Saturday, December 30, 2006

Final week of 2006

The final week of 2006. What did you do? How did you end your year?

David wanted to bowl. So we went bowling.... 3 times.... in that one week.

I'm not good at bowling. In fact, I suck. hahaha... So I played little and watch more. There were victorious moments (where Lavinia beat David at bowling), hilarious moments (where Elaine Goh dropped the ball backwards), moments we made it interesting ourselves (David gave everyone nicknames on the scoreboard). There was also pool. foosball and almost Daytona. I think we are reliving our childhood.

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Other than that, we went up to Midvalley to celebrate Winne's birthday. What's that hotel called again? I forget. Winne booked a suite and invited people over. I met up with old CF friends, some of whom I've not met for years. That was certainly a joy. Though I think Winne's a little mad for celebrating in that manner, it was nevertheless fun. Makes me feel more adult (which I really need sometimes)

And not that I'm trying to boast, but I liked the way I looked that night. I seldom look good!~

For more pictures, see Winne's Multiply Site.

Here's Ken, imitating the different popular poses found commonly on Friendster.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blessed Christmas to all

Christmas is the day where followers of Jesus Christ all over the world commemorate one of the most auspicious day of our faith - the day our Saviour was born into this World. A saviour born to die for you and me. The Saviour that was promised to the people of God for many generations, promises and prophecies written centuries before the birth - each promise and prophecy fulfilled to the minutest detail. This Saviour is none other than Jesus Christ.

The sad thing is so many people don't even know what this day really meant.

Every year, I run about fussing on what to get for my family and friends. There's just too many people and shopping and wrapping presents is just not my passion. Some running around to get their parties organized, food cooked, homes decorated, new clothes bought. The Christmas buzz. How tiring. Joy and peace to the world.
This year Christmas service was all about reminding people "Don't forget Jesus".

Happy Birthday Jesus! My Saviour, Redeemer and Friend. My Lord and Master. God of Heaven and Earth, Creator of all that Lives.

(more pictures refer to Hazel's blog when she uploads it)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Aspirers Christmas Party

Aspirers' Christmas Party.
One night. Almost 60 people in the parsonage.

Honestly, I was feeling quite tired from a long day.

Honestly, I felt the need to just be with my friends. Without having to put on a front, or work hard at it, or even be someone or something. Wanting to just sit and not having been expected of. Just be.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Rain rain rain

It's been raining and pouring for days. This is a strange phenomenon for most people in my area. Though we frequently hear of floodings in different part of Malaysia during this monsoon season, but not here. Not here.

I've never felt so so cold in Seremban. Just so cold for days. *brr*

The Star reports that flooding has worsen in Johor and Melaka and certain parts of Negeri Sembilan (that's where I live) and has claim a few lives. Not to mention East Coast usual floodings. The flood stopped th train to Singapore. Only a few weeks ago, the newspaper reported that the government is taking steps to prepare in the strange weather change in the atmosphere. What can i say? End times man.

Dec29th updates:
Newspaper reports second wave may occur. *shiver* Need to pray for our nation.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My New Toy

After much awaiting, much researching, much dilemma, and much much time. I was finally persuaded into finding one camera that I did like very much. With that I went on to persuade my dad, who had very much wanted to get me a camera to get that one. But he was quite adamant on another model which I did not like.

But much to my delight, he was convinced at the point of sale. I'm paying half of course. But I'm so delighted with my new toy!!

My collection is almost complete. Next target: webcam and headset!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Sharing Programme 2006

In the beginning, I was thinking this project is by far too big and totally out of my league for me. Cos in my eyes, it was impossible. Looking at what I had and what I knew, it was a major cause of many stress-filled nights. But I serve an awesome God.

This year the Christmas Sharing Programme not only reached out to those in the street but we also threw a dinner for those in the flat areas whom we had to personally invite. We awesome and capable people leading the way in different areas, it was a matter of putting the puzzle together for me. But it was God who made everything happen. From the cooling short downpour, to the willing hands, to the open hearts, to the logistics, to safety.... it was God who was the master puppeteer. Ultimately, we are only His hands and feet, doing what He called for His glory.

I just thank God that in my confusion and sometimes blurness, God provided wise counsel and good examples (from the HOC project) so I only needed to follow after. wahahahah.....

And if given a chance, i prefer not to lead this again....

Yay pics!! Though pics say a thousand words... words alone wont be enough to describe

Thursday, December 14, 2006

the HUGE experience

My only reasons for going to HUGE this year was to chaperon the youths and to hear Pas. Mike Pilavachi. I was honestly beginning to feel too old for this. I have been going for these things since i was 16 or 17.

(My camera phone quality is quite good eh?)

But I found that I was blessed... Here are what:

  1. I was blessed by the first session where they put up the scourging scene in Passion of Christ during worship accompanied by "Thank you for the cross". Remembering what Jesus went through for us really brought new meaning to the song and deeper depths of worship. Many joined me and were in tears.

  2. I realized that the Psallo band from Indonesia (who were awesome btw) did not jus stand in the sideline to lead in worship but they got involved in praying for us, joining us in worship when someone else led, and just hanging out. It wasn't just about singing. They ministered.

