Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome Baby Kuang!

eyeow delivered this morning at 10am.

Welcome to the world baby Isaac Kuang!

He looks absolutely perfect and beautiful you guys.
Congrats to the new parents! =)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another long weekend

It was one pack weekend after another. This time around it's personal.

In the four-days break for Raya, I attended 3 weddings, 3 reunions and a family dinner thing. That's also a sign of aging. When everyone around you starts getting married and giving birth and feeling the sentimental of years gone by and meeting up with old friends. Sitting amidst them I don't know if I felt 'young' or 'left behind'. Probably a little of both.

I admit that the whole busy weekend sucked the life out of me and I needed a day alone in my room just to recharge. I'm an introvert after all. Not that I did not enjoy YOUR company. It was REALLY nice to meet up with people after so long!

It was an uncommonly common date for weddings. 20.09.2009. Pile that with the Raya break. Pile that with the Chinese calendar good month. And you have a recipe for festivity mayhem! Thank God for my GPS! It saved my life a couple of times this particular weekend.

p/s: I definitely need a new camera...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Long weekend

While others find weekends a time to rest and relax, weekends are my time to be busy (the dirty word). As much as I dread it sometimes, THIS happens to be my life. so to speak. So to answer the question posed by my cousin not too long ago (since I'm back blogging), this life of mine... pretty exciting you can say!

So on Saturday, Aspirers' campus connexion went to Port Dickson. I just love the ocean. We ate, play and took pictures. Refer here for more stories and pictures of the trip.

And in return, here are some gifts I received from the trip. Why do I keep getting these hazardous gifts. It's really life threatening. =P

On Sunday we had our VERY first intercell activity which we called the Battle of the Cells. ALL cell groups came together to battle it out with a round of MadGab. And much to my utter disbelief the young people lost! How is that possible? And the cell with the oldest (age-wise) cell group leaders.... WON! How is that possible! Proves that we weren't bias after all! Also proves that we really can't underestimate those oldies. hehe.

Congratulations to the champion... you really deserved it. *applause*

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Ann and I started out shopping at
Terminal One Seremban yesterday. In all fairness, I never shop there. NEVER thought there's anything worth buying there. Didn't like the 2.10 parking fees or the general ambience of the mall. BUT I ended up buying more things than Ann. Never thought it'll be so, but it was so!

Here's why:
I found this dress for RM35 (that after much deliberation I came back for). It was not perfect but it was worth it! And that was it!

After a couple more chores, we found ourselves in Nilai at a small Korean shoe shop. How I simply do not know.
*looks at Ann* And though I entered without the intention to get anything, I got a most expensive pair of shoe (which I would not normally have gotten). Why I simply cannot comprehend. *looks at Joelt* Never in my life!

Goes to show that I do have some shopping in my blood after all. Who knew!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Gifts from KK

She bought sea shells on the sea shore. The sea shells she bought were sea shells from Philippines. They were pretty cheap and pretty unique, I just couldn't not buy.

I also developed a deep bruise on my knee. Not surprising. But it was not the mountain or the sea that I fell, but outside the bathroom one morning =( I'm too clumsy.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Land below the Wind

I hope I got the tagline correct this time. And this is about time =)

Kota Kinabalu
August 29 - Sept 1, 2009
Kota Kinabalu and Kudat

It was meant to be a short trip for Serena's wedding but decided to extend it just a little longer. Wasted rm160. That's how airlines earn their money. Silly people like us. But it was worth it. Note to self: there are some things more important than money.

Serena's beach-side wedding was beautiful. God held the weather just about right for the entire ceremony and dinner. Congrats Serena and Matthew!

The wedding:Syiok Sendiri Shots
But a trip 2.5hours to KK should not be wasted or over on the first day itself! It was imperative that we also experience the other side of Sabah. Our team's main goal was local delicacies... of which I never knew there were so many. I've forgotten more than half of what they're called exactly or where they're to be found.
While there our tour guide, Unc.Dick, brought us places. In KK there are many must sees. One of which is the mountain of Kinabalu. Taking off at 6 in the morning, we were hustled for breakfast and then to the mountain. Though it was cloudy at first, God cleared the sky at one point, long enough to see the magnificent mountain looming before us. It was a sight to behold.

Another trip (which was new to me and that I absolutely loved) was to the tip of Borneo. Hint: It is the tip of the left ear of the 'wolf' shape of Borneo. It is 3 hours drive from KK and another 3 hours drive back. I can't imagine attempting such a trip on my own though. But the journey was worth it.

But what has always won my heart is neither hill nor delicacies. It is the sound of waves washing ashore and the feel of the wind against my skin. I love the feel of soft sand caressing my toes and the cool sea water teasing at my feet. My heart leaps at the wide open and inviting sea for miles and the sky so high and so blue, with the sun peeping through the clouds or falling over the horizon. Oh how I wish I had taken the time to soak it all in and to stand in awe. How I wish I was bold enough to let my heart soar with the wind and just let all my guards down. The ocean beckons you to leave all your troubles behind and calms every wild emotion. How it fills my tank.