Here's a page dedicated to my dreams. That I have many of. Optimists say to keep dreaming and the dreams will come true. Pessimists say to forget it cos they never do. I used to tell myself to stop dreaming. But recently, I had began to wonder....

Here's a page dedicated to some of my dreams...they're just dreams right? :)

  • Seeing the world:
I love to be able to experience the culture and the life of the people around the world. It's not just about getting there but to really live it. God made mankind so diverse and so rich in life that I want to know it and see it - see, hear, taste, feel...

Though my opportunities may be fleeting, I count myself blessed on many occasions to be able to.

I wanna go to NZ, Greece, Israel, Bali, Cambodia, Maldives, Japan, Perth, Rome...
Of course I would also want to step into UK and US to see what all the hoot is about.

  • Retreats:
I love the idea of going away once in a while to withdraw from the world and just rest. To not rush for anything nor be rushed anywhere. I like the idea of sitting and reading by the window while it rains softly outside. Or just to walk around and soak in the things I'm seeing around me. Or to spend precious moments with close friends just talking and spending time. I like the idea of retreats every now and then.

I should think about doing it more in my lifetime to enrich my life and ministry.

  • The Making Of....:
I've always been a big fan of movies. I'm an avid movie watcher and I appreciate a good story - book or movie. Perhaps it is growing up with musicals in church that I like to see a story being put together until it is finally presented to the audience. The process of film making is a lot more complicated then it seems - the story board, the planning, the camera angles, the editing and sound, etc. Most actors don't even know what the final product is going to be until the premiere. The director behind the entire story is the master planner.

I think it'll be amazing to see one made from start to finish. To witness the whole planning and executing process. That would be a dream.

 (to be continued)