  3. Pastor Mike Pilavachi was, as expected, awesome. His sermons were funny and inspiring.

  4. I was watching and hearing for the Youth Alive committee's heartbeat, and i saw. What I saw i respected. I saw the tears in their eyes, the commitment and dedication they showed... I recognized the passion. And I salute their effort.

  5. The flow of messages starting with talk about commitment, radical living for Jesus and others fired me on for what I had been envisioning for Aspirers. Now I dont doubt anymore.

  6. Kah Lian accepted Christ! wohoo! What greater news in all of heaven than when someone is saved into the Kingdom of God. I can only imagine the rejoicing in Heaven.

  7. I was also blessed fellowshipping with the youths. They are all so different from each other and even further different from me. Yet, it is such a joy (and heartache) to work with youths. No, I don't regret. I believe I can make a difference here.

  8. At the end of the camp, a call was raise for Malaysians to love our country, to stay where God has put us and do His work here. We sang sejahtera Malaysia and held our flag high. I'm actually feeling more patriotic now. Our govt should be happy that this happened. But seriously, I think a good point was raised. If we dont stand for our country, who will?

  9. Throughout the sessions, I keep getting ideas and other kinds of inspirations for Aspirers and yes, these are good things. Watching other youth leaders (I was not trained so sometimes I like to just watch others and learn), catching visions and ideas and dreams.... sometimes some things are impressed in my heart strongly and I'd know I need to look into it.

Things I found disturbing:

I shared this with some of the youths. I just expressed it out in hope that they will see my point and learn to live a good testimony. I just felt terrible about so many of the youth's behavior at camp. (Thank God Agapeans behaved enough) I mean what kinda testimony do we leave for the staff and other guests at that resort? What's the point of screaming and praising God in the hall and crying and making dedications, when after walking out of the hall we're not polite, we damage properties, we do all kinds of nonsense. What is the point? I'm so for this whole living-a-testimony thing simply because I believe that action speaks the loudest. Isn't that what Jesus did? It wasn't about the tears we cried, it was the life we live. I pray that Aspirers youth will not just scream and jump and cry... but really live that life that will make the difference.

Overall? I'm exhausted yet refreshed.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Cell Picnic

This is the first Friday night that I have no cell or anything to attend. Except to sit back with the feet on the table and relax. Simply because...

Bkt Kaya youth cell had a picnic at City Park in the evening. Though it rained (rained not drizzle), we went anyway. Everyone just turned up despite the rain. And that in itself was a blessing to my heart. To know that the rain was not a condition for not coming for our little outing. Even those you normally think wouldn't come, came.

We found ourselves a little hut (ok it was not little) to fellowship under. Though it started a little raw (cause everyone had just ran in from the rain and there was just not enough place to sit), we had a hard time ending the picnic. Parents started calling because their kids were not home yet. And this time we had A LOT of food and to my amazement we FINISHED the food (save for 2 cakes). And the night scenery at City park was amazing. Romantic!

Since picture speak a thousand words...

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Ran to my usual photostate shop in a hurry. Was pouring outside but I didnt care. I managed to park rite outside the shop and to my horror it was flooding. But I was desperate. Sacrificing my Vincci heels, I walked in the flood: above-my-ankle-while-on-2inches-heels water.

When all was done, I turn to leave and saw that the water had completely subsided. I was only in the shop less than 10minutes!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


But not in the sense that you are thinking right now.

Got into the van with ah Fong and Michael. Drove down to Makro Seremban. We did our survey and now it's time to buy buy buy!

Shopping list:
102 cans of red bean
4 cartons of mushroom
100kg of 1kg prai sugar
120 bottles of 1.5 mineral water
10 cartons of Yeo's canned drinks
10 cartons of 2 different type of biscuits
4 cartons of nestum
120 packs of another type of biscuits
200 disposable plates, spoon, fork.
forgot the rest

As you can see it's not your normal shopping. These are the gift items for Agape's *Christmas Sharing Programme 2006. They will be given to various people from the street, needy families and so on. In fact we have 3 types of gifts.

We managed to pack those in our little van, leaving just enough space for the three of us to sit. That empty seat was my seat. Another box and more disposable plates goes on me after that. Pure ingenuity of Michael to be able to fit all that in the van. People were telling us it is going to be impossible!

Tomorrow's shopping list:

150 toothbrushes
300 bath towels
300 bath soap

Christmas Sharing Programme (fondly known as CSP) is on the 14th, 15th, 17th December aimed to share a meal and the Christmas joy with those less priviledge on the street as well as needy families we've identified.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy Birthdays

December 2nd - Happy Birthday Derrick !

December 3rd - Happy Birthday Brandon
December 4th - Happy Birthday Elaine!
December 5th - Happy Birthday Mummy!
Happy Birthday Joanne!
Happy Birthday Hooi Fun
December 8th - Happy Birthday Suzy!

that itself was tiring. hahaha.....


Speaking of birthdays, my family (plus Perry) celebrated Lynne's and mom's birthday at 10.30pm at Kensington. That is by far the latest family dinner celebration I've ever had. By the time we left we were the only customers around (it was after 11.30pm).

That's me trying to smile after an incredibly long Saturday. Picture stolen from Winne's blog.