Sunday, July 30, 2006

Anniversary Magazine

After literally bribing David to assist in the magazine design during his most precious holiday in Malaysia, and after many sleepless nights for both of us... we finally see the outcome of the magazine.

Kuddos David and I think that you should have wanted to see the faces of the people when they sat down and open the magazine to study it. That was certainly something to behold. The only complain i got was a few people asking where their faces were. Next time we do this we need a list of everyone in church, and go thru one by one to make sure everyone is in. LOL

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bane of Canine

Just when my dog was begining to behave, she takes a bite at my favourite pair of heels. Sorry one of my only pair of decent heels. She seems to take a liking for Vincci as most of my favourites are of Vincci. Why can't she relieve me of those I find no more liking in? She always goes for my favourites. Irksome dog.
Now only days before Agape's Silver Anniversary and I've lost my heels.... How bothersome! On this I have decided never to take on a dog in my future home. Far too irksome.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Second Mile

Sometimes you wonder how far the second mile takes you. I preach that people don't go far enough to care and to love. People don't do what the Samaritan did anymore. Newspapers even debate on how it no longer pays to be the good Samaritan. No wonder people have stopped helping their neighbours. Worldwide through, people have gotten more self centered and secluded, unwilling to help, unwilling to go out of their ways.

"He has sent me to proclaim freedom to prisoners and recovery of sight to the blind, to release the oppressed and proclaim the year of the Lord's favour" (Luke 4:19)

Jesus has commanded us to love our neighbours, to care for widows and orphans, to feed the poor. His heart was all about the people. I believe truly that Mother Theresa knew what it meant to care for the sick and hungry. She knew the heartbeat of Jesus. Many profess that they can't do what she does. But really, the needs of people are right before our eyes. If we can't even get up early to fetch someone, why talk bout going into another nation; If we can't even walk across the street to say hello to our neighbours, why talk bout preaching the gospel to strangers; If we can't even spare a few extra hours to listen to an acquainance's plight, why cry about the plights of our youths. How little we understand about caring and loving people. How truly little we understand the heartbeat of Jesus. We confess that we are His followers yet little that we do resembles Him.

I asked God to use me to comfort the troubled, bring hope to the hopeless... but when put to the test, my heart was troubled. How much was I truly ready to give or do to help one in need? Much was to my advantage as I saw it: a am young, and a lady. Yet God never gave conditioned, He only look for the willing. It was out of my comfort zone, out of my control or wisdom. I felt more helpless than helpful, and I wondered what indeed was the limit? I felt little compassion in my heart when I helped. I felt no desire to be more involved. I felt ashame. What does Jesus think of me? Do I truly understand what it meant to CARE? I felt discouraged. Disheartened. Disillusioned altogether.

But during prayer meet soon enough, Pastor prayed that God will guide us when we know not what to do, what to say or speak. That so often it seem beyond our control or strength. But that God alone was to be our source, to trust that we are but instruments where God can work His grace. Nothing I can think or do or say that can reach into another soul, but if I allow God, miracles takes place. All glory to Him. Forever, Amen.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Doulos

Doulos is a ship build in 1914 (only two years after the titanic) and it sails around the world - not for fun, but to bring knowledge, help and hope. It's more than a passenger ship. It's more than a floating bookfair. It has a purpose, a mission. And with a greater purpose like that it is no wonder they survived almost a century. "Without vision people perish."

What amazes me and probably the world, is that all crew on board are volunteers, all books and materials are donated... And with that they travel the world not to just sell books. But also to walk the streets, bring relief to suffering, minister and bless. I think it's an exciting idea to join the doulos for a while but alas circumstances forbids me.

About six of the crew members dropped by last Saturday for lunch with us (the youth group) and they sang for us, shared bout the ministry, and basically hung out. I was proud to say that they merged in pretty well.
Our trip to the doulos on Wednesday was a fruitful one. My first time on an actual ship. I watched how they worked and ministered. I think it's quite exciting. Bought me some books too but I don't splash money very much so it was pretty limited. However sometimes i wish I had bought more cos it wasn't very pricey and it would have been helpful for materials. Hmm....

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Visit to Orphanages

In an attempt to create awareness and instil compassion, Aspirers organized a visit to the humble abode of Rhema children - a group of them whom we are quite familiar with. And since picture (especially when pictures taken by people like David) speak a thousand words, behold...

I've got a new toy.... ok software is more of a virtual toy?

