Monday, July 30, 2007


Hazel's been hospitalized at Columbia for dengue! Her platelet count has dipped below 30.

for her!



Discharged on 02-08-07 when platelet count hike to normal. Praise God!
I visited her everyday that she was in the hospital. Hmm.. that must be some kind of a record.


I JUST noticed that I had been tagged by Fer. Sorry bout the delayed. (I have been.... lost)

What's in my handbag? Wouldn't you want to know.... The handbag itself was a ... i think... Christmas present.

Actually nothing much lah....

- Nokia 6230i handphone in its red pouch
- red brandless wallet.
- RM10 (to be returned to people)
- ATM receipt
- Smint, peppermint. (someone gave it to me)
- a stack of Aspirers' prog calendar for July-October07
- Sony Clie PDA
- 30GB video ipod (trying to finish "listening" to the OT)
- GSK black ball point pen
- 2GB mini thumbdrive
- keys: house key, church key, car key
- bank book (meant to update it)
- Nokia blue tooth hands free kit
- Canon Ixus 60 in an oversized Canon pouch.
- and some dirt...

Why are we doing this again?

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Yet another wedding....

28-07-07 Edwin Bala and Mary.

I failed to take any pictures of the church ceremony. But we did have time to go photo-crazy and be vain.

(click here for Flickr's version)

This is, however, my first Indian wedding dinner. And here is something quite unique that I've not seen before. A huge lineup of bridal party. There were 4 flower girls, 2 bridesmaid, 1 matron of honour. (and some aunties in saris)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

pastor's birthday

It's Pastor Sally's birthday today.... I have no idea how old she is exactly.

But we celebrated her birthday in the most simple and home-ly way.... twice. (that I was present)
The cake on both occassions were simply lovely (sucker for cakes!) and it's really bad of me to only think about the cake. =)
Dept Head Meeting - ice cream chocolate cake.

King & I Musical Night - chocolate cake


King & I Musical

A desire come true...
I wanted to watch this musical when I first heard winds of it. Though I asked around I could not gather company to watch. None whatsoever. So as usual, I backed out. After all, I can't be going alone AND I don't know my way. (excuses excuses).

However, God knows better. And I guess God knows the desires of your heart. =) And when Pastor asked me if I'd like to join them (the aunties) for the night, I was taken aback. And with the last minute promotion, I paid only half of what I had originally expected t
o pay. Why would God be hearing my heart in the times when I was not seeking Him? Shows that He hasn't left though I have walked some distance away. This God that I serve.... it's no ordinary God. =D

King & I

King & I is a musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein, with script based on the book Anna and the King of Siam by Margaret Landon. It is said to be based on the autobiography of Anna Leonowens (the main character of the story) but its accuracy is questionable, so we don't know how true it is. This musical was made into a movie in 1956 and is one of my classic favourites (next to Sound of Music and a few others). For the full story, click here.
And so the musical came to Malaysia, as The Star reports.

And so I found myself in the highest level of Istana Balcony, looking down at the small people, dancing and singing their heart away onstage. The musical was a copy of the movie that I watched as a child. And the memories of the songs and lines came flooding in.

(lazy to edit brightness)

Istana Budaya

Monday, July 23, 2007

A long day

My schedule for the day 21-07-07:

5:50am alarm rings
6:00am snooze rings. dragged myself out of bed.
6:20am forced mom to send me to KTM
6:28am tried to get ticket from machine.
6:30am ticket counter opens. but train is leaving.
6:40am next train prepares to leave.

7:55am train arrives at midvalley. (almost missed the stop cos not paying attention)
8:07am FC and Sally's xtrail pulled up at the station and
we left for Taiping

Partners in crime:

9:00am Fer tempts me with ham sandwiches
10:00am (why so long one... how big is Perak anyway?) ... sleep
11:00am arrive at Taiping town.
11:30am surveying the camp grounds
1:30pm hungry... but still not done. FC very detailed ah -_-"
2:00pm in search for our lunch supplier
2:20pm found and had lunch while discussed lunch plans for camp
3:00pm head for home.
slept on and off most of the way back
4:30pm stopped at highway's rest-stop. Fer tempted with snacks. LOL
6:07pm arrive at ProJet to change to Edwin's car
7:10pm arrive at church for Youth combined Young Adult meeting
9:50pm head for mamak (and dinner)
10:40pm my order arrived
11:00pm head for home.
11:20pm sat in front of my faithful laptop for last minute work.
12:30am bath
1:00am collapsed on my bed. Zzz...

I think I'm testing my limits =)
Sat in the car for over 7 hours.
3 states in ONE day.
drank 1 bottle and 2 glasses of water, 1 glass of OJ, 1 glass of barley.
Visited the toilet twice while the rest went about 5 times.

