Friday, September 23, 2005

Like Running Water

"Twigs snapped underfoot, and the serenity of the forest disappeared. Sunlight filtered through the trees, exposing Anna and I as we walked along the forest floor.

We moved out of the sunlight, taking shelter under a tree. In these times, we couldn't even risk basking under the warm rays. Japanese were everywhere."

That was the introduction written by Daniel Chen... one of the boys in my youth. He's only 13years old and I feel so proud of him. 'Like Running Water' is set in Malaya during World War 2. It is a story about forgiveness... Click the link below and read it!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Zombie Syndrome

A human being needs up to about 8hrs sleep a day (give or take). That would be 1/3 of your day. Everyday. For the rest of your life. That's 1/3 of your life spent sleeping - recharging. That's a lot of time. Time I'm begining to feel I don't have....And they say young people have all the time in the world.

Unless of course I'm no longer young. You always think that I will have more time one day. But that one day never comes. Time to blog is as precious as ever. Yes, time is gold! Why am I stressing so much on time? And why am I wasting time blogging?

Thinking that I have so much to do, I figured it wont hurt to train myself to sleep less. 7 hours a day should do. How did I fare? Terribly!! I'm facing the zombie syndrome. Now it is no longer forcing myself to sleep less. I simply have no choice. Ok you always have a choice... so I chose to. Thank God I did not face any accident or fall sick (if you don't count purging today and occasionally feverish and tired). Thank God I did not or even come close to having enxiety and stress. My panda-eye side effect is as bad as ever. I can't think of wearing contacts anytime soon.

Here's a brief account of what I have in my head (things I need to do):
  • Work (of course) which includes about 11 classes a week plus the Student Activity Room Project (SARP).
  • Preparation for classes (ppl say dont take work home, but I couldnt finish it at work though I do OT everyday).Ohya did I mention teachers have to prepare test, asgn, revision, marks...
  • Aspirers (coordinate events etc. this doesnt even include what i SHOULD be doing)
  • YAN9 (yes we are planning lots for this year and next)
  • Misc church things (like the church camp video an cd, and ocassinal other things)
  • House Work - i've got no maid now u know
  • Studies - my final project which is due end of October (which btw I've not managed to even touch it)
  • Socializing? If I don't i might end up single and alone till i'm 30yrs of age!! Plus, couping myself up is not healthy
  • Exercise? I'm putting on a little weight u know. Heheh... And I've neglected exercise lately... Need to stay healthy in this kinda lifestlye ma...
Now wouldn't u agree with me that we need more hours in a day? People say (and even myself) time can be made. Somehow I'm no longer that sure. In order to stay unstressed I 'm trying not to stretch myself too thin in one day. I know my limits. But God help me!! Please pray for me my friends....

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Aspirers 22nd Anniversary

Aspirers turned 22 this year! After these many years we begin to look back and then look forward. We need to expect more, hope for more... GROW!! Let us pray together for Aspirers to grow...

We had an exciting and fun time this year. It was slightly different as after a short praise and worship and LONG speeches from various leaders who poured their hearts out, we headed down to Shakey's. I managed to book a part of the restaurant for 60pax. Our teens and youth and some young adults turned the place up-side-down. as usual. I hope we dont get black-listed for it. With all the messing around, we had loads of fun. The entire celebration lasted from 5pm-9pm. Woh! kinda long huh? Important thing is we had fun!!

I only hope that besides fun and bonding, we will grow. Grow in each other. Grow in he Lord. Grow in life. What is the aim of aspirers? Our vision our mission, for the new year, has changed. (not confirmed yet so i cannot announce yet) I guess time has changed what Aspirers is....

Aspirers is more than a youth group from Agape Gospel Assembly. Aspirers is the young people in the group. It's about a group of young people who loves Jesus. A group of vibrant, radical bunch of young hearts. In my mind and heart I want to much for Aspirers.. so much hope and dreams that God has placed in my heart. And i promised God that I will not rest till His work is completely done through me. I'm but His vessel. Btw, Aspirers meets biweekly (Sat) in the church premises and meet in homes (in smaller groups) every Friday. For more information find me.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

New classes

I began a new week of classes... Much to do about everything.. Almost couldn't believe the things I had to prepare... I believe in being well prepared so it frusts me out whenever I can't. Yet time was not on my side and strength I had little. But I thank God for being my tower of strength. My refuge whenever I am tired.

