Monday, January 31, 2011

God's chosen authority

God has a university. It's a small school. Few enroll, even fewer graduate.
Very, very few indeed.

God has this school because He does not have broken men. Instead He has several other types of men.
He has men who claim to be God's authority... and aren't; men who claim to be broken... and aren't.

And men who
are God's authority, but who are mad and unbroken. And He has regretfully, a spectroscopic mixture of everything in between. All of these men He has in abundance; but broken men, hardly at all.

In God's sacred school of submission and brokenness, why are there so few students?

Because all who are in this school must suffer much pain. And as you might guess, it is often the unbroken ruler (whom god sovereignly picks) who metes out the pain.

David was once a student in this school, and Saul was God's chosen way to crush David.

As the king grew in madness, David grew in understanding.
He knew that God had placed him in the king's palace, and under true authority.

The authority of King Saul, true? Yes, God's chosen authority. Chosen for David. Unbroken authority, yes. But divine in ordination, nonetheless.

Yes, that is possible.

David drew in his breath, placed himself under his mad king, and moved farther down the path of his earthy hell.

chapter 5, "A Tale of Three Kings" by Gene Edwards.

Food for thought....

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