Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Eye Candy

Daddy gave another phone. It is home for my second number which I seldom use.

Sony Ericsson K530i - It has 3G, videocalls, and many other high tech functions. *gleeful*

I'm feeling guilty already - of having so much while others don't. *thoughtful*
It's really hard to balance, isn't it?

And no, of course I'm not giving it to you. Yea you.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Gardens

I had to return Hazel's car, so I drove to Midvalley (a point Hazel figured simple enough for me to get to without getting lost). Testi: the car survived an entire weekend with me! And while we waited for the Queen to arrive, we took a stroll at "The Gardens" - a new mall at Midvalley City. Check out their super cool website. It does not, however, look like the site.

In fact, I could not figure out why it is called The Gardens. Perhaps it is not finished, and I have no right to comment just yet. I do, however, like the skyline.

However, this appeared on the newspaper not long after - paip bocor at The Gardens:

Wow, that's wear I sat only that day!

I returned to The Gardens weeks later on a Saturday and saw that it was bustling with people and activity. Wow with everything properly opened, it does look nice and classy. But it's still not a place I would SHOP.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Point of Depression

Ready to cry out loud but put a smile instead
Ready to hide in my corner once again but stood up front
Ready to grabbing my closest friends in desperation but they are not there

When you fall and fall to your deepest end
And noone catches you, what do you do?
What do you do...

Grab hold to the tiniest strand of sanity and reason
Hold on to hope and the smallest amount of love
Find a friend who will drag you out for some fresh air
Crawled in between your sheets and stay there through the night
Cos tomorrow the sun will shine again...
It WILL shine again!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jerry and Michelle

Congrats to Jerry Yong and Michelle Beh!!

Check out their ride!

With my car down with a big bug, I borrowed Hazel's MyVi to drive myself to Kajang to attend this wedding. With an unfamiliar car, unfamiliar route, and unfamiliar fear, I made my way. Thank God I made it through the entire night without loosing any limbs, my way, nor my dignity. LOL.

So, thanks SO much for the CAR, Hazel! *muaks!

Hill Story

Looks we have more and more people joining us every Saturday.

And getting sampat-er...

Perhaps one day we'll conquer Mt. Kinabalu? Won't Ah Fong like that.... (hehe)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

I stumbled across this poster the other day and was free enough to read. There is a disorder known as the Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). There's a disorder for everything these days. Is more of an excuse sometimes. Those poor doctors just have more and more to memorise.

According to Wikipedia, GAD is characterized by excessive, uncontrollable and often irrational worry about everyday things, which is disproportionate to the actual source of worry. Imagine how hard is it to live like that. Symptoms include:
  1. excessive anxiety and worry,
  2. difficult to control worry,
  3. restlessness/irritable/muscle tension,
  4. easily fatigued yet difficult to sleep,
  5. difficulty concentrating,
  6. impairment in social and other areas of functioning, etc.
You know, I used to be such an anxiety prone, easily stressed, insomaniac person. But over the reason years, I've learnt to place all my worries and burdens at the feet of the cross. Let God. And life has been SO MUCH better. I handled things and people better, loose my temper far less, and sleep better. God is good! He is here to relief us if only we would give it to Him.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Global leadership Summit

After months waiting, plenty of stress and sleepless night, loads of prayer piled on, and just way too much planning... GLS finally arrived.
Thank God for sleepful nights before the day so that my mind was fresh on that day. The standby anxiety-suppressant pills helped too.

This is a major event where churches from all over Malaysia was participating. And they were all coming HERE! Praise City's worship team was taking on the second day. Our own worship team are stressed out preparing for first day's worship as well as platform groove (a groovy instrumental which I thought was awesome). Patrick Leong and Juwita Suwito was here to sing! Man, I've only read about and seen them from afarrrrrr. And I must note that they are the most humble celebrities.

The aim of GLS is to raise the level of leadership across the globe. And the organization will do all they can from sending manuals, raising money, sending personnels to ensure that everything is done to achieve this purpose. What a vision! Anyway the videocast sessions included interviews with Carly Fiorina (former CEO of HP), Richard Curtis (screenwriter), Jimmy Carter (former President of US), Collin Powell (former State Secretary), as well as awesome speakers like Marcus Buckingham, John Ortberg and of course Bill Hybels.

Personally, I know I learnt a lot. By serving, meeting people, and listening to the videos. Some of the thing things we know at the back of our heads, but we forget. I only hope I put those things into pracitce. Cos that's the harder part. God help me improve in my serve for you, especially in Aspirers.

Here's Larissa and Kimberley on garbage duty - training for MPS.

But I'm very proud of you girls - that you are willing to stoop down and serve in any capacity. That is the heart of a true worshiper. Remember that the greatest will be the servant of all. *hugs*

It's not about the job - it's about the attitude.

Also to the rest of the youth that faithfully served in the 2 days (while playing Uno during the sessions)... a big THANK YOU! You've done well.

I wasn't that stressed till I was screaming at everyone, like Lavinia suggested I would be. hehe. I had time to do nonsense. Meet up with old friends and/or acquaintances. More PICTURES


Global Leadership Summit Malaysia 2008 is already opened for registration. Next year, the summit will be once again held in Agape Seremban and once again, yours truly is handling the registration. To date, 600+ people has registered. Hurry up and register for this awesome event before it is too late!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Via Dolorosa

Down the Via Dolorosa, called the way of suffering
Like a lamb came the Messiah, Christ the King

And he chose to walk that road out of his love for you and me

Down the Via Dolorosa all the way to Calvary

Yesterday, we reenacted the journey to Calvary. As many begin to realize, it wasn't just a physical roadtrip, but one of the heart, soul and mind. Many begin to open their eyes and hearts to what the One whom they love went through out of love for them. It was a solemn night, as they reflected and challenged to live. It was a journey they had to each take alone.