More about the Taiping Recce in Fer's blog. (under "we" under "events")

Thursday, July 19, 2007

slumber party

It's been ages since I attended a slumber party. And when people asked what we normally do at slumber party, I honestly could not remember.

I remember baked beans and luncheon meat, I remember sneaking out in the middle of the night to go to our favourite swing, I remember talking with our sponsors. And sleeping together?

But here I am again, this overgrown girl who has nothing to do with Missionettes anymore, at a slumber party. And we chatted the night away. Just a few of us girls. Love those girls. and thank God they don't snore. LOL!

Slumber party pictures (I was only present for the morning activities. Arrived too late the night before)

Bye Esther Steven

Finally, the moment came to bid the newly weds goodbye, as they start a new life together in Melbourne. their plane was delayed long enough for people to arrive to join the rest of the farewell party at Burger King.

We all hope that you have a good one there...
with a nice cozy home together that we get to stay in when we visit...

and some adorable babies that we get to spoil...

and so on so forth...

My married friend, Esther.

sayonara means goodbye. but this goodbye is not forever. =)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Melaka day trip

We all need a time to just get away, escape. Even if it's just for a little while. It helps to leave our world behind once in a world to just be. Away from the mundane and everyday. Free from all that is expected of you. Just to do something different.

Is this perhaps an innate desire in each of us? The need to get-away from the realities of our world?

Anyway, I did.

Lavinia's timing couldn't have been anymore timely. As she whisked us away to Melaka for lunch. Yea you heard me right. It was solely for lunch. And cendol of course. I had to replace my workday so I could go.


Did I have fun? For what it's worth I spent a lot of time with Esther (in the car as I drove), I had the Nyonya Cendol,
and yea, that's that.

Don't care if people think we're crazy, sometimes in life, we need to be a little crazy like that. Gives us a chance to grab hold and enjoy what life has to offer. Gives us memories to look back to and laugh about one day. And satisfies the innate need in us to get away from our everyday life, to allow ourselves to indulge in our youth, to just be.... =)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I'm injured.

Well not really injured injured. But still.

I'm Pain-ning. (I was told this isn't a real word but in this country, anything goes)

My right arm, upper thighs, and butt ache from badminton.
(I know I didn't play as much but my stamina IS that bad)

My abdomen area aches from sit-ups
(I did about 12, I believe)

I have to do something bout my ridiculous stamina.

But there's always some excuse I'd cook up to pacify myself.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Celebration of Sevens

The date was 07-07-07

All over the media, the excitement has begun. Seeing as these kinda date comes once a millenium - once in our lifetime. With such a unique date, people all over are going number crazy. Some call it luck, some call it destiny. In one news-report, a lady in another country gave birth in the wee hours of the morning on this date in a taxi with the license-plate '777'. In another report, 77couple wed at a mass wedding ceremony Penang Chinese Town Hall. The Star newspaper too, find a reason to celebrate the BIG 7, as they recount and researched on the significance of the number '7'.

SO we too, the Aspirers, had our own special celebration, with out "Celebration of Sevens" where everything is in multiples of sevens.

7 games
7 types of food

7-man band

7 songs
7 decoration

7 ppl in a group

Just to name a few...

For more pictures on this event, click HERE.

Putting aside the regular famous-people-born, married, died, historical events, and all the crazy things people did on this special day, there is also the other significance which many have overlooked. The significance of 7 in the Bible has always been so strong, though I don't know why. Perhaps it was a measuring tool like 'dozen'. But it is indeed many.
7th day of Sabbath rest
7 days for purification from uncleanliness
7 times march around the city of Jericho
7 days of Celebration. 7th year rest and celebrate
7 golden lampstand in the tabernacle
7 items of drems and prophecy
7 loaves of bread and 2 fishes for the multitude
7 final words of Jesus Christ on the cross
7 churches of Asia to which John's revelation letters were written to
and so much more....

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Art and Craft

Some of the stranger aspects of my job

#2: Making Collages

I'm in charged of publicity for the coming church camp. (Winne was th
e one studying marketing in college) And besides the poster making, announcement writing, brochure designing and others, there is the old-school collage making.

Did I mention I almost failed Arts in School?

Btw, is this even a collage? errr.. i think it isn't.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Car Wash

I've owned my Kembara for 4 years now (and yes, I do mean that I own it), and believe it or not, I have never washed my own car. *shy*

It was always the maid or the car wash place. I gave all kinds of excuse like I didn't know how and I don't have time and the sun's too hot. But they were all what they were - excuses.

But today, out of other kinds of frustrations, I decided to wash my own car (plus the fact that it hasn't been washed in quite many months now). But I washed my own ca
r! Mom helped. But I finally did it! Feels like some kind of an achievement really...

I'm so proud of myself! I think I shall start washing my own car from now on. =)