For more pictures, click here. Or access it through Agape's website's photo gallery.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

the second chance

Michael W. Smith in his first leading role ever in this movie about two churches. The reality of this movie hits close to home with its message "do we really care?" and what it really means to care. It's about compassion and forgiveness. It's about when we let other things get in the way of what really mattered.

What got me was that so often I had let things get in the way. So often other things became more important than people. I don't want to be Christian by name only. I don't wanna taint my Savior's beautiful name. How can I be a follower of Christ and not do what He does? Unfortunately, so many Christians in the world carry the name but not the Christ. Jesus said "if anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me." People wanna be identified with God but few wants to walk the path Jesus walked.

I reminded myself the night I watched the movie. What was it that I truly want and would truly do. I realised I wanted to serve Him in ministry all the days of my life. I really wanna be God's instrument to do His will for His people. That would be an honour.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

my precious

My precious PDA is back! After a heart breaking time in the surgery room. It survived! Of course I had to fork out the high service charges. But that'll teach me to take better care of it the next time.

Sony customer service is pretty good, i must say.

Unfortunately i lost all data and programs. It's gonna take time and patience to slowly reload everything to a usable stage. Time.... hmm.. looks like this is gonna have to wait.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Who says church work is stress free

I have people thinking that you do nothing in church. On the contrary I find that work don't stop. it just keeps coming. Sometimes the pressure starts building up. Whether it is ministry or actual work, it continues. I tought a PDA or a diary would help me organize my memory but noooo.... some how.. .some how... it just doesnt.

I read somewhere that:

God gives us chaos to learn peace,
Grief that we may learn joy,
The unlovely so that we may learn to love,
Difficulties that we may learn patience
Suffering that we may draw closer to Him instead of the world,

Indeed, how would we learn them unless we are forced to have them appied in our situations.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Hell is Real

I went into my classroom,
Ready for another year at school.
I didn't want the work,
Just wanted to hang and be cool.

I had on new clothes,
New sneaks on my feet.
I was there for class on time,
Went to the back and took my seat.

Yeah, I'm moving up,
I'm already grown.
Soon I'll be graduating,
And out on my own.

I talked to some of my friends,
We were all having fun.
Said some things I shouldn't have said,
Did stuff I shouldn't have done.

I knew I was different.
I felt God touch my heart,
I knew I should set a standard,
But then I'd be set apart.

Walking to the bus,
I was not looking for strength.
I heard the car tires screeching,
But now it's too late.

I'm standing in this room,
And I can see the heavenly gate.
Oh no! I never prayed.
I thought I had time to get it straight.

An angel walked to me,
He had a book in his hand.
I knew it was the Book of Life,
When would this dream end?

I told him my name,
And he began to look.
Then he looked at me sadly and said,
Your name is not in this book.

Angel, this is a dream,
No, I can't be dead!
He closed the book and turned away,
He whispered - You cannot proceed ahead. this can't be real,
Angel, you can't turn me away.
Let me talk to God,
Maybe he'll let me stay.

He led me to the gate,
Jesus came to me.
He did not let me in but said,
Beloved what is your need?

Jesus, I cried, please,
Don't cast me away from you.
Tears ran down his face as he said,
You knew what you needed to do.

Lord, please I'm young,
I never thought I would die.
I thought I'd have plenty of time,
Death caught me by surprise.

Lord, I went to church,
Please Jesus, I believe.
He said you would not accept me,
My love you would not receive.

Lord, there were too many hypocrites,
They weren't being true.
He took a step back and asked,
What does that have to do with you?

Lord, my family claimed to be saved,
They weren't real. You know.
He said, I died for you,
Now I have to go.

I fell to my knees crying to Him,
Lord, I planned to be real tomorrow.
I couldn't, make Him understand,
I had never -- felt such sorrow.

Then it hit me hard, I said,
Lord, where will I go?
He looked into my eyes and said,
My child you already know.

Please Jesus, I begged,
The place is so hot.
It seemed to trouble and grieve him,

Lord, you're supposed to be love,
How can you send me to damnation?
He replied, With your mouth you said you loved me,
But each day you rejected my salvation.

With that in an instant,
Day turned into night.
I never knew such torture could be,
Now too late, I know the Bible is right.

If I can tell you anything,
Hell has no age.
It is a place of torture,
Separated from God and full of rage.

You know, I thought it was funny -- a joke,
But this one thing is true.
If you never accept Jesus Christ,

- Author unknown