Also known as the Stations of the Cross, the youth went from one station to another (covering 9 stations from the betrayal to way past the cross that calls us to commit). Every station has some props (visual), scripture verses (story), a few cards with thought provoking questions (thoughts), and a call to respond on their own.

If you're thinking of something thought-provoking and a fresher look at Calvary for your youth (or even young adults), you might want to consider this. We, too, took this idea of somewhere else... and it ran well with our group.

Aspirers, if you are reading this, kindly post your comments (feedback and testimony) about that night, so that people can see and consider this activity. Thank you!

Back on the hill

Yet again I was rudely awaken by a 6.28am morning call. The hill awaits...

Another story about another saturday morning.

We had a bigger group this time. And I've learnt that if you walk slowly and steadily up the hill, it's not difficult at all. I can do it, I told myself. And I arrive up there ALIVE - and not half dead.

We met some uncles up there using the hoola hoop and this new thing i've never seen before - a 5kg ring of balls hoop. Esther tried it on for size and was a natural!

And as usual, they (ok we) are such posers!

We had breakfast after, and this cup of teh was just TOO cute:

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Life without technology

Without realising it our lives depend so much on technology - for work, for entertainment, for simply living. Human depending on machines. As bad as we know this is, we can't live without them. And that's the reason the machine will rise one day! (not that it will come alive but it could be the tool for our destruction)

I was home with not much too do but my internet was down, astro was down. I wanted to bum but didn't know how without those. So instead I relied on DVD player.. which almost did not work too.

So much for technology...

I should have read my books but didn't. I guess there WAS a lot I could have done but was just not in the mood. Seldom am in those mood. unfortunately. Guess I would have otherwise gotten SO MUCH more things done in my life. Like clear this wretched table.

Isn't it ironic, that when we are our busiest we have a hundred other things to do, but when we have all the time in the world, we feel we have nothing to do. No wonder things never get done. Isn't it ironic?

Birthdays night out

Sometimes it seems as though we meet up out of obligation to a friend. However, these are the times we should snatch to "be" with our friends. As we grow, and get swept away by the demands our own life, we will begin to realise that hanging out like this is a luxury. And we begin to reminisce of younger days. And we get buried and burnt out from life itself. Simply because we don't get our "dose of good friends".

I say we don't have to.

I say we snatch the moments we're given, or make it happen ourselves. Don't regret fu
ssing your friends to meet up - they will eventually appreciate it. I don't want to grow up into those adult that has no life for anything else but their career and family.

Enough said, on to the main event...

Perhaps it's true that laughter and craziness does have that high feeling. That's why some people immerse themselves in a world of laughter as it is the drug that takes your worries away just for that moment. But even so, there's nothing like a good dose of this.

I won't even bother to blog on what took place. Save to say we had an awesome time refilling our thanks. There's nothing like hanging out with good friends. This is one of my tank-refillers.

What's yours?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Another Saturday Morning

With the recent motivations from Esther TC to exercise Saturday mornings, I found myself up in the wee hours again. We dragged a bunch of youth to morning prayers and then to Lake Gardens to jog (or walk or whatever). Some walked, some jogged, some ran, some skipped. I couldn't catch up with some nor wait for others.. so I found myself running on my own at some stretch.

I manage to go 3 rounds *grin* I'm so proud of myself. Aren't you?

With enough forceful motivation, I think I'll be able to keep this Sat morning exercise up, don't you think? Since I'm busy or too tired most Sunday evenings to join the badminton gang (plus there's jus too many people to do any active exercise). This is good for me =) After all, I need to stay young and fit for youth ministry years to come.

Keep it coming!!


Thank God the youth we around when I could not reverse my car this morning. My lil ol' Kembara has been having problems with its gear and I find that I could not reverse after parking. So along came ever-willing people to give it a push. I can imagine the faces of passers-by.

I need to get the car fixed. One day I will find myself in situation where I really can't get out of. God has helped many times already.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Maybank Demonstration

I saw this last week and have the chance of seeing it again this week.

Maybank staff are occasionally having a demonstration - catching the attention of passers-by and perhaps the local news. I'm not sure if such a claim is actually true but I've never a believer that any sort of demonstration or mob protest will ever make a real difference in the situation. Somehow, it only seems to disturb the peace and catch the attention of the media. Perhaps that's what they want. Perhaps such a highlight in the news can really make a difference.

However, knowing the general consensus on Maybank staff, they don't deserve to be heard. Until and unless their own attitude and service change for the greater good, what's the point of getting their the bonus they think they deserve?

Sigh... it's probably an elaborate scheme to slack from doing the real work.

Ladies' Night Out

Seemed like a perfectly good idea to steal away and just hang out with the girls. It's still a perfectly good idea now. It was just a night with the girls. But barely anyone else could make it.

From the spur of the moment, Lav, Hazel and Winne decided on Lookout point - the place at the edge of Ampang, way deep in the hills that overlooks KL. The view and atmosphere was breathtaking. (considering I've never seen the skylines of any city before). If you've never been there, you should. See the picture below.

(picture from Hazel... again)

Needless to say, I enjoyed myself. The ride up was terrible. But the view and stayover was worth any train ride. It isn't very often that you get to spend an enjoyable evening/nite to just hang out with great companions these days. Not when everyone is so busy. Well what did you expect, right?

I should do this more.