Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas BBQ

I somehow got into volunteering to open my house to my Chinese students for a gathering of steamboat-turned-BBQ on the only available date to me - 26th Dec 2005. And so it was.... though I had hoped that more would turn out. I worked hard all day cooking and cleaning. Almost stressed out and then it was time... and it was all worth it. There are no words that can ever express why.

Finally the food was more than the people. So I had to call for reinforcement - my faithful friends in whom I can always depend on. Hahaha!~ And still the food did not finish. For more pictures, click here. Pics are self-explainatory. Hey dear students, if u ever read this, wanna tell u that u are welcome back anytime. just give me a call yea?

I find that the most rewarding thing you can do in life is to work in someone else's life and see them do well. I guess that's why they say that it is rewarding being a parent. I'm a teacher by profession because I chose to make a difference in the life around me. Not to say that I'm perfect but because I too am not perfect and understand the need to have people around me who can love me, support me, guide me, etc. One of the five-fold ministry is to be a teacher. Ah and need I explain more than that?

I'll end this blog session with one thing I learnt in youth ministry: "youth needs to be loved, especially those who least deserve it." Something to think about.

Still plenty piling up in my to-do list. It never ends. It's a vicious cycle. (hahah yes elaine, i just wanted to use that phrase again)

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Pre-Christmas Activities 2005

Christmas this time around was so jam-packed with activities that some begin to wonder what it's all about. There was caroling, Christmas Sharing Programme, YAN9 Christmas Celebration, some hd their own family gatherings, Choir at Royal Adelphi. Add that to Christmas Shopping. Many barely felt Christmas and it was over but we realised it. But I guess there are many ways you can view it. Personally I felt the stress like everyone else and praised God when it was over. But to know that what has been done has indeed touched some people and brought about a deeper meaning of Christmas to them, it was ALL WORTH IT.

as Sharing Programme - the first of its kind in Agape. Manypeople volunteered and helped out under the direction of FC (i should call uncle FC actually), and the turn-out can bring tears to your eyes. The aim was to touch the less fortunate with God's love. The event spent out in 3 different days. (Pics on the left)

YAN9 also organized a state-wide celebration for the youths. The theme was ONE, as in we come together as ONE to worship the ONE true God. It was huge and I almost thought we couldn't pull it off. There was seemed to be one hundred and one problems but I thank God it all worked out smoothly. There was barely a glitch. Though we had hope for a bigger crowd but it was not too bad. Especially since most of theplanning was relaly last minute and considering we were really that busy. Some of my students came, and that alone I am thankful. Yipee!! (pics on the right) For more pictures click here. For even more pictures get the CD (it will be ready soon).

Besides that we had our one-day carolling led by Su-Ann. We almost canceled it as we felt to bogged down with other things. But thank God we didn't. I felt that the carolling session did such good that our effort seemed like dust. People were touched by our teeny weeny effort and we KNOW it was the spirit of God moving. Give God your best and leave the rest to Him for it is by His Spirit that hearts are touched not by how well we sing or dance or plan or cook or etc. (no pics available). It also gave an opportunity to many young ones to join (some for the first time).

To top it off, the choir was invited to present in Royal Adelphi on the 23rd and 24th of Dec (yes, Christmas Eve). We took it as an opportunity to spread some Christmas cheer, touch hearts with our music. You never know how God can use us. Seeing as public performances are so rare, we decided to snatch every small opportunity we can to be used by God. The manager was actually impressed with us, admitting openly that he did not expect us to be good. Though the crowd was not that large and mainly taken up by our own family and friends, we were still quite the nervous wreck. People came listened and left. Come and go, come and go. Some remained. But even so.... we leave the miracles to God. (pics below)

And then there was Christmas morn' !! I don't have many pictures on it except for the presentations in the morning. Yes, nobody takes pictures while we are all busy giving and getting gifts. But it would be quite a sight if somebody did. Sometimes Christmas morning feels just like any other Sunday in church except for the gifts and carols. I actually felt quite bored this Christmas as it really did not feel much like a Christmas. But I guess Christmas is not about any parties or gifts or even gatherings. Simply that God became man to walk amongst us. To live to die the cruelest of death just so that He can be with us in paradise. The noblest humblest thing... so simple. And I guess that's why so many people can't believe it. Can't accept it. So much love. (pics below)

Stress Free

The last few weeks, nay, months had been so so hectic for me. It was as though I had no air to breath, no time to sleep, and all that. I was stressed till I felt depressed. I cracked easily. There was so much to do.... I began to loose focus, loose reason, and all that. I would not know where to begin explaining all that I went through the last few weeks, alright months... Church, work, studies, socially, family.... it was just too much. It was pushing me over the brim. And alone I sat and cried.

Today... today I slept long and well... (not counting the fact that i hurt my arm during sleep - don't ask how). I felt less agitated, less tired, more peaceful..... it was GOOD. I feel so rest-ed in a long while. I just took advantage of my break to rest and enjoy the things around me. The simple things. Putting my to-do list aside for a while. it feels so GOOD. it's something i've needed for a long time. Just let my hair down and put up my feet. *stretch*

(an old picture - just for fun)

Since then i have:
  1. switched to part-time. I teach only when there's classes. Other than that I don't go to the office. To supplement my income I might give tuition or something like that.
  2. My room has recently gotten messier (was moving stuff around) but when i'm done it should be more condusive to live and work in. Removing the one-eye monster - source of distraction in my life.
  3. Gone out more, hung out more, getting my social life back on track, and perhaps a little more than that. Have hung out with students and youth... and combined them at some point too. And i'm happy to see the progress. This is what I want. But I need to do more variety.
  4. I also exercised more frequently. Jog (ok fast walk) in citypark a couple of times, shoot some hoops. Hope to do some badminton too. Must keep it more regular to stay healthy and it is a good way to reach out.
I know what I want in life. I know what I should do in life. A lot of people don't see it and won't agree with it. Especially the income part. But I believe that God has called me to this ministry and though it may not seem so normal... I know if God has called, He will provide. It's not going to be easy and I've always been a person that depended on myself - trying to be independent and all. But this just feels right.

I'm back people!!! And ready for more M.A.D. action next year. It's gonna be an exciting, action-packed year. I can feel it in my blood!! Wohoo!~