Friday, December 31, 2010

a few things i must archive

I've not been blogging much in the last two months. And I feel guilty for not archiving some important events in my life. Go figure. So to ease my conscience and to ensure that certain things are not forgotten.... I shall briefly mention them.

p/s: this was of course not blogged at the time and date displayed. I was at that time elsewhere.

  • GLS 2010 which was held in Metrotab on the 22-23rd Nov was a little too tiring for me this time
  • VBA followed soon after on the 29-30th Nov but I wasn't involved
  • Instead I was rushing my asgn and almost thought I couldn't make it. I surprised myself when I did.
  • December brought a lot of events starting with the first ever Birds and Bees Workshop on the 4th of Dec which proved useful and needful.
  • After a lot of shopping buzz with the post SPM-ers,
  • There was aspirers christmas party where fourletterstory wowed the crowd on the 19th of Dec
  • After that it was full out packing and moving with the family
  • Christmas rolled along with another bout of shopping and presents
  • Attending 3 weddings in the month (2 of which were family) allowed time for pampering and dressing up!
  • Forgiving myself for neglecting a lot of stuff, it was back to the craze of packing
  • Running away on the 29-30th dec for a short but absolutely refreshing leaders retreat with the youth did a lot of good for me and for the team.
  • and as the year ended, so did a big chapter of my life....


winne said...

you forgot Andrew's wedding & Joseph's wedding

@nne said...

yea hehe too many things.