He grants me
Strength to carry on
Rest for my soul
Wisdom to make choices
Courage when I fear
Comfort for my grievences
He is my provider
Answer to my prayer
My closest friend
Everything I need

Truly I know that without HIM I could have done nothing. I would have panicked. I would have broken down. I would have stressed out..... He has taught me how to keep cool no matter what. I learnt to trust that God will settle it. Lay my burdens down at His feet. Cos He is in control.

I pray that I will learn to manage my time better in order to be more prepared and have more time to do my things. Especially things that matter. There's so much more that I want to do and accomplish. My heart burns for so many things - things God has called me for. How can I neglect? How could I forget? Also I must start training myself to sleep less (e.g. 7 hrs daily) in order to have more time to do the things I need to do.

I was given a second chance to complete my Masters degree and this time I cannot fail. Lord grant me strength, take away the spirit of complacency and laziness. Help me get resources and knowldege to complete my project and subject matter. Lord I want to do this in Your name and for You.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Night out.....

31 Aug
The country stands and say "merdeka merdeka" and yes! that means a day off... sometimes when ur days are starting to choke you and eat you whole... the one thing you need is a day off. There's nothing like a day off with your family and friends to get you back on track.

Spent the day digging through IKEA, admiring all the designs. Absolutely love it. I could stay in there forever. And my family was with me. How often do i get a chance to argue over a furniture or design with my parents. And believe me, my family debates take a looong time. Before long the day was almost over. Fortunately Lavinia was late so i had more time to pick out stuff. Soon I get an urgent call from Lavinia, causing me to run all the way through IKEA's warehouse and out the doors to her awaiting car. The things that girl does to me...

Off we headed to Paul&Hazel's, abandoning my family at the IKEA queue. To the heart of KL!! I wish I took pictures of that nite. It was a gathering of young adults (yes we are now young adults!). We ate, we watched astro, we talked, we played pictionary and laughed till our sides hurt. It was quite a sight. I imagined watching us from above. But it was fun. was plenty of that.. ended up reaching home at 1am. Oh i din drive. was too lazy to do it 2 days in a row.

1 Sept
It was another day of holiday. NS priviledge!! muahahah... *grin from ear to ear* WAke up LATE.... that was a luxury i seldom enjoy anymore... Managed to get some work done... Went out for lunch with Vanessa, who made me wait for her. And finally made the trip up to midvavlley. Though I hated shopping or going out alone, i succumbed to the idea because I had to get some presents anyway and I DID want to go shopping.

Here's a funny story and partially testimony. I was driving up to Midvalley as planned. Upon arriving at Sg Besi I realised I did not bring my handphone. OH NO!! I panicked.. for some ppl it is a small deal but i've never went anywhere without it by my side. I feel safer knowing i can be contacted and that i can contact at anytime. it bothered me so much i somehow missed the turning into midvalley as i drove by it. Deciding to U-turn, I went up a road - only it was the wrong one and I ended on the dunno wat highway. panic again!!!!! i prayed man... i just wanted to end up somewhere safe.. and without my handphone. I'll have u know i'm not a big fan of getting lost AND i was getting withdrawal symptoms. I follwed the signs to damansara - a place somewhat more familiar to me. I ended up turning to one utama and thinking "I wonder if esther is home?" Chances were they had gone to Mt Kiara. But I thank GOD that esther had reached home late that day!! And she was there... along with Lavinia and Hazel... I was SOOO RELIEVED. We went Mt Kiara to a bazaar (was interesting) and headed to Mid Valley's Kim's Gary where we were late for Serena's surprise birthday dinner. Dr. Serena Khoo was back for the week.
Ended up heading reluctantly to Bangsar that night. I figured I should be a good responsible daughter and head home but a small pull in my heart brought me to Bangsar. I ended up in my first pub or club ever. Noise was deafening but u learn to get use to it. The smoke stayed in my hair till morning where I had to get up early to wash by the way. The drinks I could get use to some of it. I guess it waws a better experience going with these guys then other people. But all in all, it's not something I planned to do again. It's just too uncomfortable for me. I have stands and principles I need to stick with. And this is what I want and have decided. However, the experience in itself was worth it. I was forced to dance (it felt purposeless, thus i was not comfortable). Arrived home at 1am.. once again.

Happening life? Well it's something at least... something you look forward to. A break in the routine. Insanity in the midst of sanity. What we can all "life".