybody has strange eating habits. Just go out a couple of meals with someone and you'll begin to see those strange habits coming out. You may just be shocked.

There are about a hundred things I don't eat and I will spend the time to pick them out one by one. People wonder why I go to all that trouble picking out the onions on my noodles.

Some people eat their burger in layers, some people layer everything they eat with chili padi, some people destroy every straw they use.

Eugene eats the cake but not the cream. Even if it's Secret Recipe.

What's yours?